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  1. Forum_Troll

    Godzilla vs. Kong Voiceover scam?

    Pretty much Wargaming in the nutshell.
  2. Forum_Troll

    The amount of bots in tier X ruins this game

    Best way to play this game is drive straight to a cap, kill what you can, die real fast and move on to another ship. Don't use flags, or any consumables. You will level faster than sitting in a game for 15minutes. You can average about 1 game per 4 minutes. Bare min you make 300ex on a loss. That is 1200 BASE exp for 4 losses or 3200k BASE exp for 4 wins in 16mins. You can get better than unicum level exp for playing as bad as possible. Since you aren't spending camo or flags, who gives a crud if you win or lose, it is all maximizing exp.
  3. Forum_Troll

    It is official

    Welcome to World of Warships.
  4. Forum_Troll

    It is official

    Best part of this game is the forums.
  5. So.. it will be like the Re-Work. The exact thing was said about the CV's almost a year ago. Take your time, get right before you put it into the wild. Here we are at 9 months of trying to balance AA.
  6. Why are you even trying with this guy? WG has a pattern. No Subs. Ok Subs. Subs Only PvE. Ok PvP (is coming). You know it, we know it, everyone else knows it, this guy is:
  7. LOL, AUTOMATED DEPTH CHARGES. I think I made the right decision to stop playing. CV 2.Joke on its way. Imagine having to dodge air cancer, water cancer, shells and worry your position along with team position. Now add 2 priority sectors to that for Depth Charges and AA... God what a schlitz show this game is turning into.
  8. Forum_Troll

    Time to talk summer slump numbers?

    Ahh, if you only play Co-Op, then it honestly doesn't matter.
  9. Forum_Troll

    Time to talk summer slump numbers?

    > They will put subs in random eventually, That right there should have you scared.
  10. Forum_Troll

    Time to talk summer slump numbers?

    You believe they are going to let them stay in their own mode? Do you actually believe that? I really hope not. How do they make money? Release broken ships into the wild for you to buy. They don't make money on niche ships in some random game mode. They make money through ships you have to spend $$ or level.
  11. Forum_Troll

    Time to talk summer slump numbers?

    You think this is bad... wait till subs hit. As soon as they announced subs, I put my accounts on hiatus. CV's have been an absolute dumpster fire, Subs are going to be no better. Imagine when they are trying 2 classes they can't balance. They have had a hard enough time for one. How do you think the population is going to react to that?
  12. I am no where near done with leveling all my lines. It wont exist for at least another year. Once I have all the lines leveled (going to be really hard since they keep adding lines) I might consider it. Even then, resetting all the work,doesn't seem worth it.
  13. The AA is a WiP. CV's were rushed out the door and they are trying to fix it. AA / CV balance was supposed to end with 8.4, but I think the general problem here is that CV's don't fight like other ships. All other ships have a certain range to their weaponry, CV's do not. So balancing gameplay against an unseen enemy is tough. There will never be a happy medium. AA to stop damage is 100% counter intuitive to how the rest of the game is played. That is the real problem here. The class is too different from everything else to effectively balance with out making one or the other off fall hard off the spectrum. As it stands right now, they have a lot more to lose if they lose 4 of 5 classes than 1 of the 5 classes that is under-played anyways. They need to be very careful to not neuter surface ships as that is 80% of their game. The pendulum has swung widely since last December. It will keep swinging until they get to a damage number they have in mind that the ships should be doing. I hope one day we find that number. Last time it took 3 years.
  14. What, you don't like mini cruisers with high gun DPM and no citadel?
  15. Forum_Troll

    Gr8 crates worth it?

    It is a matter of perception and financial realities. 100 to me is not much, 100 to others is a ton. Everyone holds their own value on $$ spent. No one is wrong here, it just is what it is. Wargaming is free to price as they like. If people stop buying because it is too expensive, they will start selling things cheaper. So while I appreciate some people scoff at the pricing, others do not, and Wargaming based their pricing based on those facts.