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  1. The pitch forks have to point somewhere or at someone if your gonna grab it. I think most of us know YOU or the NA community team are not in anyway responsible for the mess that got the torches lit...but they were lit. You can pass the word, convey sentiments, delever feedback, and all that jazz...fact remains theres no trust in the dev team due to everything that's already been said. Sorry your the meatshield, but the pitchforks will go stabby stabby at whatever is in front of them until the wielders are satisfied they feel their message received the proper attention, by the proper folks, with proper remedies...or they just find a new pastime rather than WoWs.
  2. redneck1776

    [UPD] PSA: Three Operations Were Re-enabled

    I was speaking in regards to the aircraft AI not the ship AI
  3. redneck1776

    [UPD] PSA: Three Operations Were Re-enabled

    Maybe they should see if they can snag one of the devs from frontier developments....Ole Sara Jane Avory over there is known as "The Mistress of Minions" on the Elite Dangerous team. She had the NPCs over there down right scary for a bit and had to seriously reign them back due to the slaughter fest they were having on the private group players...and they were not even near their full potential...she said if we thought they were bad then, we should see what she cooked up on the internal test servers. They were kinda nasty for a short time there. If she can do that in a space ship game...I can only imagine what she could do for this game.
  4. redneck1776

    [UPD] PSA: Three Operations Were Re-enabled

    Again back to my previous point, if is good enough to roll them out, and even force them in co-op games when nobody brings a CV...then why not operations? That idea only took like 15seconds after reading the reply of the aerodomes being re-skinned CV. You'd reckon that a team of developers would have thought of that purty early on...
  5. redneck1776

    [UPD] PSA: Three Operations Were Re-enabled

    Now I might just be some ignorant mississippi redneck....but....Seems to me that you could split the aerodomes into several components and place them in the same map location with their own hit boxes and such and call them hangars or what have you. Think like on the other operation with the fuel storage tanks and such all up and down the coast line in the harbor. Dont tell me that re-skinning and placing a few more immovable CVs on a slightly adjusted the layout of the aerodomes to compensate is what's prevented those operations from comming back....that makes it worse.
  6. redneck1776

    [UPD] PSA: Three Operations Were Re-enabled

    Why not? Most the good ones are gone for AT LEAST another year they said. Narai was the last of the good ones and it's gone. Aegis is kinda okish I reckon, newport is a dumpster fire most games, raptor rescue has a bug that renders it completely broken and cant get a completion sometimes no matter what. What's left? The other ops were removed because of CV reeee-work, but the CVs are good enough to be forced on you in Co-Op, but too bad to bring back the operations? .....just sayin, man......just sayin......
  7. redneck1776

    [UPD] PSA: Three Operations Were Re-enabled

    Well since most all the good ops are gone with no expectation of return, I'm not gonna be surprised if the whole mode gets the Jimmy Haffa treatment
  8. redneck1776

    The great credit gamble worked

    If you left the modules installed on ships....well they will just be replaced by the new ones. The trick was to remove them with doubloons and put them in your inventory.
  9. redneck1776

    Narai is where we need to draw the line...

    ....Pitchforking.... ok, the best ops get removed but we get "were working on them they'll be back soon" to "no eta on ops return" to "been shelved, maybe some day but nothing to report now" to "no work to be done with ops until next year" to just recently "no work on operations this year either".....so yeah some of us have a touch of the red [edited]and are looking for where we put the torches and pitchforks when we found out this one got deep 6'd it's your (not you personally but WeeGee as an entity) incompetence, bait and switch, broken or false promises, and disregard to aspects of the game that has brought out the pitchforks....dont blame us for this, were just reacting proportionally to your track record.
  10. redneck1776

    Best Seal Clubber?

    ...I prefer my AR-10 over my AR-15 actually...
  11. It's the absurd amount of cash your trying grab for the guarentee here that's the big issue I think. If it was capped at $100 this wouldnt be near as bad. $100 is still obnoxious to play tech tree ships early that you'll be able to get for free in a couple of weeks anyway. I mean your asking for about the same money you wanted for the Puerto ripoff if you wanted it but had a life outside playing the game. But this is just for pre release tech tree ships with bland unimaginative permacamos, not a premium T10. We have a saying in my business...pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. These past two monetization events are are deep in hog territory if you ask me.
  12. Absolute lunacy. I have usually tossed in for a pack of boxes here and there during these types of events...not this. When its pretty clear you can, and some would, drop 60k doubloons and not get all the early release ships...f that. As far as I can tell if you go the free way and get all the available token you still stand a real good chance of not getting them all due to no cap on those rolls. Yeah this event and who ever thought it was a good idea can swing from my ...erm..."coin sack"
  13. Good for them. I dont know how or why, but it does not perform like that for ME. I didnt say it was a crap ship, just stating MY experience with it. Sure I've had a few great games with her, but that's not the norm for me. I'm not the only one either. I'm not that great of a player anyway, but right at 60 random battles in her and my average damage is 22k below server average. I've spent quite a few in coop too trying to figure her out. Now I've just acquired the MO but I'm 15k over the server average with her and still have a ways to go with her, in both getting used to her and number of battles vs the Sashi. Yes in a BB slug fest vs a MO the Sashi makes the MO feel like a wet noodle. All I was saying is I disagreed given my experience with the ship, especially in the credit earnings statement of "just slap some flags on the Mushashi and your better off"
  14. Sure, when she does get some penetrations and good groupings shes a killer no doubt. Just way too inconsistent for me. Well consistent in the fact of getting crap damage salvos with dispersion and overpens. Just my experience.
  15. I disagree. I cant hit crap with Mushashi. 75% of the shells draw circles of splashes around what your shooting at, and of the ones that do hit, only 25% of those actually get damage....plus with all the CVs I'd rather have more AA than 2 drunk japs tossing empty sake bottles at the planes. Mine is a port queen now.