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  1. FineousFingers

    Why do people complain abought subs?

    Ship types don’t counter their opposite number on the red team. When they meet, it’s a slug fest. To counter, you would expect that when they meet, one ship will triumph over the other a large majority of the time.
  2. If you find yourself under attack from at least four of the red ships at once, your problem isn’t homing torps. It’s your life choices.
  3. FineousFingers

    My last thread about subs

    Currently, that’s everyone playing right now. After all, if you start a game knowing they might be present, you are tolerating their presence.
  4. FineousFingers

    My last thread about subs

  5. FineousFingers

    Black Friday Ship Recommendations?

    The great thing about Atlanta is you don’t need good aim. With her rate of fire, just open fire and start walking your shells onto your target. I try to limit myself to just one black ship per year. This year I picked Mainz. I have long loved both Weimar and München for operations, and with the recent move to random ops with tier 6-8 ships, I’ve been eying Mainz. So when the black version came out, it was a no-brainer for me.
  6. FineousFingers

    Sub frequency in COOP

    I’ve already made clear my opinion on cruisers and destroyers. If you think I ought to branch out, that leaves subs.
  7. FineousFingers

    Sub frequency in COOP

    I was thinking subs.
  8. FineousFingers

    This is interesting on subs

    Hammer would be my last choice of solution. Larger hole or smaller peg are far easier options and neither require any force at all. In fact, in many cases the round peg doesn’t fit the round hole (looking at you, IKEA furniture).
  9. FineousFingers

    Sub frequency in COOP

    My thought exactly. But when I’m thinking it, I’ve got cruisers and destroyers in mind.
  10. FineousFingers

    "No CVs, no subs" game mode.

    I want a no destroyers and cruisers mode. I’d say we both have an equal chance of getting what we want.
  11. FineousFingers

    Look they are changing AA

    I want a system like this that works on incoming shells and torpedoes.
  12. FineousFingers

    Difficult choice.

    I have both Saipan and Hornet. Saipan faithfully shakes off a snowflake every year, but is otherwise a museum ship. Hornet is the better choice.
  13. FineousFingers

    Look they are changing AA

    You do understand that you’ve exactly described the AA system currently in place, right? AA currently functions without player input. However, the player can get involved to get improved performance from their ship’s AA if they wish.
  14. FineousFingers

    Snarg signing off

    Take care. Hope to see you in battle.
  15. Torpedo boats. “Destroyer” is derived from “torpedo boat destroyer”. Their entire reason for being was to keep cheap torpedo boats from sinking expensive battleships. Escorting convoys and sinking submarines came a good deal later.