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  1. FineousFingers

    When DDs are OP

    Ark Royal is the best T6 carrier at hunting destroyers. It’s possibly the best T6 carrier period, although Ryujo is a contender as well.
  2. FineousFingers

    Subs will be a good addition to the trinity of ships

    It’s quite common to refer to a class of ships by the name of the lead ship of that class. U-69 was the first Type VIIC submarine.
  3. FineousFingers

    3 CV's per side in Tier 4 is garbage

    While I’m not certain, I’m pretty sure that every class has a cap. I know this is true in operations, pretty sure it’s true in co-op and random.
  4. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will reach out to him privately, but I now issue an apology to him publicly. He has a truly impressive record accumulated over enough time to prove his skill.
  5. I haven’t made it about stats, I’ve made it about experience. Your stat page suggests you e never played a carrier. You have no stats to bring into it. But if you wish, my stats page shows that I’ve played both tech tree and premium carriers to tier 10.
  6. How would you measure skill at start and going forward? And are there enough players online at any given time to support it?
  7. I can see that you have zero experience in carriers. Therefore your wild guesses about the effects of AA on a carriers squadron are to be expected to be completely wrong. Which they are. Get some experience and come back another time. Your statements about the risks that a carrier faces are so out there that I’m literally laughing at you at this time. Go away.
  8. It’s just a difference of approach. Surface ships have high risk to their hull, but very low risk to their weapon systems. They can be sunk with all their weapons still operable. Carriers have high risk to their weapons but very low (usually) risk to their hull. Carriers can be rendered useless without ever touching their hit point total. Yes, there are differences. Most notably is that the surface ship player can Esc out of the game, select another ship, and begin another game without penalty. An option not open to the carrier player, who faces disciplinary consequences for leaving the game while still technically an active combatant. And, of course, carrier players must weather constant abuse from stupid people who are upset that the game is the way it is rather than the way they wish it would be. (Hint: If you have this vision in your head of the ideal game, go design and publish it. Then listen to the constant complaints from people who don’t agree with your vision.)
  9. FineousFingers

    Next Battleship Line?

    Brazilian battleship Minas Geraes, once one of the most powerful warships in the world.
  10. If surface ships lost and recovered main weapon systems the same way that carriers do, those players would be screaming about how debilitating it was. But for an aircraft carrier? No, it’s useless, make it more harsh. As for hit points, the loss of hit points does not affect your ship’s fighting ability one bit until you lose the last one. You, the player, might make different choices based on your hit point total, but your ability to deal damage is unchanged until that last point is lost. Don’t confuse your choices with your ship’s systems. Until the ship sinks, all your main weapons are intact. Yes, surface ships can have weapon systems incapacitated. In my experience with that, they recover fast enough that I don’t even bother to hit the R key. In rare cases, they can be destroyed, but that is quite rare in my experience. So rare that I can not ever recall having one of my battleship turrets destroyed.
  11. FineousFingers

    Too many CV only skills

    Well yes, I do. Bismarck’s captain is a frequent guest star on Graf Zeppelin’s bridge. But several skills sit idle when I do.
  12. I’ll take your complete silence about your ship’s loss of combat efficiency as your acknowledgment that I’m right.
  13. Every ship is ez mode. The mechanics of this game aren’t hard.
  14. This is the part where you explain how your ship is not at 100% effectiveness at the 15 minute mark. If it’s floating still, it most likely has the same main armament as it started with. It’s a rare aircraft carrier that still has full striking power at the 15 minute mark. And don’t bother about talking about HP unless your ship’s ability to deal damage is hampered by losing HP (which none are), because the only hit point that matters is the last one.
  15. FineousFingers

    Next Battleship Line?

    I’d really love to see a line of battlecruisers for the various nations. Perhaps only to T5 or T6, since after the Washington Naval Treaty, battlecruisers were replaced by fast battleships.