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  1. JonnyFreedom

    WG going do something about HE cheese?

    In other words, he sits at J10.
  2. Two Simple Words: Loot Boxes. As long as they can use these predatory gambling boxes, they will. Sometimes they can pay off for a customer, other times they come out craps. Either way, WG won.
  3. JonnyFreedom

    Are discontinued ships given away often?

    If they are going to be giving away the Missouri, they should put it back for Free Exp. It obviously isn't that broken if they can give it away.
  4. JonnyFreedom

    New 'Ring' Code

    Same for me. Both accounts did not work.
  5. People have more than 1 account you know...
  6. Make planes have range... just like RL... 35km is perfect. Keeps CVs out of firing range but have to be aware of their surroundings.
  7. JonnyFreedom

    CV Rework Feedback

    Have you seen the AA or lack there of in the rework? Notser shot down 1 whole plane with FULL AA build in the rework. Sounds legit.
  8. JonnyFreedom

    Are there really not enough cv players?

    It is ok Junior. One day you too will own a credit card of your own.
  9. JonnyFreedom

    Are there really not enough cv players?

    I am smart with my money. If you buy something and it is significantly not as described, you ask for a refund. I don't think you get it. Amex isn't like Visa or Mastercard. They do not have to contact the merchant. They do everything in house. As long as I can provide compelling evidence, I will get a refund. It isn't like this is my first go around with digital goods. I have bought and sold A LOT of digital goods over the years. At one point I was doing 350k+ in my software business ran by strictly me. I am very aware of the policies with credit card companies. It has to do with what I was sold and how it changed. Nothing more needs to be said about it. Granted nothing has changed yet, so I will keep enjoying my Yamoto. If it becomes the clown fiesta that it was a beta, then we have a different story on our hands. All I can do is hope they don't screw it up. I haven't charged back anything, so what can they ban me for? If they did ban me, that would just give the dispute more credence. No, it is a fact. I have a Baltimore almost to buffalo, I am half way to Iowa, and I have a Wooster. I am not overly concerned with AA ships.
  10. JonnyFreedom

    Are there really not enough cv players?

    You obviously have never had an Amex card.
  11. JonnyFreedom

    Are there really not enough cv players?

    Tell me more about how much you know about credit card companies. I have done TONS of business with my credit card, along with credit card processing at previous jobs. It isn't a service rendered, it is a purchase for an item, albeit non-physical. If the item changes, you are well with in your right to ask for a refund. Just because it is digital goods, it does not give you blanket protection. Since this game is free there is technically no services rendered and only items (see their shop) that are for sale. It is the same reason they do not change ships once released. The item changes, it gives warrant for refunds, which they have experienced in the past with WoT.
  12. JonnyFreedom

    Are there really not enough cv players?

    Should we talk about the fact your highest BB is T8? Perhaps we should talk about the fact the only ships you really ever play have high AA? Maybe we should talk about how you are an expert in a BB? I mean, considering the only BB you actually play is your P2W Scharnhorst, that has some of the best AA for a BB at that tier? Your Battleship stats: You want to talk about CV woes.. go play something that doesn't have amazing AA like you always do, you P2W seal clubber.
  13. JonnyFreedom

    Remember when Massachusetts was coming out?

    Seal Clubbing in a T6 game. Yawn. Go do that in a T10 game.
  14. JonnyFreedom

    Are there really not enough cv players?

    I know.. isn't it great. This game is so much better with out CVs in it.