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  1. In my experience the guy complaining about bad teams is usually the 1st or 2nd guy on your team killed.
  2. I have yet to get a free ship from a SC. But if I do, I really hope it's Giulio Cesare. just in case WG is listening.
  3. Any of the tough as nails Battlecruisers from I Scouting Group.
  4. Haven't played it in a while. Last handful of matches have been a complete misery I'm debating giving up and setting it out to drydock. Either I'm out of combat or priority target sits around 4-5 and I just eat shells and burn with no chance to reply. Every once in a while planets line up and have a good match. Maybe 1 in 8. I don't know, at Tier X my impression is it just doesn't seem to work. Everything is island humping or hiding in smoke, so secondary build is quite useless, and GK isn't much of a sit back and snipe boat. FdG is much more consistent.
  5. Don_Alvarez

    Z-39 well I feel stupid.

    I generally dislike DD play. Seems to be feast or famine the way I do it, but I like playing the Z39. Favorite German DD tactic: Catching a DD sitting in smoke spamming HE, blind to me. Pull up about 3-4k, pop my own smoke, turn on the hydro and watch them crap their pants trying to escape.
  6. Don_Alvarez

    Thinking about buying tier VIII Battleships.

    HA! There ARE no tier VIII battles! There's only Tier X battles with tier VIII boats sprinkled in for flavor!
  7. Don_Alvarez

    Sonar for the Scharnhorst?

    If torps are giving you fits try matching Scharnhorst with one of the German captains from the arsenal that have the enhanced vigilance. Personally I hate wasting a three point skill on vigilance, but I think it works well to cover the lack of hydro if you aren't going to blow out a full secondary build. Its saved my bacon many times, like having hydro torp spotting up all the time.
  8. Don_Alvarez

    Kurfurst - Pen value of 406's vs. 420's?

    The Germans had plans for 19" and 20" guns. I say bring those on instead!
  9. Don_Alvarez

    Kurfurst - Pen value of 406's vs. 420's?

    Both. The Germans had already developed a 406mm naval gun for the H-class, I think the plan was just to bore out those barrels to 420. Don't think they ever got past the planning phase though.
  10. Secure the kill. Every second you allow an opponent to linger is an opportunity for them to kill a teammate. Inevitably, the same thing is going to happen to you in return. You'll be hammering an opponent only to have someone come in at the 11th hour and secure your kill. I call this pulling an Alvarez, because I'm constantly watching my "kill" salvos leaving an opponent with 1-2000 life constantly and handing my expected kills off to others. It all evens out in the end.
  11. Don_Alvarez

    to anyone curious about the games statistics

    I could also read that data to suggest as average tier has increased, the average matches per day has decreased. Makes sense, higher tier matches generally take longer.
  12. Tell me, is there I way I can block people so I don't have to hear there emote spam too? Cause I get tired real quick of hearing "Stone the crows!" "Stone the crows!" "I Need Intelligence Data!" Over and over and over and over and over.....