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  1. larger groups? Also I agree with you on the last sentence, since they (the carrier players) only control one ship at a time now, not much new abilities will be seen so yeah. You're right about that. But for some reason it just feels like Ragnarok is starting its countdown for WOWS. (If they implement this change...)
  2. I still don't understand why people are being positive about this rework. It seems to me that Wargaming is taking huge risk by doing this. (If you dont know, what Wargaming is doing is that they are reworking the carriers so that new players are going to play them, at the way that it is going although, they're reaching out towards the people who will probably only play until tier 4 carriers, play it for a while, and then leave after they see that it still sucks. Why I said its a huge risk however is because this rework is chasing most of the CV players that WOWS already has. What I mean by the huge risk is Wargaming reworks carrier game play. Most of the old CV player stop playing carriers. New players come in. Now here's the gamble; if the new players did not like what they play or get bored of it and then jump into another game then Wargaming just said goodbye to a large part of their communities and then get kicked in the face because of the new players not even bothering their time and effort to get to tier 10. So the money that they spent, the effort that they have made, the time that was consumed was all for naught. On the other side of the pendulum, if the gamble pays out and the new players stay and keep playing the reworked carriers. Then Wargaming just replaced old people with new.) Did I word that out correctly?
  3. He's saying that the odd numbered tier are there to practice what the even numbered tiers have given players like us. For example (probably just reiterating what he said but here goes nothing) you're playing langley which is a tier 4 carrier, you learn all the stuff in langley then comes in bogue which is a tier 5 carrier you improve your tactics that you have learnt in langely and then comes independence which is tier 6 carrier which also introduces a new kind of ability, so you have to change your strategy that you have used in tier 4 and 5 as they will most likely be less effective in tier 6, Do you get it? (Hopefully you did).Having more ships mean improving and developing your tactics on higher tiers before being fed a new kind of ability.
  4. loperty12353

    Why CV's don't belong

    Last I checked, an aircraft carrier is a warship...
  5. loperty12353

    Why CV's don't belong

    A question for you OP. Why do you think that CV's don't belong? Can you think of ways other than the rework that could improve it?
  6. loperty12353

    Why CV's don't belong

    There's always a problem regarding everything
  7. loperty12353

    Why CV's don't belong

    I don't think he implied that the OP sucked. He implied that he just needs to watch some videos so that OP can counter cv's
  8. loperty12353

    Why CV's don't belong

    Ok, next question ok? Do CV's belong or not belong in World of Warships and give me a reason for your answer....
  9. loperty12353

    Why CV's don't belong

    But World of Warships is not just a surface combat game....
  10. loperty12353

    Why CV's don't belong

    Just one question for everyone here and I want them to give an explanation for their answer ok? Are Aircraft Carriers a warship and tell me why it is one or why it isn't?
  11. Since there can only be 1 plane group in the air as everyone says, does this mean that we don't have to fight for air superiority anymore? Because what i'm picturing is this: 1.The player boards the lead plane while his staff boards the scapegoat planes (ones that are targeted by AA) 2.They fly until they get to their target and then they either die or escape after they strike 3. Rinse and repeat all over again Is that the general picture? Welp, I played CV because i loved its OLD mechanics. I don't know what will happen next but I feel like this will only reel in players for a short while and then get bored of it.
  12. Try destroying your planes. Check if you can replenish all of them more than 5 or 6 times
  13. Ok good, but i still want my RTS gameplay more than FPS, otherwise I would be playing world of warplanes. So there's that