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  1. Nabucodonosor21

    Why the rocket plane redo ?

    As i get, cvs "job" is to support. Spotting would be one of the ways you can support. Also its important to note that the rework made a big nerf in the spotting since in the RTS you can spot multiple zones at the same time with the manual control of the squadrons and now you can spot max 2 zones (well unless you are uptier in a small map but if we are talking about T8 CVs in T8 maps its max 2 unless you waste all your fighters but most of them would be useless since your dds should still be alive). Dont forget that most of the cruisers (except russians) have very limited distance between their AA and air detectability range. While a dd can spot them from 9km away (yes, radar range also but they dont have AA dps fire and can dodge) planes have to come almost in contact with AA and some cruisers are still no fly zones without DFAA, losing squadrons only spotting to see if the rest of the team shoot at them.
  2. Nabucodonosor21

    Why the rocket plane redo ?

    You are right, the change was in the gun. My bad. DDs are actually ruling (i dont know if you mean that) the game right now. Try a match where you lost all your DDs but still have a CV against one where you lost the CV but the DDs remains. Difference between chances in both situations are significantly different, in dds favor
  3. Nabucodonosor21

    Why the rocket plane redo ?

    Maybe im bad with dds and get paired with equally bad dds, but i can assure you that 90% of the dds that i attacked with rockets didnt changed direction once they see my planes coming. Yes, some players DO dodge, some of them even manage to avoid all my rockets because i try to correct and reticle isnt the most friendly thing in the game. But as i said before in this tread, i dont think this will be a significant change in the long run. Remember when WG change all reticles to horizontal to people doesnt have to think if they have or not to turn? I said in that time that this change will be worse to dd players since its most probable to get full hit by broaside than from the front. And here we are now, with that "change to preserve the dd players" doing nothing. And i expect this last change will end in the same way
  4. Nabucodonosor21

    Why the rocket plane redo ?

    Because a change is needed, and this is just a waste of time and resources in the developers. Instead of listening to the comunity who was always asking for damage reduction, they come with this that only bother cv players untill they get used to it. So people get upset, and i too get upset since i have to expend time to adapt to this which i could use in get my research points in other line. Well, i think unless the players has literally never player any BB or CL it wont have the impact that you suggest in the long run. The only change is that now you are aiming with guns instead of planes, as i said before once you get used to it your window is over. I dont get what you are trying to say, its like "look, Alaska has radar. If she uses it to spot you at low hp and sink you it is BAD" but with planes...why you have to remain invisible all the match when you can do such high alpha with torpedos? BBs can do the same alpha but cant hide. CVs cant use planes and maneuver anymore so you have to be reaaaally bad to miss shoots against any of them. CVs cant do that alpha unless you have some HE spammer who melted the AA defenses since no one uses the AA equipment. To me its fine to use your own resources to chase low hp ships. If the team was smart enough, cv should be in low reserves at that moment. If not...well, its hard to carry a whole team specially here. CVs need changes? Yes they need changes. Is WG listening to the playerbase to check what they really need? No, they arent. Is this the end of the discussion about OP CV? No, and it wont end because one side want to go back to RTS tactical nuke and the other want to stay invisible all the match. You cant conciliate both extremes.
  5. Nabucodonosor21

    Why the rocket plane redo ?

    Actually spotting system was changed due to this, since DDs could fire and not being detected in open sea (it means, nothing to cover the dd neither smoke). I didnt live this, but read a lot that was a huge nerf to the class. Thats the main reason detectability now always goes to the max range of the main gun. You can say "its not an abuse since the system was designed in that way", but of course it wasnt fine be hit win pin point accuracy and cant see what is shooting at you in open seas without cover of any kind
  6. Nabucodonosor21

    Why the rocket plane redo ?

    Once Cvs get used to the new timer, this "reaction window" as you call it will dissapear. What you gonna do then? Claim to put more delay? Smoke isnt your only reliable counterplay. You can a) change course once planes appear in your map (not when they are over you) b) come close to a friendly CL/CA/AA spec DD c) stop untill the red cv check the usual area where a dd should be and once the planes leaves ressume your way d) dodge (once hes over you) e) use smoke before cv spot you f) use smoke after cv spot you h) turn so cv can hit you with a full rocket drop. For some reason, most of the players choose H and occassionally F. Notice that other ships (mostly of the BBs, CLs and CVs doesnt have the same extent of options as the fellow DD player) Before you could dodge and even dodge being spotted by the cv. NOW you can dodge, once cv players get used to this you wont. And be go back to the starting point where is better to reduce the damage of the ordinance rather to put a timer, since players cannot get used to the damage reduction but they can against the timer. the hell? If you are in ANY ship (BB, CL, DD, CV, Sub) and yoou know theres a player in low HP and you have an idea of where it could be, YOU WILL TRY TO SINK HIM. I even get shooted by BBs that used RPL WITHOUT BEING SPOTTED in matchs WITHOUT CVS. Of course its normal, if i see you have equipment to sink someone and i see you didnt use it (radar, hydro, spotting plane, spot with fighter plane, etc.) be sure im going to report that player for playing badly. What do you expect? to let it live and then let him kill you? Nah, go to port.
  7. Nabucodonosor21

    Why the rocket plane redo ?

