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  1. FineousFingers

    PSA Enterprise withdrawn from sale.

    Sadly, true. That said, Lexington is an excellent ship, and it’s in the tech tree.
  2. FineousFingers

    Kraken Secured

    Not only that, but achieved using T4-T5 planes.
  3. FineousFingers

    PSA Enterprise withdrawn from sale.

    I have both Midway and Enterprise. Trust me, Enterprise is a ship that you keep coming back to.
  4. FineousFingers

    Graf Zeppelin owners, is it worth it?

    Something that no one else has mentioned is the ridiculously (for a CV) long range of her torps, 6km. With practice, she can put a second salvo on target before the first arrives allowing for a cross drop. The long range can also allow you to get away without ever coming into close AA range if your approach vector is right.
  5. FineousFingers

    CVs, a serious conversation.

    When I’m not playing CVs, I play battleships and cruisers. I think I’ve had a turret actually destroyed (as opposed to incapacitated) once. The chance of losing all turrets is really, really low. If CVs are to run the very real risk every game of being actually deplaned, then those turrets need to become a lot more vulnerable. Meaning it should be uncommon for a ship to not have at least one destroyed by battle damage. That seems like a reasonable trade for the ability to reduce a ship to a floating hulk without ever bringing it under fire.
  6. FineousFingers

    Nerf CV AA

    Just to let you know, very few of the carriers have an armored flight deck. Midway does, as well as the higher tier UK carriers. If you want to reliably penetrate a carrier with an armored flight deck, hit it in the sides.
  7. FineousFingers

    Nerf CV AA

    This was touched on in someone else’s response, but none of the guns on the Midway are the same as the guns on the Gearing. Yes, they share the same barrel diameter, but they’re otherwise different.
  8. FineousFingers

    A different CV solution

    This is possibly the most ridiculous and untrue statement I’ve ever read on this forums. It’s made even more ridiculous by the fact that you KNOW it’s not even remotely true.
  9. FineousFingers

    CVs, a serious conversation.

    The planes function as the carrier’s primary weapon system. I’m fine with saying that if it’s destroyed then it’s destroyed for the rest of the game. But you have to apply the same rule to main battery turrets and torpedo launchers. Once they’re incapacitated, you don’t get them back. Also, your description of how to attack with planes is grossly oversimplified. It’s like saying that the way to use a sword is to stick the point into your opponent. Technically correct, but so lacking in detail as to be useless.
  10. FineousFingers

    the few outweigh the many

    A lot of what you said also applies to DDs. And if you object to CVs being able to get the first shots off, which ship type should get that distinction? Because one of them will have it. And while it might get to attack first, I’m pretty sure the distinction of attacking most goes to either cruisers or destroyers. Regarding the red team knowing exactly where your team is going in the beginning of the match, you know the same thing about the reds. Make dd a separate game mode!
  11. Granted. I’ve taken Ark Royal into PvE battles and never gotten the third squadron into the air due to the plane speed and how quickly the battle ends. If I post up good numbers in a PvE game, several of my teammates have seriously screwed up.
  12. FineousFingers

    the few outweigh the many

    Fair point. But I still maintain that the effect on the carrier is greater than the effect on the Des Moines.
  13. You named the same battle mode twice there. You may want to edit for clarity.
  14. FineousFingers

    the few outweigh the many

    It’s also amazing how you throw that out there without any supporting argument. Your statement is just automatically denying something you disagree with. Offer up some support to your statement or withdraw it.
  15. Enterprise was removed from the shop in early September, about 2 months ago, because they ”detected fluctuations in her combat efficiency after update 0.8.7.” At the time they said they were investigating and would then decide if she would return.