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  1. Don_Alvarez

    Z-39 well I feel stupid.

    I generally dislike DD play. Seems to be feast or famine the way I do it, but I like playing the Z39. Favorite German DD tactic: Catching a DD sitting in smoke spamming HE, blind to me. Pull up about 3-4k, pop my own smoke, turn on the hydro and watch them crap their pants trying to escape.
  2. Don_Alvarez

    Thinking about buying tier VIII Battleships.

    HA! There ARE no tier VIII battles! There's only Tier X battles with tier VIII boats sprinkled in for flavor!
  3. Don_Alvarez

    Sonar for the Scharnhorst?

    If torps are giving you fits try matching Scharnhorst with one of the German captains from the arsenal that have the enhanced vigilance. Personally I hate wasting a three point skill on vigilance, but I think it works well to cover the lack of hydro if you aren't going to blow out a full secondary build. Its saved my bacon many times, like having hydro torp spotting up all the time.
  4. Don_Alvarez

    Kurfurst - Pen value of 406's vs. 420's?

    The Germans had plans for 19" and 20" guns. I say bring those on instead!
  5. Don_Alvarez

    Kurfurst - Pen value of 406's vs. 420's?

    Both. The Germans had already developed a 406mm naval gun for the H-class, I think the plan was just to bore out those barrels to 420. Don't think they ever got past the planning phase though.
  6. Secure the kill. Every second you allow an opponent to linger is an opportunity for them to kill a teammate. Inevitably, the same thing is going to happen to you in return. You'll be hammering an opponent only to have someone come in at the 11th hour and secure your kill. I call this pulling an Alvarez, because I'm constantly watching my "kill" salvos leaving an opponent with 1-2000 life constantly and handing my expected kills off to others. It all evens out in the end.
  7. Don_Alvarez

    to anyone curious about the games statistics

    I could also read that data to suggest as average tier has increased, the average matches per day has decreased. Makes sense, higher tier matches generally take longer.
  8. Ricardo Cabeza
  9. Tell me, is there I way I can block people so I don't have to hear there emote spam too? Cause I get tired real quick of hearing "Stone the crows!" "Stone the crows!" "I Need Intelligence Data!" Over and over and over and over and over.....
  10. I find it just as miserable to play under a CV umbrella as every other DD I have. Probably more so, because Asashio seems to instill a special sort of terror in those ships it can attack with torpedoes. Once spotted, they never relent until I die.
  11. Don_Alvarez

    Bismarck - Fighter vs Spotter

    My thoughts ran the same way yours did, so I stuck with the fighter. The spotting plane is of much more limited use, I'd rather take what dps the fighter does provide. Shooting early in a secondary Bismarck with the spotter, especially in a match with tier IX and X, you're not going to hit anything except by accident. So you're really only going to give your position away to BB's who can inherently shoot further and with a lot more accuracy. That's the way I look at it. Both consumables are next to useless, but to me the fighter seems the least useless of the two.
  12. Don_Alvarez

    Mouse opens free Azur Lane crates

    Who doesn't want Bazooma?
  13. Don_Alvarez

    Azur Lane Collection

    Missed opportunity. I can't see myself going after these too hard or buying crates at a shot to get the couple captains I really would like to have. I get trolled hard enough by RNG in battles sometimes, I don't want to bring that same misery to this experience as well. I mean, I would pay money to purchase the individual ones I want, but I can't, so...