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  1. Worcerster a little OP

    The absolute misery it is to get to the Worcester, it is deserved. To be 100% fair, with out support or islands, it is a sitting duck and a big red "Come Get Me Bro" on it. You will die first if they see you, I guarantee it.
  2. Is MISSOURI coming back?

    So they should correct the problem... ie nerf the credit generation of the ship, not remove it entirely. If it is a problem from a business stand point, then the problem should be corrected across the board, not just for the people who did not have the opportunity to get it. All they have done is created a divide between the haves and have nots. That is entirely unacceptable from a customer perspective. Imagine if you had to pay RL money for everything in this game, and I came along and got a discount on everything because I have been here longer. Does that sound fair to you? Would feel ok with this? They are essentially telling new customer that we are not as valuable as old customers, even though new customers will usually pump more money into the game. You can generate 2m credits+ per game with an MO, the best I can do is 1m credits. I have to play twice as hard as you do for the sole reason that I am a new customer. How does that make sense? This is an acceptable answer? Gouge new customers or people who weren't able to get it before? No, you don't do that. All that does is drive people away. You set it out for the same price as it was before, and let people work towards it, just like everyone else. Again, you never want to play favorites with customers. This game has an attrition problem. The last thing they need to do is find ways to piss off customers.
  3. Is MISSOURI coming back?

    Actually I want the ship just the way it is. I prefer it not get nerfed and made available. But if the reason they removed it was because it produced too many credits, then it should be nerfed, because they think it produces too many credits.
  4. Thanks for picking me MM

    It isn't spilt milk. It is program design. It is a simple database change. Nothing more, nothing less. That is like a bank saying, "You have been a long time customer, we found this banking error, but since you have been around long enough, it's ok, keep getting the benefit that is caused by the error. The rest of you new customers can piss right off." You don't see a problem with this at all?
  5. Thanks for picking me MM

    If WG saw it as a problem, then it should be nerfed, not removed. Although I would prefer to have it not removed or nerfed. That make more sense to you?
  6. Is MISSOURI coming back?

    So you want the advantage over everyone else. I got it. The entitlement is real in this community.
  7. Thanks for picking me MM

    Actually, that is not what I asked for at all. I asked the opportunity to earn the equivalent or the same thing. I personally want the credit earning ability it has. I don't want your toy broken, I want one of my own.
  8. Thanks for picking me MM

    That is the right attitude for an entitled child. "I have it so neener neener". Would explain why you have enough time to play nearly 12,000 battles, zero social skills.
  9. Is MISSOURI coming back?

    Find me a T10 that can potentially net 3M credits per game.
  10. Is an Atlanta-Myoko combo a good buy?

    You should have bought the Atlanta for Dubloons yesterday.
  11. Average BB Damage by Tier

    $$. People who are T10 have to spend RL cash to keep playing it. They also put in T8s so T10s can easily farm them. It rewards the people who spend money.
  12. No, they are not. 45 containers, 3 missions. Very not worth it.
  13. Thanks for picking me MM

    They also weren't going to make subs... yet here we are.
  14. Thanks for picking me MM

    Then nerf it.
  15. Is MISSOURI coming back?

    If it was removed for the credit earning ability, they should have just nerfed the credit earning ability. They went at this the most trash way possible (not really shocked by this anymore). Instead of nerfing it, they removed that advantage from everyone going forward which is udder (I made a funny) bull crap. They need to even the playing field. If it was too much, then nerf it and put it back in the shop. If they refuse to nerf it, then put it back in the shop. Either way, put it back in the shop.