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  1. Nabucodonosor21

    Ranked Question

    Yup, divisions with some ships maybe fun but they are very frustrating to the opposite player. I dont see whats the reason for this in ranked since they have other modes for it. Also, most of the time you get a division of 3 against a division of 2, that isnt balanced!
  2. Nabucodonosor21


    More like the MM system should be reviewed, last week lost almost all my ranked and all with terrible teams...even if i saved my start couple of times it loked liked my team wanted to trow so hard. Im not unicum, im average at best and good in some ships but cmon! i was having T6 BBs with Dead Eye complex 7 consecutive battles! I dont want to win without effort every game, i want to be able to compete! losing 3 to 0 with all of their ships with 75% of hp or more isnt fun! and its more frustrating if this happens more than 4 times!!
  3. Nabucodonosor21

    Bug in Twilight Battles

    Yeah i saw that mission but i cant hardly get 2k per battle and sometimes i dont even get past 500 so im not going to expend all my night to farm that mission. I preffer to get some tech tree exp for the Petro or Montana
  4. Nabucodonosor21

    Bug in Twilight Battles

    It would be nice if some exp counted towards the daily containers. At least i dont get that exp after the end of the battle
  5. I would preffer to have two types of torps: First one unguided like regular dd but with more damage (no cit, just more damage) Second its the actually guided but without the citadel. This is the best balance for me, but im like 3 or 4 testing phases asking to remove the citadel thing or to add it to DWT since it should work similar and nothing changed. Sadly if wg doesnt listen, thinking isuseless. Im not telling you to not show or tell new ideas, just my experience with this particular issue and other where i present some alternatives but none of them even make it to testing.
  6. Nabucodonosor21

    Submarines in Random Battles

    Do you want feedback? Here it is: 1) Give ALL bbs and Cruisers with deep charge strike a 10km range, every sub has at least 10km torpedo range it doesnt make sense some bbs has 10km and other has 6km or even less (im mostly sure i played one with 4 but cant remember which one was) 2) REMOVE THE CITADEL AND IGNORE TORPEDO BELT or ADD THE SAME FEATURE TO DEEP WATER TORPEDOS 3) GIVE CVS THE CHANCE TO PICK BETWEEN ROCKETS AND DEEP CHARGE PLANES. Rockets are useless after that absurd mechanich introduced by some weird reason instead of lowering the rockets damage, but still cvs cant fight againts sub unless the ss player is a floating potato 4) Allow sub to spot in periscope deep. I cant understand why i cant spot unless they are near me, thats the sole reason of existance of the periscope! 5) CREATE A REDUCED RCP COOLDOWN IF USED TO REMOVE PING. First of all i have no idea how the crew remove the ping, i guess they scrap the metal part that it hits, but its terrible to wait 45-60 segs because some ss keeps pinging you. Make subs know when to ping by putting a short rcp cd (15-20 segs MAX) if is used to remove ping. If not, you have to enhance the repair party consumable to less cd, more stock and more repair because theres a HUGE inbalance here
  7. Same here, i cant see red ships if i go under. My team is the one sppoting them...sometimes this even happen at periscope deep (dont know if intended or not). OP can you be more specific about the topic?
  8. Are you talking about salvos or detonations? Because what you stated sounds similar to detonation but the odd is pretty low
  9. You quoted me when i was talking about a Nakhinov, what do you think i would think? at least provide information, and even so my prior comment is still perfect answer: you are talking about a cruiser with one of the worst AA line in the game...
  10. The problem with this, after telling people so many time to do it, is that you want teamwork in a game that rewards you for soloplaying. If WG doesnt do anything about this, people wont do anything cuz "duh limimngg traiiinn"
  11. Please tell how do you face a Nakhinow in ranked with a Mogami...most interested in this situation...maybe stop with the meme and think for a sec?
  12. If you sail alone in a Mogami with a TX cv, its your fault...not the cv
  13. Its called "have AA off untill the planes are in the minimun spotting range"...really i dont get how 2 dds can be sppoted without being able to shoot them down (and with a Gearing!). They have the lowest Hp of all carriers and are the slowest!
  14. Nabucodonosor21

    subs-I'm trying hard to be nice!

    To me citadel damage with sub torpedos doesnt make sense since DWT doesnt have this feature. But your answer its like the answer WG should give, but for some reason they dont want to
  15. The far away the bombers drops, the most likely to be all of them shoot down by flakk. I lost a lot of planes trying to avoid AA by long range drops, only to find i lose them anyways because they hit flak just before reaching invulnerability