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  1. Skiggles

    Update 0.8.9 - Bugs Report

    I've had a few of these problems as well. Didn't happen until this update.
  2. I'm a cruiser main, so having my steering gear and engine damaged with seemingly every salvo I eat strikes me as a bit odd. This started happening this weekend, frequently in my Helena, but also in my Cleveland. In one game Friday (anecdotal, but an extreme example) I took damage to the steering gear in my Helena 4 times in a row -- had to use DCP to control fire and engine damage, then my steering gear goes out, then it was damaged again after the timer ran out... so I use DCP once more, and immediately after the DCP immunity period expires my steering gear gets incapacitated again! So I wait for the timer to run out (this has already gotten old) and then I take engine damage... use DCP, and then you guessed it... damaged my steering module again! I got stuck sailing in a circle, being focused by 2-4 ships the whole time, and ended up having one of my worst games in a while (<30K damage, no kills). Did anything change -- is any other cruiser driver experiencing the same thing? It just seems odd how this went from an infrequent (but not rare) issue to common occurrence whenever I get hit with more than two shells...
  3. Skiggles

    Alaska is better than Iowa/Missouri!

    One counterpoint to this assertion, that Alaska was scrapped because they are "smarter" than everyone else... ever really listened to anyone "in the know" discuss the military-industrial complex and how money/politics plays a larger role than need or desire from the military itself? Look no further than the Air Force taking planes it doesn't want because of some politician in X-state wanting factory and technical support jobs for his/her constituents. Also, when a projects gets rolling it is very, very difficult to reverse course even when a superior alternative is available -- too much invested. FWIW, I do not know anything about the Alaska or how it compares to Iowa -- just countering this point in general.
  4. 1. Play in a division with lower tiered mates to avoid being overmatched. Either that or play a higher tiered CV. 2. Tier VI planes shouldn't be effective against Tier VIII AAA -- that's the whole point of a tiered system. There should be balance within tiers, not between them. Tier VIII CVs in matches with Tier X AAA is indeed a problem, but the problem is with the MM system and the insistence from wargaming to have multiple CVs in a match.
  5. All games played in Tier VII or VIII USN Cruisers... I think you can tell where 0.8.0 went live...
  6. I'll co-sign this. As someone that predominantly drives USN cruisers (with DDs the other class that I play), I find that this shift has affected my play significantly as BBs are more timid than before and cruisers are spotted and focused much earlier. It is annoying to be spotted and shot at in a cruiser 15 seconds into a match. DDs and island-camping light cruisers are more ineffective overall given the issue with spotting and concealment nerfs -- though heavy cruisers seem to be fine. In some ways this forces more teamwork to be successful (or lucking into having a crappy CV driver opposite you)... but good luck getting that in randoms. That said, masses of ships all heading to the same CAP is not really my idea of fun gameplay, nor is it teamwork as much as it's a lemming train, but that seems to be the best way to CAP right now. My hope is that CV numbers drop such that we get a fair number of games with no CVs. That's the only way I see this being workable for a sizable number of players. I don't mind the occasional game with OP CVs and associated gameplay, but I do mind the game being played at distance like it is currently. I don't see players being more aggressive until CV numbers diminish considerably.