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  1. Forum_Troll

    Azur Lane...The Collection That Just won't Die!

    I am at 35/36 with 70 DUPLICATES. S E V E N T Y. That is freaking nuts. I am holding out to see how many duplicates I can get before it actually gives me the non duplicate.
  2. Forum_Troll

    so i got the "free" dd

    I am 2.5 days from mine. Let's see if this massive grind was worth it.
  3. Forum_Troll

    More and More Passive...

    Make fighting with in 7km of an objective the only way to get credits or exp. This would force people to play around objectives and not camp.
  4. Forum_Troll

    Steel and Coal, a problem

    They should let you convert coal to steel at a 10:1 ratio. This would give people who want to play solo a chance at steel ships too.
  5. I don't disagree with you, but it does work and is effective. Just take out a ship you need some practice on. It is a perfect place to get both done.
  6. Play CoOp, you can clear them out pretty quick.
  7. Forum_Troll

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    That is not how business works young one. Pixels or Massive mainframes, it is all the same. You purchase a piece of software as it is stated for sale. If it ceases to function the way you paid for, you are entitled to a refund. End of story. They can end of life it (Which they have done), but they can change it away from which it is sold.
  8. Forum_Troll

    How is this not loot boxing?

    I would rather have a guarantee than nothing at all.
  9. Forum_Troll

    The Latest Survey

    They also use this to see who to partner with to expand promotions to you.
  10. Forum_Troll

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    A lot of pissed off people who will stop spending money. I am on both sides of the fence. One part of me wants premiums to get nerfed to be fair to non premium ships. The other part of me spent money to get said over powered premium ships. They had a chance to buff / nerf while in the testing period. If they failed to do that adequately that is on them. If they want to change what they sold, then they should offer monetary compensation for the price paid upon request. You can't change something that someone paid money for after the fact, unless you plan to offer a refund. Imho, they should bite the bullet and nerf them, open up refunds for a window of time, and then call it done. Although how do you compensate people who bought stuff from loot boxes... You would have to compensate the entirety of those purchases.
  11. Forum_Troll

    How is this not loot boxing?

    You like to post on this forum twice as much as you like playing the game it seems.
  12. I Can't be the only one who thought of this...
  13. Forum_Troll

    Okay WG, You Owe Me 16 Dubs!

    Simple solution. Don't buy dubloons.
  14. Forum_Troll

    Tech Tree Ships for Sale? No Big Deal.

    To me, selling an exp booster is no different than selling Free Exp. They are essentially the same thing and this might actually be a cheaper way to level that line. I see no problem with selling bonuses to lines comparatively to Free Experience Conversions.
  15. Forum_Troll

    Bad Apples