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  1. Wandering_Wombat

    Shimakaze — Japanese Tier X destroyer.

    There are multiple videos on YouTube about how to play. Shima has 15 torpedoes for a reason. Players at Tier X have the most experience and are good at dodging torps. I have had some luck, at least 1 torpedo hitting, by firing all 3 racks and heavily overlapping the spreads. This fills in the gaps between the torps so even if a ship sees them and turns into the spread.
  2. Wandering_Wombat

    Yubari-yay or nay

    I say yay. I having only been playing for a month and have worked up to Tier 9 in Japanese cruisers and Tier 7 in Japanese destroyers. I sold all of the ships I worked through except the Yubari. I play it from time to time. Its a fun ship. Play her as a destroyer with better guns, worse torpedoes, and worse concealment. I wanted one lower tier ship and had a hard time deciding between the Yubari and a maxed out Kuma. I decided on the Yubari as I can use her to train destroyer captains. Of course, playing the Yubari has got me thinking about the Russian destroyers ...