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  1. JonnyFreedom

    WG needs to factor player ratings into MM

    But both sides would have bad players. It would average out. It technically is no different than how it is how, but the sides would be even skill wise.
  2. JonnyFreedom

    WG needs to factor player ratings into MM

    It isn't that hard to do. It is called a weighting system. You take the ship the person is playing and weight those stats. then you take the line they are playing and weight those stats. Lastly you take the player overall and weight those stats. Then you take all the stats and stick them together to give them a PR. This can all be done on the back end after every game so the MM does not have to make people wait. Then you take the PR's, use a sorting algorithm to sort the teams accordingly. It isn't tough logic here my friend. MMR and PR Match Making isn't exactly new. Look at any competitive game and you will see it. I am thinking at this point, after listening to the Russian Dev talk yesterday on their stream about the current state of MM, that it might be beyond their skill set. The other problem we would need to face is having T10 power crept ships in their own games, entirely. You would also need to balance certain ships that are clearly over-powered for their bracket, OR bring up all the other ships that are garbage to their level. One will piss people off, the other will take a lot of work. Neither are that tough, it would be just a lot of testing and tweaking with play tests. All in all the MM, or lack there of, makes me lose a lot of faith in this game and it's developer. Where they spend their resources, is up to them, but adding subs while not just admitting failure on the CVs and just removing them, was a really dumb move. They should have spent that time making the existing ships and in game experience better through balance and a good match maker. Their player retention rate is absolute garbage, and a lot of that is due to mismanagement of their product and design decisions.
  3. JonnyFreedom

    How is it possible to have a sub 35% WR?

    Being a critical ship with an anti afk bot.
  4. JonnyFreedom

    Remove Torps from DD gun botes.

    Check the stats, I am better than you
  5. JonnyFreedom

    Remove Torps from DD gun botes.

    Oh hey, the DD white knight showed up. Shocker. Try playing your low win rate and dps BBs lately? I thought not.
  6. JonnyFreedom

    Remove Torps from DD gun botes.

    You mean the secondaries that are next to worthless, sure if it means DD Gun Botes don't get torps.
  7. There is no reason a machine gun should get a bazooka too. If you want to have High DPM ships (which I Think is terrible game design and completely breaks this game), then remove their torps. There is absolutely ZERO reason Kitakazies and Harugumo's should get Torps, No Citadel, and stupid high rate of fire combined with fire chance. I feel this CV rework took devs away from fixing broken botes in an effort to resurrect a class no one wants. Old ships should have been updated, new ships should have been tested better. Instead we get a CV rework no one gives a flying one about, except a small handful of people. Most of the rework has been negative reviews, and this is the third iteration of CV's. All of that dev time could have been used to fix your current botes and balance your game at some decent level.
  8. JonnyFreedom

    WoWS needs an end game

    This game has an end game, it just thoroughly sucks. Clan Battles and Ranked Battles are the end game. Neither are very fun, clan battles less so than the other.
  9. JonnyFreedom

    See, that wasn't so hard.

    Only took 2 days. Not hard at all nope.
  10. JonnyFreedom

    Out of curiosity, what lines can we expect this year?

    Probably these.
  11. 0.8.0. It was announced today on the WoWs official stream.
  12. How many people do you think are going to get it for free? 10%? Most people don't have the camo's / premiums / flags to grind that with out a substantial time investment that most don't have. If you are using Camos / flags / premiums, then it in fact isn't free.
  13. This ship is absolutely terrible. 100% pure garbage compared to any other BB of its tier. The guns are under powered noodles that can barely pen a T8 Cruiser at 14km. The dispersion would make a [edited] actress ashamed. The armor is almost as bad as a light cruiser and the secondaries are laughable. The fact you actually charge money for this ship is outright funny. If I actually spent money on this ship I would be pissed. I think the worst part is that it actually made it through testing and someone said "Yea, this is fine.". That is a scary scary fact. Who the heck QA tested this and thought, we should charge 30.00 for this pile of crap? Sure you can do things like this in it, but the odds are not in your favor unless you like brawling (sitting in 12k range), are good at positioning, have good aim and are blessed by RNG gods.