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  1. Don_Alvarez

    Tips for DD Duels

    That sounds like me. I'll never plan to do that, unless someone asks, then yes I did. I'm until recently from South Jersey myself.
  2. Don_Alvarez

    Jean Bart $80 Really

    Did you seriously just assume ships have just two genders? triggered
  3. Don_Alvarez

    Okay, help unwrap this guy's thinking?

    I know I certainly have more fun winning. Losing sucks.
  4. Don_Alvarez

    Okay, help unwrap this guy's thinking?

    I don't dispute this, but that same player I describe that doesn't want to invest in learning game mechanics, who doesn't visit the forums, is very likely not going to learn this either.
  5. Don_Alvarez

    Okay, help unwrap this guy's thinking?

    That I can actually understand, especially when your guns are trolling you and salvo after salvo results in mysterious overpens and ricochets, I imagine a lot of BB players will opt to take the safe option and reliable damage of HE and setting fires. Penetration mechanics is a lot of information to consume, what overmatches what, where to aim at this or that, and some players probably don't really want to put that much research into a video game, and just go with what works.
  6. Don_Alvarez

    F der Grobe secondaries

    SheiBe!! Großer Kurfürst has the 128's, Freddy has 105's and 150's even on the "B" hull. I think the general consensus is it's not really worthwhile - a full secondary build already requires a lot of points and those four may be better spent on something else.
  7. My favorite is when you try your best but can't even collect a kill. I think my personal record now is 110k damage with no kills.
  8. Don_Alvarez

    Forum Game - Word Association

    What the eff is this effin eff.
  9. I fly the Steam flag. Kinda looks like a pirate banner. Should be a pirate banner as much money as they have taken from me.
  10. Don_Alvarez

    Massachusetts back in the shop

    Wait for next Black Friday sale. Only 8 months to go.
  11. Don_Alvarez

    Other naval ww2 games

  12. Don_Alvarez

    Caught Flat Footed by a DD

    Dude how you gonna just leave a hand truck parked about the deck like that. That's a safety hazard.
  13. Don_Alvarez

    Top 3: Most Anemic Ships

    Indeed. She may have a slow rate of fire but seems to make up for it with very good HE and accuracy. Overall It think its a pretty well rounded ship with a lot more upside than down. Indy... needs a heal or something. I dunno. I have both, of the two I'd much rather play the Atago even when getting donkey punched by tier 8 matchmaking.
  14. Don_Alvarez

    Make me a: Map - 11th to 18th

    Scale may need to be tinkered with, but the idea is standard each team has a base (solid red and green circles), the kind where if you cap an enemy's base you win the game. Spawns (red and yellow hollow circles) are outside the base area, so each team is immediately presented with several decisions to make - who will go to defend your own base and who will engage the enemy to try and take theirs, or do you play a purely offensive or defensive strategy? It may require some communication and teamwork to formulate a winning strategy.
  15. Don_Alvarez

    Why I'm stopping playing.

    I'm not much of a programmer, but could you not loosen the restrictions when server population becomes low?