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  1. Nabucodonosor21


    Do you use steam? It has problems today, i cant log via steam. The only way is by wargaming launcher
  2. Nabucodonosor21

    Should islands make radar blind spots?

    Well yes, but actually no.
  3. Nabucodonosor21


    Better play full HE in those matches. Theres nothing to do, it sucks, yeah, but it doesnt look like they going to fix it. It should be +1/-1, but doesnt look like its gonna change soon
  4. Ey! they put back the tier 7 cvs??? why no one told me??? wow, its hard to see so many people who DOESNT WANT TO FIGHT BACK (im already convinced its not a problem of i dont know how to do it, but a problem of i dont want to do it) one cv...cvs are so op that even theres 1 in each team they cant win... You can try to track a cv in smoke base in how it entered or the last know position in the map. Its a lucky drop, but possible, i do that from time to time
  5. Dont worry, Happa will give him the feedback he needs...IN THE NAME OF LOVEEE!!! (ban)
  6. Nabucodonosor21

    CVs should not be allowed in Ranked

    No, i dont see the difference. As a dd, you can maneuver in the same way if you see torps coming and even smoke to avoid the planes or retreat near you cl teammates to make the cv turn or risk her squadron for one drop. Also the planes lands part of the attack, yes, the same way you eat torpedos from a full salvo in order to dodge the full salvo Option are the same for both, except for dds who can use smoke Cv 2 DD 0
  7. Nabucodonosor21

    Idea for CV balance change

    No The only thing that needs a balance is the aa for tiers 4-5 wich is terrible. Other than that, cvs are fine and aa is fine too. If you have problems with cvs, you should try a ship with better aa or stay in group. The only change that i suggest for spotting is that ships spotted by planes have the same effect has radar: you cant lock on for the first second but you know where it is.
  8. Nabucodonosor21

    CVs should not be allowed in Ranked

    What the difference between them and a dd outside radar range with 10km torps? With the cv i can at least see the planes coming, so in this regard cv 1 dd 0
  9. Nabucodonosor21

    CVs should not be allowed in Ranked

    Not neccesary, just change rocket for bombers. And since HE bomber hit more harder than rockets, they will cry again in no time. Rockets are more easy to use, but a lot of cv players preffer the old bomber tactic. Thanks to this, a lot of dd dont even change their course because they think "oh its not rocket planes, they arent coming at me" but but but the dd keep spotted i cant torp...people just want to complain untill their ship become op again. I still read people who ask to go back to rts were i can spot more than 4 ships simultaneusly on my cv thanks to the squadrons. But for they, this is a nerf versus the actual spotting system. Who knows how is this a nerf
  10. Nabucodonosor21

    how to ...

    Free premium account? Well, you must get lucky with supercontainers. Other options are the collection in the profile section, if you complete some of them but most of them you have to expend money or coal so its not really free. Some campaings also give premium time for completing them
  11. The more i read this, the more i understand why my cv usually lost all planes at minute 5..because they never play with cv and think to be inmortal, only to lost all of their planes to drop one rocket into 5 cruisers AA is a defense for the ships, if you want to be alone its fine but you are easy target for the cv unless you play those european aa monster dd You and a lot of dd players expect every dd to have halland aa fire. Thats not going to happen. If you think the base aa is not enough, buy the advanced hull wich usually come with better AA or invest in the AA captain skills. And if that isnt enough for you, i suggest to stay with your team with the aa off to difficult detection by the enemy cv
  12. Nabucodonosor21

    Player stats

    If you want to check other players or if by standars how good you are, you can try https://na.wows-numbers.com/
  13. Nabucodonosor21

    So Puerti Rico Hate

    Nah, just focus fire ingame. No hate, only love. Burning love.
  14. Nabucodonosor21

    Chess perhaps not rock paper scissors

    I think wows is more complex than chess or rock, papers, scissors. Dont forget you have subclass in bb and cls, also dds. I dont think its possible to take it like a game of chess. You can bait reds with your pieces, yes, but you dont have truly control above all of the players in your team. Also, the same ship could be played in different ways and will work (of course, there some exceptions to this)
  15. Nabucodonosor21

    The Machtmaking is awful

    I know, but you know what i mean...its frustrating when you try to get exp for your ship or to get the next tier and you are downtier several matches, you have to resort to only he and sometimes even this doesnt penetrate. Now i have acces to ifhe and other things so its not a big deal, but when i was a pure noob it was very hard to deal with this situations