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  1. If coming nose in to the target pull the trigger about as the tip of the aiming circle gets within 1k of the ship. Between the sailing forward motion and your dive motion it should put you able to drop on the target from a medium to high point. For lower drops start the run back slightly more. For targets that are moving away from you- start the drop as the crosshairs of the reticle hits the nose of the ship for faster ships and as you cross the superstructure for slow ships. You may have to adjust these based on target speed but this should give you a general idea of drop patterns.
  2. Cakeman826

    The iChase Case

    I feel like all of the CCs probably had at least some hesitation to say the CV rework was balanced. CVs do solid to way too much damage depending on mistakes of others depending on how long the match goes. It can be frustrating to play against. They are however rather fun. Maybe some spotting changes will make it better. I don’t foresee the 8.4 changes making THAT much difference in them overall though. They will be treading a fine line between making them fun and useful or garbage barges if too many more nerfs are dropped on them though.
  3. Cakeman826

    The iChase Case

    True story. This is why I don’t farm the same guy over and over. Unless he is a potato. Then it’s free real estate...
  4. Cakeman826

    CVs aren't ready for ranked play

    You assume I’m crying? You will find me in the CVs ruining your matches if the ranked play is crappy enough.
  5. Cakeman826

    CVs aren't ready for ranked play

    That stealth drop is going to work wonders against people who sit back and wait to see what happens. That is pretty much everyone in a CV match because those who push get punished. Slingshot dropping refers to the abuse of the period of invulnerability after you drop bombs. You pre-drop one payload of bombs around 7k out and boost into the blob. Your targeting reticle comes back into player control just as you hit the nose of their ship which lets you drop again. The problem arises on that first drop- by boosting after the drop you are effectively making your planes 100% immune to AA during that phase. You chain that phase into the next drop. A Hak with AP bombs can slingshot the planes and quite easily hit Minos,Woosters, ect. with no plane losses and for potentially 18-25k irreparable damage.
  6. Cakeman826

    CVs aren't ready for ranked play

    That would be my guess. If 8.4 Hak 4 drop stays as is in PTS it can stealth drop one set and drop a second set at detection and have the potential for 8 torp hits. Slingshotting AP Bombers makes AA COMPLETELY irrelevant. The one who can abuse the mechanics the best will be the one who wins the match. Of course having a potato team is not going to help. The CV wont win it by himself because they lack the alpha. But they can and will dictate where you can or cant go. They can and will delete the lower health cruisers. They will perma spot DDs because they can. CVs just are not ready for Ranked.
  7. Cakeman826

    CVs aren't ready for ranked play

    With only 2 groups of 3 AA bubbles CVs can readily drop against any target in that blob. Between Slingshots, predrops, and use of terrain to conceal planes you are going to see CVs dominate this ranked season. My money is on Hak with those crazy AP bombs slingshotting your AA cruisers first then repeatedly torping the remaining BBs.
  8. Cakeman826

    CVs aren't ready for ranked play

    They arent ready. I play both. CVs still need work and even after 8.4 I think CVs will still dominate. Its going to be a little slower and with more losses but any CV captain worth their salt is going to still manage to rack up 150k damage games. The single best way to keep a CV quiet is to overlap AA but that takes multiple ships and if anyone strays they will pay. With only 7ish ships per side in ranked its going to be ugly for those not in them.
  9. Cakeman826

    CVs aren't ready for ranked play

    Topping your team saves the star and the biggest contributor to that is damage. A CV that has 10 minutes to kite everyone around and reset the cap for fun is going to top those charts every time. Ill for sure give surface ships a try but if it comes down to CV always getting the star or absolutely dominating Ranked play you can rest assured that you will find me in Midway.
  10. Cakeman826

    CVs aren't ready for ranked play

    And whats worse- save a star will pretty much always go to the CV yeah?
  11. Cakeman826

    Listen to the warships podcast more CV nerf?

    Battles in CVs by your average player starting to wear off maybe due to announced incoming nerfs? What are the battle numbers in CVs at that point in time? I had my fun in them but for the most part I’m back to surface ships with the occasional CV battle. Or for naval battles since I have pretty solid numbers across the board in them, I generally handle the CVs for the clan.
  12. Cakeman826

    holy crap this braindeadness.....

    Had a match yesterday that went 6 minutes 5 seconds. It was ugly
  13. Seems fair. Smaller attack groups slower planes but more plane HP and higher alpha. CVs get the damage averages and surface ships get a break from 3 attack waves followed by 3 more because they pushed 2k away from the blob.
  14. Idk I would have to say at least mass can uptier decently well. Germans need to get too close to counter that weird dispersion they have and that just doesn’t work well uptiered. The firepower at 10 is a huge difference compared to 8.