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  1. Cakeman826

    Explain Siegfried to me

    Would take a replay for anyone to be able to tell you what happened here. Siegfried has battleship guns with great dispersion which means for your armor to work it needs to be angled. Showing too much side will get you slapped.
  2. Cakeman826

    Lowest winning bids?

    112.5m credits got me the coal. Right at the bottom end of the range.
  3. I think something not mentioned here is just how bad they currently feel in games with 2 sub 3-4 DD and a carrier. Capital ships and cruisers are just lacking targets in that environment and it feels pretty lame when it happens. I don’t expect it to happen a ton once the new wears off but as it stands now it’s rather obnoxious.
  4. I’ve taken it on the sniper type BBs such as Slava, Vermont, and Yamato but you have to realize at some point you can’t stay in the back forever. It’s self defeating. It doesn’t belong on everything and the bigger the gap between concealment and range, the more value you can get out of it. I tend to agree with Edgecase here. It’s not mandatory and if you could make a ship work before it, you can definitely make it work without it now.
  5. Yikes.... You have no proof... It really is as simple as this: Carry harder or don’t expect consistent results.
  6. Cakeman826

    Any official response yet?

    What the issue seems to be is that there is a repeatable experiment that you can basically guarantee a list of X ships you will get out of certain boxes before you start rolling against RNG. Even for an account with potentially dozens of ships you could roll in the same loot table, you will still get a shortened list of the 3 in question. There has been dozens of posts in reddit and youtube about rolling the same batch of ships out of what should be a potential slew of ships. That is what the controversy is.
  7. Cakeman826

    Any official response yet?

    Which is what started the whole mess. Its manipulative to sell RNG boxes that lack true RNG until you cross a certain threshold. You can weigh the items differently so that the chances of certain things are lower than others but to flat out checkbox a list of items that must be rolled before other things can is not how it should work.
  8. Cakeman826

    Any official response yet?

    It actually appears that there isnt a RNG roll on the front end. Basically the accusation is that there is a small list of ships you have to have before RNG will take over.
  9. Cakeman826

    Any official response yet?

    Brand new sentence. Thanks for that
  10. Cakeman826

    I'm Done

    FDR should have never been released in its current state regardless of how anyone feels about carriers. It has some SERIOUS clapping power that you cant counter, especially in ships that are more designed to bow in and tank. I don't think I have ever seen a BB get dumpstered so hard as when I launched the HE bombers out on an Ohio. The first drop was for 18k 3 fires with an immediate DCP, followed by a leisurely 30 second flight around the hull to only crap on him again for 21k and 2 more permanent fires. In 2 strikes less than 3 minutes into the game the damage counter was already nearing 60k and he had barely left spawn. All this while losses amounted to 2 dive bombers. The only thing he could have done differently would be to use a fighter and spec into fire prevention. Damn near 50k alpha from dropping the bombs on different ends of the ship caused him to turn away and remove himself from the game for the next 10 minutes. FDR is not going to be fun to play against. This carrier just happens to excel at the slaughter of capital ships instead of destroyers.
  11. Cakeman826


    Check the driver. Generally people of that skill level can mow over a lot of other players :p
  12. Cakeman826

    Nerf the Kitakaze already WG

    What if you driving new USN SlowBBs haha. I bet Kita/Smol/Haru/ anything that slings HE from cover is going to have fun with these :p