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  1. Forum_Troll

    Out of control

    Who cares, it is f2p. Absolutely no consequences.
  2. Forum_Troll

    Almost broke a 100K

  3. Forum_Troll

    What are your WoWS goals for 2021?

    Pretty much this. Game has really gone into the toilet.
  4. Forum_Troll

    Out of control

    Stop spending money on this game and it won't matter when you walk away from it because of the stupid decisions WG makes.
  5. Forum_Troll

    Will you buy premium ships in the future with high confidence?

    LOL @ the people who spend money on this game.
  6. Forum_Troll

    3 Ise and 2 CVs per team: WG did it.

    They are bringing this into T5-6 games. LOL. The hilarity of it all. We hate new players, have fun with the planes plebs.
  7. I don't feel bad for you. You are the idiot who read the disclaimer that said they can change the ship, and you still bought it. Don't spend money on this game, and you will never be disappointed.
  8. Forum_Troll

    What if citadels were removed from ALL ships

    Fire spam is garbage design, this would just double down on it.
  9. What should I tell him if I see him?
  10. I thank you for that, but my aim isn't the problem. I have very good average damage in almost all of my ships. I am by no means gods gift to WoWs, but aim definitely isn't my problem at 7km.
  11. I was at 7km range. I was aiming at the railing line at 7km. You don't miss broadside BBs at 7km. It takes A LOT of skill to miss at that range. This is definitely a possibility, although why would 2 shells hit directly where I was aiming from one gun and the other 2 fired from a different gun go straight into the drink short of the ship? All 4 shells were fired at the same time. This also isn't the first time I have seen this. I was shooting at a Mass in my T6 New Mexico, the Mass was full broadside to me at 8km. Half my shells went over it, the other half went into the water before it. I unloaded two full reloads into that Mass, had a total of 4 hits and zero citadels.
  12. You can almost guarantee half your salvo will fall short when shooting at an up-tiered ship. It is especially bad when you are facing a +2 Tier difference. I can shoot mid ship and half the salvo hits the drink. But I could do the same on a ship my tier and I am guaranteed hits. Did they actually code in a coefficient to miss when shooting at up tiered ships?
  13. I use it to find the crappiest players on their team and focus them down quickly. Once you kill off their potatoes, their morale is low, and people usually just suicide their ships to get into the next game. If WoWs actually wanted to fix this, they would remove the stats page. That would solve all of this. This won't work because they just scrape the stats page for the information. The stats page is public domain meaning anyone can look at it. It is also being used by the games users, who are authorized to see that information.
  14. 35.9M did not win. I initially was not going to bid, but I saw people trying to figure out the minimum so I put in to help out.
  15. Forum_Troll

    How To Farm Exp?

    He has all the flags and all the Streamer CC camos. If you wallet warrior, you can have as much exp as him. Keep in mind, he has about $1.00+ USD per game in camo and flags running.