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  1. Corvette3

    Whaddayamean the PEF is bad..??

    Why? so you can get it back in a supercrate? selling premiums is stupid
  2. Nah i wont be getting paid again in time, but i did get Krasny Krym, Molotov, Ashitaka, Neuve de Julio and Duke of York from 40 Big crates, so id say i got my moneys worth, though not sure what i would do with some of them...
  3. Corvette3

    Remove Torps from DD gun botes.

    I suppose not, it'd be funny though. nice to know i'm not the only one who gets overly animated at my games.
  4. Corvette3

    Remove Torps from DD gun botes.

    Yeah, having aircraft fly over and the AA is all "pew" "pew" and i'm all yeeeeeaaahhhh that's probably not gonna... *(silently presses P)
  5. Corvette3

    Remove Torps from DD gun botes.

    Gimme that crap, or even better :
  6. Corvette3

    My chat bans are on auto-resupply

    Who even said that anyway? but i think there are smart people who swear and not-so people who don't, but smarter people might be better at tempering themselves, (sure wish i was)
  7. Corvette3

    Compliment System

    I once pulled a nice carry with an awesome clutch torpedo at the end and got 4 compliments, but then some knob got me riled up in chat about my BB positioning a few games later and he got his cronies to downvote me, it comes and it goes.
  8. Corvette3

    My chat bans are on auto-resupply

    Cant you set your chatbox to bleep F-Bombs and things? i thought i saw a setting for that in the options menu, besides online games are always rated as though you will be exposed to other players who might swear or worse, and i thought it was called "swearing like a sailor" for a reason
  9. Corvette3

    How is it possible to have a sub 35% WR?

    Seriously? who plays like this? even a cheapo mouse would make a huge difference... why...
  10. Corvette3

    Uhmmm... whaaat?

    Do you remember doing anything? that might get your chat reported? If not then iDunno, got replays? we can see what you said? other than that it doesn't matter if you tell us here why not try a support ticket instead.
  11. Corvette3

    First Kraken, can i get some critique?

    Sorry, i didn't mean it that way, i just have communication problems, but my playing is nowhere near good enough to brag about.
  12. Well i finally got a "proper" Kraken (my first was in a T1 random game against bots) and would like some criticism if any are willing to give it, so i can hopefully improve. https://replayswows.com/replay/39556 p.s. if there is a better way to share replays, let me know. p.p.s. i know i know the fifth kill could have cost me, i had kraken medals in my eyes
  13. Corvette3

    Bluetooth connection?

    I connect my PC to my phone for gaming as i get <150ms on it(perfectly acceptable IMO) but on my main satellite internet, its about 500ms only really good for co-op or emergencies (phone disconnects)
  14. Corvette3

    Friend quitting over torpedo hacks

    Reminds me of when i first encountered that tier 3 Russian DD with the the 20 second reloading Torp wall... a fun first impression let me tell you.
  15. Corvette3

    EGAD! My eyes!

    I would actually go for a Christmas camo that DID have glowing lights, even though it would still reduce detectability... lol.