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  1. put is a support ticket
  2. Oh Boo Hoo! I logged in clicked the claim your gift button and poof nothing at all! Where did it go?
  3. Captmuddxx_2018

    I'm calling ********

    Unless it has changed the first Santa thing I participated in awarded a gift to a random player for each gift I bought whether for myself or gifted to a friend. I am rather certain that for what I spent I got more from these packs than I would have spending the same amount on regular premium shop purchases of ships, doubloons and time or signals and camos. I also am fairly certain that I received some random gifts due to others purchases. Gambling maybe! But what the hell many of us are spending real money on fantasy anyway!
  4. No it does not make you better at facing it! Playing and learning to use the ship you have to the best you can is what helps you get better at facing whatever ship you encounter.
  5. @turbo07 I regularly report using the unsporting in game button, by the way the 7 limit is insufficient, 99 would be better! When the offence is egregious as the one Erbtheron is reporting here I also make a ticket report! I insist that a human handle such reports and suspend or ban such offending players and also insist an at least weekly report on the website of how many players are banned/suspended and what their offences were. We rule abiding players have no way other than that to know that actions are being taken by WG to actually purge cheaters from the community!
  6. Captmuddxx_2018

    Clan Battles: No 500 Steel for you!

    It looks like a try again deal
  7. Captmuddxx_2018

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

    not a thing my coupon specifically excludes premium time, doubloons, limited time items, containers and anything discounted!
  8. Captmuddxx_2018

    Public Test 7.11 round 3

    ha ha ha I have a one member clan and that member s me
  9. Captmuddxx_2018

    New Reporting needed

    send in a support ticket reporting the player for harassment
  10. Captmuddxx_2018

    RN Event Missons

    Yes it is a rather sickening requirement. Maybe participate in 7 scenario battles win or lose would have been a better requirement.
  11. Captmuddxx_2018

    Is WG gonna give RN rewards to farming bots, again?

    report them in a support ticket over and over until they get banned
  12. Captmuddxx_2018

    Worthless Coupons

    I repeat the coupon I got is not valid for premium time, containers, limited time items nor doubloons! I checked by trying to use it!
  13. Captmuddxx_2018

    Worthless Coupons

    I got one today also and cant use it since anything I would buy ie premium time are doubloons are excluded.
  14. Captmuddxx_2018

    30% discount coupon

    30% off Wow! I only got a 20% off coupon good for 7 days only for items I have no money to buy!
  15. Captmuddxx_2018

    Someone killed facebook

    I thought it was just and perhaps my friends Anti Trump postings! Or maybe my last posting of a Cream concert from 1968!