    Its never guaranteed not even with the old formula. Thats the reason dispersion and the reticle exist. Adding this delay only increase without reason the change of dodging untill cv get used to new formula. Once cv get used, you will be nuked again because no real change was done You are allowed to dodge, but what i see (as a DD and a CV player) is that most player choose NOT TO DODGE or NOT TO SMOKE BEFORE PLANES SPOT ME because they need to get to the cap point or to some point in the map for reasons I was supposed to believe you have to prioritice fire over low health ships so they cant scape/heal. It was illegal all this time???? oh may gad
  8. Nabucodonosor21

    Why the rocket plane redo ?

    The change is terrible because: a) does nothing with the complain "cv is nuking dd" (doesnt affect damage neither number of rockets) and b) once cv players get used to the new timer things will go like before The real solution to rocket planes should be: first, remove this terrible delay thing and go back to pre change setting. After that, to the actual damage that rockets do reduce at least 20% (up to 50%) of the damage dealt to DDs BUT buff the dispersion from 10% (up to 30% but NOT GREATER than the damage nerf). In this way, rockets can still be usefull against dd and wont be nuking them. Skilled players could use torpedos to sunk dds, since dive bombers are getting nerf ocassionally. Also, im surprised by the amount of people who sail in straight line in this post. Every cv is fine except FDR who needs a nerf in either HP or damage of the planes. If you think enough you can mitigate almost all the damage a cv can do to a dd. Still in ranked i see DDs who preffer to take a full rocket barrage instead of using smoke. I played cv a lot, learned how to do as a cv. This last weeks i been playing dds all along. The only times i get nuked by cvs where those times while i overextended and get caught by radar or was already in my last hp points and the cv just finished me. People who complain about cv are MOSTLY dd players who want to be invisible all the match and torp everyone without being detected.
  9. Nabucodonosor21

    Hak and FDR banned from Clan

    Im not suprised about FDR since one drop of her bombers could take up to 25K if most of them hit the target, and people say its "weak". Also they have a crapton of hp, making even hard to shoot down to a Halland with DFAA and AA specs. Haku surprises me, when it finally find a way to come back in some way they just ban her...looks like the hate to the IJN cv line is real in WG office. Regarding the other ships banned, nothing to say here. Those ships hits hard, i think its fine with less ships per team to reduce the amount in every battle. Also makes people use other things rather those 4 specific ships.
  10. Nabucodonosor21

    Please fix Carriers

    Well unless you are very good with the torpedo drops, thats the worst pick up against Halland, thats your only weapon against that AA monster
  11. Nabucodonosor21

    Please fix Carriers

    Wow people here saying you can outrun and outfight with the cv in a direct 1 vs 1? ranked proved this wrong in the mayority of cases long ago. I played a lot with cv, now im playing ranked with dds and im doing average even against cv. If cvs are so op why most of the people who plays them cant get past silver? I mean, according to the people who think cvs shouldnt exist in this post just the cv can carry the whole game without caring for the red team players
  12. It would be cool if they increase the max amount of players per match. However, they should adjust some parameters i think like the reload of a lot of ships. Maybe its a better idea to reduce the size of the map? 2 o 3 km less could make a great difference
  13. Nabucodonosor21

    Is the Flint worth the coal?

    Last time i heard it wont get the range expansion like the Atlanta so i dont think its a good idea
  14. Nabucodonosor21

    Don't Like Achievement Bonus Changes

    Elites? The only difficult one is the kraken, and not precisely because its hard to sink 5 ships but rather for your teammates who see you already sunk 4 and think "I NEED TO GET THAT ONE AT 100 HP I WONT GET EXP NEITHER MONEY FROM HIM SINCE I DIDNT HIT HIM IN ALL THE MATCH BUT I NEED THE RIBON REEEEEEEEEE" and dont let you get the kraken...
  15. Nabucodonosor21

    Don't Like Achievement Bonus Changes

    Yes, my mistake, but i wanted to show the difference between the old method and the new one