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  1. Can someone tell me what the point of Sevastopol is? It seems like just a Siegfried but with some numbers tuned, and they're both in the Research Bureau. If you already have a Siegfried, why would you want to spend the same currency for Sevastopol? I know there are lots of ships now that are the same hull with similar armaments but different national flavor crystals, but it really doesn't make any sense to me to have two ships available for the same currency that are so similar.
  2. movableNU_16

    Forward Firing Depth Charges

    Oh, it definitely can be done - the issue is that there's no indicator to show that Småland, Friesland etc. launch depth charges forward. Since most ships launch them from the stern, either straight back or from the sides, it's reasonable to assume they all do that. I like @LittleWhiteMouse's suggestion of an overlay appearing automatically. This is especially important for ships with forward-launching mortars, but it would be helpful for everyone, since some ships have broadside mortars that launch them some distance away from the ship, but not as far as the forward mortars, and other ships seem to just sort of drop them. I guess it would have been too much trouble to add them as weapons viewable in port, so people would at least know where, physically, their depth charges are coming from...
  3. movableNU_16

    LWM Needs Help Crowd-Sourcing Missouri Data #2

    Co-op, a win. The personal score screen said 140,898, which seems like an unusual coincidence.
  4. movableNU_16

    LWM Needs Help: Crowd-Sourced Missouri Data

    Co-Op, a win
  5. Atago. She's just so simple and satisfying. I also really enjoy Dunkerque, Vauquelin, and Leander. I just got a Belfast recently and I think it's fun in addition to being stupidly OP.
  6. movableNU_16

    Mainz or Bayard

    To add to what people are saying here, Mainz is definitely tankier than Bayard, but it needs to be because it's less maneuverable. With Steering Gears mods, Bayard can be very wiggly and dodge some incoming fire that Mainz generally needs to tank. Generally, I would say that Mainz has better armament. The ballistics are very good on her guns (but they aren't bad on Bayard, either), though of course Bayard is capable of a better fire rate. For the exact DPS/fire-starting potential, check out LWM's Mainz review since it has stats for both. I play mostly co-op so one of the big differences for me is the torpedoes. Bayard's torps do a little more damage and have amazing firing angles and better range, but I really like that Mainz has two launchers per side. Overall, I really like both ships, but despite being mainly a MN player I prefer the Mainz. Honestly, I like the Prinz Eugen more than either of them, but I think I'm probably in the minority on that one. I think they're both good, but they feel very different from one another.