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  1. DanSilverwing

    How do I Use manual control for the horn

    It's currently linked to the number of battles played, so Level 15 is 200 battles total. By some accounts that's enough to reach T10, bearing in mind that a new player following an invite link will get two weeks Premium time during the corona lockdown.
  2. DanSilverwing

    HMS Churchill T9 "Super Cruiser" Proposal

    G3 please.
  3. DanSilverwing

    ranked spirit or normal ranked 1 v1

    Ranked Turbo was a fun little game mode, for a while. Because all victories were hard capped to 36 battles it was a good way to put some XP on silver lines I was grinding. But then it got very boring very quickly when 25% of all games were against Tirpitz/Tirpitz B.
  4. DanSilverwing

    WoWS is Dead. Long Live WoWs.

    At this point I'm assuming that Premium consumables are being made free now so that they can be re-introduced later for Doubloons.
  5. DanSilverwing

    Yamamoto Isoroku Containers

    I don't think Yamamoto containers were ever in the Armory, only the Shop. You can get also get them from Twitch Prime Loot for WOWS.
  6. Again, it would be nice to have at least one RN light cruiser premium on the market. Or at least make Commonwealth/RN commanders dual nationality. HMS Arethusa HMS Ajax/Achilles/INS Delhi HMS Mauritius (because 'reasons') or Nigeria/INS Mysore. But I'd still prefer to see Dido in the game, so no point in pre-empting with other T6 Premium sister-ships. Edit: just checked https://www.spieltimes.com/news/world-of-warships-india-relaunch-everything-you-need-to-know/ and Delhi and Mysore are already planned. But not under the RN. So my point still stands
  7. Wow, it's like there are three separate conversations going on all at the same time. Reading this lot is giving me a headache. 1. Ops economy, it's hard to have a conversation when proposed intentions and specific details have not been mentioned. This latest pitchforking is because of empirical testing on the PTS that has been reported back to the community. We are looking at the results of a 4-man tryhard division of veterans, whereas a 7-man random potato group can and will still fail this Op. The implications have been discussed at slightly more length on EU Forums, but I think the likely outcome will only reinforce the tendency of veterans wanting to play together with no room or toleration for weaker/newer players, who will be the ultimate losers of this change. Which is a bad thing because ultimately they are important and valued customers too. It's also hard to escape the conclusion that WG are continuing a trend of scaling back on pve and then pointing to the dwindling participation rates as 'proof' that pve is not popular. Which is circular reasoning and really not true: pve also drives sales, of ships and premium time. But because it looks like WG are hostile to this customer base players like me are keeping their wallets firmly closed. Some indication that demand for pve might be scaled up, for example a wider range of scenarios for different tiers, would be enough to restore confidence in WOWS as a product and cautiously open wallets again. Let people play the games they want to play. 2. I can't speak for open beta, but the smarter ai that Happa and Admiral Thunder are referring to was relatively recent, in 0.7.9 iirc. I completely broke the bot CVs who became passive and stationary, and the other tendency for the bots to run away and kite extended the match length, rendering the mode less rewarding. Beside, their tendency to turn and expose broadside unnecessarily worked against them, and at high tiers didn't really make much difference. At lower tiers though it was murderous, because the bots would blob together and focus fire very accurately. You've also got decent pve ai on the PTS and in the PTS sandbox mode, so we know it's there. 3. Please stop squabbling and stay on topic.
  8. I accepted it as an inevitability. When the Armory was introduced I managed to snag Musashi for Coal and got Kronshtadt for fxp, before they were both pulled. JB has been around since before then (my second Coal ship), and Smolensk was such a silly ship I snapped it up in the first week thinking it couldn't possibility remain accessible. Poor Salem: always getting pushed back because of the latest hottie. And I have that lovely Freedom camouflage waiting for her... But I think it's the wrong direction to take. If you only offer a choice from an artificially limited selection of course what is offered is going to become 'popular'. Removing ships that were never sold for cash, to be placed in the Rare Ships category and drive loot box sales, rather than attempt to balance, is unethical. Wargaming is pulling up the drawbridge behind veteran players (as always). By denying new players the opportunity to acquire those ships in the same way we did WG are excluding them and privileging us. Really they should bring back Musashi and Krondshtadt, to offer more choices and dilute any perceived popularity.
  9. DanSilverwing

    Somehow I found Coop players as bad as random

    Losing half of your team in Randoms is a disaster. Losing half of your team in co-op is an opportunity.
  10. It must be really annoying on the Asia server. All the stuff is already in the shop, but still have to wait for the weeb page and the opt-in for the missions to start.
  11. DanSilverwing

    Tier 8 operation

    I did buy Sims especially for Dynamo, right before it got pulled. Oops. Personally I do a lot of Ops when running Premium time, and burn through special camos and flags. Otherwise I'm a hoarder and they never get used. I bought Hood (on sale) solely with Narai in mind. I also use Scharnhorst. I don't have Atlanta, but the pve appeal for this mode is undeniable. Other people take their Ashitaka, Lazo, Boise, etc, out for a spin. For T6 Ops I see Premium ships all the time, and have Perth of my wishlist just for Ops. And WG can't recognise the monetizing potential sitting right there? So they'd rather force people to play bland co-op, toxic randoms, or quit? I would like to have Ops at every tier, and the ability for each to have their own queues, so not reliant on the Op of the week. For tier 8 the obvious candidate for me would be Operation Cerberus.
  12. DanSilverwing

    Gorizia - just don't

    I had low expectations as well, but how you view her is going to depend on what your benchmark is. Veterans of the RN CL line will be used to highly agile ships that have unusual ammo choices. The Italians don't get the improved AP ricochet angles but the SAP ricochet angles have been tweaked to improve their performance against light armor. The lack of torpedoes is looked on unfavourably, but this is actually what the Zara-class cruisers were, and in that respect play no differently from guns-only USN CAs. They were already heavy enough because: They are impressively armored. Her actual 150mm of belt armor is represented in the game. That's nearly as much as Des Moines' 152mm belt. Everything is subordinate to WG's standard cruiser armor numbers, so she doesn't get the fantastic deck armor she should. Speed, agility, armor. Use those tools to survive longer into the game and give the guns more chance to perform. The reload is ok, and the AP can certainly shine when fired at the right targets and the right angles. I'm more of a light cruiser player, so this would never be my first choice, but she's just not that terrible.
  13. DanSilverwing

    If 1 v. 1 Ranked is done again, which tier?

    Depends on the map size, and cap layouts. That last was engineered to encourage a brawl in the middle. I'd like to say T6, but I'm not sure if that would be any fairer.
  14. DanSilverwing

    People intentionally losing 1v1 ranked sprint

    What violation? This is a perfectly rational response to the incentives offered, as with anything. This is not the Olympics.