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  1. redneck1776

    Premium Ship Policy

    No, but when you say "avoid" something "at all cost"...it meas you are emphasizing that it must not be allowed to happen under any circumstances. That or it just started snowing in hell, pigs have just grown wings and are starting to fly, and the sun just went supernova....in which case were screwed either way. The current situation of the ship in question that started all this just isn't at that point right now. If it was making up the clear majority of its matchmaking then sure...but it's not. Leave it alone.
  2. redneck1776

    Premium Ship Policy

    If you dont take it in for the recall...its your choice. We are very loyal in this aspect - we buff premium ships when they have problems with performance, and avoid nerfing them at all costs. You left out the "at all costs" part. Just sayin.
  3. redneck1776

    WG Doesnt Listen to Testers

    Tis russia... vodka and big hammer fix everything comrade...including brick wall
  4. redneck1776

    WG Doesnt Listen to Testers

    "Nope" nuff said.
  5. redneck1776

    Most DDs don't understand arms race mode

    If heal, reload, or concealment is in the center, in go for it. If not and one of those are on the spawn side...I'll take the safe double buff instead. Sorry you feel that way, but it's just not worth the risk for a rudder shift, consumable reload, or whatever the other one is to get taken out that early.
  6. I'm far from a great player. Yesterday I played 7 rounds of ranked...I lost 4 in a row but kept my star on each loss....too bad they were all at irrevocable rank 12...felt like a waste of saved stars. Hell it took like 8 battles to go from 16 to 15 the other night. It would be nice to have one or two more fail safe tanks between 12 and 1. Especially since you start going to so many stars per rank. Its gonna be painful to continue. On mountain range the whole team ran to hide in the islands to the far east. How the frack are you supposed to cap or contest the center point if your hiding across the map? I get that you want some cover, but at the expense of giving away the game by leaving the 10pts per second cap completely open for the enemy? There is so much I've seen from teammates that has left me scratching my head. I've watched folks sail right by active buffs and not change heading my 5 or 10 degrees to grab it sailing within 200meters of grabbing and active buff. I will say I have had some great cat and mouse plays with other dds in the kitakaze. She is my only fully fitted t9 besides the Seattle...if your on my team you really dont want me to bring the Seattle to ranked. Oh if the center buff is a heal, concealment, or reload buff...I'm going for it. I've had about a 80% or so successful grab and run with it. If it's one of the others meh...
  7. Clearly they do think it's justified. Now if they were actually refunding, and not some made up digital token that's only good at the Company store that cost them nothing... Then I would absolutely have to agree in saying it's not justified. But that's my opinion everybody's got one. Nobody Is obligated to agree with mine or yours or anybody else's opinion.
  8. It was intended to be a buff...but a fair few have said seems like more of nerf in practice.
  9. Look, heres a quote from a sub octavian post. 4. We are very loyal in this aspect - we buff premium ships when they have problems with performance, and avoid nerfing them at all costs. I don't see any point in discussing this now, as there is no precedent of specific ship nerf. This sentiment was the deciding factor in some number of players opening their wallets. Sure we all know the eula states WeeGee can do what the hell ever they want. This statement made it clear that their intention was to not nerf something players paid real money on. This thing with the GC (and saying it's only the first in a line at that) is a betrayal on that sentiment. If the GC was absolutely dominating in its over representation matchmaking numbers, which it isn't, then I'm sure there there wouldnt be as much backlash. But really...she makes up less than 4.6% of the battle space for BBs at her tier, and less than 1.3% in her matchmaking bracket.
  10. redneck1776

    More Signal Flag Slots Needed for all Ships

    Demount all would be a nice qol button to add...but let's be honest...isn't it a bit easy already to climb the tiers with the current ability to mount the special flags. I'm sure there has been a fair few games folk have looked at my performance and wondered how the hell I ended up driving a t8 or t9 playing like that. 😅 dont get me wrong I'd love to mount more of them...but it's probably not the best thing to do.
  11. redneck1776

    Update Hotfix

    @Radar_XPlease tell me that part of this testing includes tests from being bottom tiered, top tiered, and middle tiered.
  12. redneck1776

    Seriously?!? Operation Aegis... O_O

    My favorite is the guy that goes straight towards the area to rescue the commander in the water after his ship sinks.....only to motor right past the circle and never stop to get him. By the time you realize it's one of those chuckleheads...he drowns before you get to it.
  13. redneck1776

    Spending intentions poll

    Not nerfing premium ships after they were released, or used as a headline for a monetization campain for starters. Remove their availability and leave it there as has been customary.
  14. redneck1776

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    I'd start with limiting CV's matchmaking to +/-1 tier. Bottom tier surface ships have a hard time, but can still be effective against top tier enemies with careful tactics and positioning. This is not the case with AA vs planes. Sure you could just +/-1 MM universally that would be great too, but at least for CV play...I dont see a good way to even start to bring balance to this mess without planes being complete ineffective bottom tier and invulnerable top tier as CV. The difference over 5 tiers is just too large of a gap.