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  1. Cakeman826

    How would you "counter play" me?

    Kuro for balancing team 2020
  2. Cakeman826

    How would you "counter play" me?

    Aww shucks you making me blush. I’m a potato compared to some of these folks, especially OP. I can still make CVs a not fun experience for pretty much anyone not a Halland or Minotaur. Woosters are questionable since they sit on islands and those can be abused. Point is these things still aren’t balanced and it’s hard show otherwise when they are topping charts.
  3. Cakeman826

    How would you "counter play" me?

    I can post a replay where I was in CV and got countered so hard I couldn’t play. 9 ships in the entirety of 2 squares. Is that counter play or did I ruin the game for pretty much the entire team. I only managed 40k or so because planes evaporated but boy did I make them stay in the corner getting farmed by the rest of the team while I just flew circles putting up 200k in spotting damage. They aren’t balanced, never will be because of their nature. I’m not even unicum, barely average but I sure can mess up someone’s match with a CV.
  4. Cakeman826

    Directive 1 tokens...

    I usually don’t mind dropping dubs for crates if they have some additional value but tbh 75 of the 100 aren’t worth the gamble and 100 rolls is FAR too many for early access to these boats. 50k dubs is painfully questionable to whale this one.
  5. Cakeman826

    Converting pretty camos to permanent camos

    It’s the For Maritime Service camo or whatever. All white. Looked really nice.
  6. Cakeman826

    Converting pretty camos to permanent camos

    Regular bonuses are fine. I was only running that particular camo to get the 50% credit bonus in ranked to get a campaign done... but when I put it on I was just shocked. It looked so good. Standard perma camo bonuses would be cool. Cost wise I wouldn’t pay 32 bucks to do it but if they told me for an extra 1000 dubs on top of the standard permanent camo, well I would do it in a heart beat.
  7. Just look how pretty an all white Alaska is... I would love to make this the permanent camo. Think WG would ever let us pay some Dubs to do it?
  8. Cakeman826

    Black Lacquer camo

    I would buy the damn camo for it because it’s so pretty... but I can’t bring myself to dump 2m fxp on the boat itself lol. Kind of a lost opportunity there.
  9. Cakeman826

    IJN Hayate for 2M Free XP

    What’s funny about this whole thing. 2m fxp is crazy but they just posted the camo for it in the premium shop.... I would drop the money for that in a heartbeat but no way in hell am I spending to convert for fxp. I’m sitting somewhere around 600k and it would cost a small fortune to convert enough to get it... the boat itself is just priced outside of what I would be willing to get and it’s ending up costing them a premium shop sale too lol
  10. Cakeman826

    IJN Hayate for 2M Free XP

    Opinion on Marceau vs Hayate?
  11. Cakeman826

    PSA- The Marceau Sucks

    So side by side what are the differences in your Mogador captain and Kleber captain?
  12. Cakeman826

    2 wins 12 losses tonight

    Ok let me start. In the last 2 days I have a current record of like 31 and 7
  13. Cakeman826

    2 wins 12 losses tonight

    This right here is the mentality that leads to bad games. Not trying to bash here but you obviously care enough to worry about wins. You can’t just throw your ship away and expect win after win. All you do there is make it 11v12 from the start. If you want to brawl that’s cool and all but pick the right time. Running in and getting pounded to all hell isnt going to get you wins.
  14. Cakeman826

    Halland Preview - 95 knot torps

    Torps are already inconsistent but these at 95kts don’t make them much easier to use. The alpha is horrid but the line is fun. I’m all for some variety in the game even if it means a bit crazy on some of the gimmicks. So long as they are balanced. [edited] Smolensk though.
  15. Cakeman826

    Drops from Europe Container

    PR interested me. These DDs look fun but how they are sold out in the armory just doesn’t seem ok. PR was 2 boosters and some work which was way less expensive than the potential from these things.