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  1. DanSilverwing

    So, I got this email from PayPal and...

    This is a game you can pretty much set your own objectives. You can play Texas over and over if you want, until you have Total Masterytm and a 19-point commander with powerful skills. But you'll find it more rewarding to play with different classes and with different nations, just to learn their own different playstyles, their weaknesses, and how to then dominate them with your Texas. For example, trying a Destroyer line will teach you about ambush techniques, knife-fighting, and leading targets with a nasty spread of torpedoes. What you'll learn from that is an awareness of when you are vulnerable in Texas and what you can do to avoid getting nuked (varying course and speed only a little bit can make a massive difference). She's a solid ship, and Paypal are not acting irresponsibly here because Texas is also a reward that Wargaming give out to new players via the Play Together referral programme. But she does face some iffy matchmaking at Tier 5 where you can be top tier with T5/T4, but more likely to be bottom tier in a T7 match. That doesn't automatically spell doom for you. It's worth noting that we are in the final stage of an event with a free Premium reward ship at the end of it, and to get that players had to grind out 4 million credits with 6 different nations. New players especially, focused on a few national lines and limited Port Slots, were at a disadvantage. As a Premium ship Texas doesn't have any modules to research (that's part of the grind for tech tree ships you really can't escape) BUT she still has Upgrades (in the tab next to Ammunition and Consumables) I'm not sure if you're aware of and have fitted. I'm glad you're here asking questions though, you'll do well. glhf
  2. So, which ship is your 'money boat'?
  3. DanSilverwing

    Some Operations have to be nerfed!

    If only the player base was bigger, then all of the various play modes could have reasonable queue times. I think what OP is asking for is an 'Easy' mode. I know this goes away from implementing the 'Hard' mode that was used in the Halloween Op. So rather than nerf the 'Normal' mode or make it even harder and more rewarding for division play WeeGee could devise an 'Easy' mode for training purposes. In other words you'd learn how the Operation worked, where you needed to position yourself, and who to aim at, but the rewards would be no better than a standard co-op (and no Star rewards either). All you'd have to change is the bots gunnery to be more 'beginner' friendly. The problem we have in the game is that all the good players are forming divisions to farm Operations, and the rest are forming under-performing random teams.
  4. Hmm...certainly an issue with Premium ships, and certainly manifested during the T5 Ranked Sprint, but doesn't impact Protected Matchmaking where the real baby seals are. But commander skills are only one aspect of a possible ship customization options in WOWS. You also have combat flags to use, or not (and many do not). And ship Upgrades that are restricted by Tier. So a T8 meeting a T7 can have the Concealment Module whereas the T7 cannot.
  5. DanSilverwing

    Questions on Event Ship XP transfers.

    1. I wouldn't say that. At worst you'd only have to find a free port slot to re-puchase the Orlan for zero credits and then research the module upgrade and research the Novik to make it Elite. 2. Because we were using 19-point captains the XP earned in battle was immediately converted to Elite commander XP, so we had the benefit from this already and it wasn't tied to a single captain.
  6. DanSilverwing

    PEF Doubloon 4th Directive advice?

    So USA, KM, and IJN are all high tiers. UK at T6, you can grind in operations (look for farming divisions). Grind up the Leander to unlock the Fiji to use in Hermes if you want. Even better, grind up Fiji there to unlock Edinburgh to use in Cherry Blossom Giulio Cesare and Okhotnik at T5 might be your bottleneck, but both are good earners. You're not in that bad a position really. Newer players are much more disadvantaged by truncated national lines and a shortage of port slots...
  7. DanSilverwing

    Reroll 2+ accounts

    Yes, with no imposed restrictions. If you're going to re-roll then kindly no sealclubbing in protected MM. If you register accounts on the other servers using the same e-mail address as your PTS account, then PTS rewards are distributed to all of those other accounts too!
  8. DanSilverwing

    VMF DD Choice

    Minsk is great fun to play. I went for Kiev first because I had two perma camos in stock and a 10-point captain from Halloween to attach. One perma camo is in the 2-year anniversary collection (+50% free XP, +50% Commander XP).
  9. DanSilverwing

    Battlecruiser - Tier and class determination?

    I imagine Armor scheme is the determining factor between Cruiser and Battleship in-game.
  10. DanSilverwing

    So where is Capt Jingles?

    Linked to relevant time. They're worth watching/listening to if you have time; might even be a bonus code once in a while!
  11. DanSilverwing


    Certainly not me, but this thread demonstrates why WeeGee thinks there is 'too much' fxp in the game economy and Alaska will cost one million.
  12. DanSilverwing


    I definitely recommend hoarding further fxp until you reach 2 million, and then post a screenshot on the forums.
  13. DanSilverwing

    Fun question! Most fun ship for coop?

    T1: Black Swan T2: Smith T3: Derzki +1 T4: I've a preference for Isokaze T5: Bogue T6: Independence T7: Ooh, so many good picks T8: Lightning/Cossack T9: Musashi TX: don't play