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  1. FineousFingers

    Disparity Between CV Captain's Abilities

    DDs could easily arrange to survive until the late game. Most just choose to recklessly risk their ship in the early game. I’m not saying that one approach is necessarily better or worse, just that if the DD decided to survive until the endgame it’s really easy to arrange. WG set up the mechanics of the battle. They don’t tell you how to fight your ship. That’s all on the individual players.
  2. FineousFingers

    Disparity Between CV Captain's Abilities

    Youre making conclusions not supported by evidence.
  3. Nope. Only AA gets to shoot through mountains. And you have to see your target to hit it with any hope of accuracy.
  4. Why do you think those attacks are free? Because it’s “only planes” that I’m losing? Try this as a comparison. Montana has 12 gun tubes. How would you feel about it if each time it fired, one gun tube was incapacitated for 60 seconds. At the end of 60 seconds it can then begin reloading to fire again. These planes are not quick to replace. At any time, RNG can decide to wipe an entire squadron out. And there have been many occasions where I discover a DD when his AA blows my squadron apart. No dodging possible. If planes were truly free, I’d go sink the red CV first thing, because knowing what the opposing team is doing is the most important thing in this game. Without that, it’s just 12 ships fumbling around in the dark. But planes aren’t free. There’s a price to pay for losing them too fast. Similar to a BB incapacitating his own guns each time he shoots.
  5. FineousFingers

    Disparity Between CV Captain's Abilities

    CV players already “care” what they attack. It’s why they attack DDs in the early part of the game. They’re usually alone and less well defended. Attacking groups even as small as two is usually bad news for the CV’s planes.
  6. When the other ship is in range and spotted. Then you can do it. So, in the first two minutes, the opposing CVs can strike at each other if they choose. “But CVs have such strong AA that they’re immune to attacks by planes!”, I here you whine. They’re really not. Yes, they’ll make the opposing CV pay in planes, but they’ll take damage. And of course, the whole point of this whiny thread is that planes are unlimited and free, so CVs can freely strike each other, right? And yet they don’t. Could it be that the CV player is not so dismissive of the loss of planes as everyone else is?
  7. FineousFingers

    My CV complaint - and why I have almost stopped playing

    The level of your desire to not get better at this game to further enjoy it astounds me. Why are you still here?
  8. FineousFingers

    My CV complaint - and why I have almost stopped playing

    I’m explaining apples to you and you’re explaining oranges back to me. We’re clearly not involved in the same conversation. I’ll try one more time. When a BB opens up on a DD at 20km, what are the DDs options to return fire? I’ll answer that for you. There are none. The only options are to take action to avoid damage or die in place. On the flip side, when a DD gets within 2km of a BB, what are the BBS options? Fewer than the DD in the previous example. Your grief with CV interactions has existed for years between other ship classes. Only now, there’s a new rework to pin your grief on. It’s sorely misplaced. If you want all your ships equal, play at tier 1.
  9. FineousFingers

    My CV complaint - and why I have almost stopped playing

    No, it really goes far beyond that. Dodging involves only trying to avoid munitions that are already headed your way. I’m talking about making it difficult to get a decent shot off at you in the first place. Try it from the CV player’s POV and see that it’s trickier than you’re assuming it is.
  10. FineousFingers

    My CV complaint - and why I have almost stopped playing

    Forget I said anything about AA. Assume your ship is completely defenseless against planes. That’s not the same thing as helpless. If you make yourself an easy target, you WILL get farmed.
  11. FineousFingers

    My CV complaint - and why I have almost stopped playing

    I’ve never actually run out. I’ve been so low that I had no hope of getting a squadron (although it’s generous to call one plane a squadron) into attack range, let alone hitting. But on the mini map, which I suspect is the only way most players look at planes, a single plane looks just like a full squadron. That probably contributes to the impression that CVs never run out.
  12. FineousFingers

    My CV complaint - and why I have almost stopped playing

    If you think that the planes are opposed by only your automatic AA, you’ve got a lot to learn about defending against planes. DD players who rely solely on AA to protect them are like cruiser and battleship players who don’t angle their armor. They’re missing some fundamental knowledge about how to defend themselves. I occasionally come across a DD who does absolutely nothing to protect himself against rocket attacks. In three passes, I’ll hit him with 30+ rockets and delete him. But the ones who switch their sector AA in response to my approach, angle their ship to show me an unfavorable aspect (depending on what type of attack I have), not steaming along in a straight line but always turning unpredictably. Those are hard to hit, in three passes (if his AA gives me three passes given how long it’ll take me to actually line up an attack) I’ll put maybe 4 rockets on him, and HVARs don’t deal a lot individually. Ships see planes at 10km off. Planes have to be practically on top of the DD to see it. Use that time to start your defense.
  13. I’d like to also add that I think one of the big problems with the AA system is one of perception. I suspect most players don’t bother to actually LOOK at the squadron attacking them. If I put up a full squadron or a squadron with a single plane, it looks just the same on the mini map. A short time after I attack, my planes disappear from the mini map. Did they successfully disengage or were they shot down? Without actually looking, the defending player has no idea what the situation actually is. I imagine he assumes that it’s always a full strength squadron and it always escaped intact after the attack. From my position as the carrier driver, that’s very far from the actual situation.
  14. I say pretty much the same thing in matches without DDs. The gameplay is vastly different when they’re absent.
  15. FineousFingers

    My CV complaint - and why I have almost stopped playing

    I first tried CVs in WoWS Blitz. After playing German ships up to tier 7, I decided to give carriers a try. I pushed through to get the T4 US carrier and hated the interface with a deep and abiding passion. In a FPS game it was...not FPS. Everything I loved about the game was absent from carrier gameplay. I feel certain that is one of the primary reasons behind the rework. Very few people wanted to play a FPS game that wasn’t. The fact that CVs dominated every match they were in isn’t mitigated by the fact that the CV gameplay was so foreign to the rest of the game that few wanted to play it. Overpowered is overpowered, even if it hasn’t gotten so widespread yet as to be out of hand.