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    Uss Alabama(friendly discussion)

    Yeah I'm currently playing a mix of the asashio, bama, Atlanta, and the lo yang. Also slowely working towards shimikaze for the hilarious legendary upgrade for the minute 20 second reload of 15 torpedos lol. Sounds weird but I enjoy playing a ship that has 1 really strong suit and not just average. Like the asashio being the uncontested be killer. Or the lo yang being the DD base killer I actually wish the bama had better dispersion but maybe it would be too broken? Lol
  2. Hello I purchased the Alabama a few days ago and I really enjoy the ship. It really feels like a baby Montana. Most of the games I get in are high tier X games. Meaning there's only 2-3 tier 8s and the rest are 9/10 That being said ive won and survived the tier 10 matches going from 1 tier X match to my second one, was a huge learning curve I was actually getting yelled at by the team because I was afraid and didn't know how to play the Alabama. After insults and injury I decided to go brawl and it turned out more effective then I thought. Of course my luck would have it that the first ship I come in contact with was indeed the Montana we traded a few shots and eventually went our own ways. It came down to the end of the game 3 ships on each team my two ships on other side of the map, and then I see the Montana come around an island. We were both half health. And to spare the even longer details I 1v1d this Montana and won. Sounds insane I was freaking out. I watched some videos about the Alabama before I purchased it mainly flamu's videos and I used the module for the -20% rudder which is amazing on bb's and was able to angle against nearly every shot from the Montana taking nearly no damage after a good 5 minute fight he had me on fire (yes Montana was shooting he at me) and I was under 5k health I shot my last salvo to finish him off seconds away from capping out for the win. Crazy part 85% of the damage I did that game was to the Montana kind of a bad first game too. These are my personal pros and cons -Pros- Fantastic armor, specially when angled properly It's a beautiful ship Great guns makes good credits Great aa Turns great(with rudder module) Decent concealment (with module) -cons- I honestly haven't found one yet in my opinion. These are my thoughts on the tier 8 premium battleship USS Alabama. I'm interested in your thoughts on anything about the ship or a great, or bad game you had in it. Thanks for reading.