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  1. In that case, you are eating damage from something. Decide fast which you’re going to mitigate and which you’re going to ignore. Because in the situation you’ve laid out, you’re pretty much screwed.
  2. Hold your DCP and try to dodge, if you find you can’t avoid the hit, DCP right before impact to minimize damage. Sub torps are actually quite anemic without the double ping. Not as anemic as aerial torps, but still pretty anemic.
  3. FineousFingers


    I think there’s something wrong with your math. Limit of twelve ships per side means you’re including both teams in your count. But the ship types are paired, so your number should be even rather than odd. Unless you were playing one of those ship types and didn’t count yourself?
  4. FineousFingers


    If you have three stealth boats hunting your GK, you’re pretty much screwed no matter what they are.
  5. FineousFingers

    Real Ships Only?

    How would you handle Gneisenau? While the ship saw service in WWII, the configuration it has in game was never completed.
  6. FineousFingers

    WG's Improved Communication vs Player Agency

    I received the questionnaire about subs and gave my honest feedback. I feel that subs are ready for Random. They fire fewer torpedoes than destroyers, under most circumstances those torps do significantly less damage than DD torps, and DDs have guns. The one advantage that subs have is that they’re stealthier. But they’re much slower than DDs. With patience, they’re not hard to kill.
  7. FineousFingers

    Will there be a game mode without subs?

    Same questions, only about destroyers. I’m not happy that next patch destroyers will be allowed in Random battles.
  8. FineousFingers

    Need help please i hate cvs

    The obvious solution is stop being nasty to other players. It really doesn’t help you at all.
  9. FineousFingers

    Your most FUN ship in the game?

    Pommern, Scharnhorst, and München. I have Atlanta also, but I find I just enjoy München more.
  10. FineousFingers

    Team mates Shooting my Sub at Start of Ranked Game

    I had someone do that to me in co-op a couple of weeks ago. So I turned my sub broadside in front of him. By the time he extricated himself, the battle was mostly over.
  11. FineousFingers

    ISE needs some help....

    You feel it’s overpowered?
  12. FineousFingers

    ISE needs some help....

    A change I’d like to see is to let her turrets keep rotating while planes are in the air.
  13. FineousFingers

    What to do with my Coal

    I can’t recommend Pommern highly enough. Love that ship. Lutgens is a great captain, which I have, but he’s not Pommern great. I’d go ships before captains. I eventually picked up Lütgens due to the sheer number of German premiums I have. I can go days using no other captain.
  14. FineousFingers

    too many subs in co-op battles

    It’s not time wasted. You entered a game with a 20 minute timer. You should be prepared to devote 20 minutes to it.
  15. FineousFingers

    Now Wargaming is offering free Tier IX premiums?

    Free high-tier premium ships is nothing new. After all, neither coal nor free XP cost me any money, and I’ve used them to buy several ships. Therefore those ships were free. And my free Pommern is one of my favorite ships.