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  1. Grimm262

    Opt Out 2 Carrier Random Battles

    Fixed that for you.
  2. Grimm262

    Grinding the line but not enjoying it

    This line requires a cautious and patient playstyle. Sort of like IJN torpedo boats but sort of not.
  3. Grimm262

    WG nurf'd the NC

    She is moored in a small inlet off of a river. Over the years mud has built up around the hull. I had read someplace this actually helps to slow deterioration of the hull. The inlet is currently turned into a cofferdam so they could do hull repairs. When I toured her several years ago she was "floating" in the mud and water.
  4. Grimm262

    Sick of endless carrier spam...

    Here is what you do - its been working for me. Play the T9 EU DD and grab the Campaign mission where you need to shoot down 300 aircraft. GUARANTEED to not have any CVs in your matches! I'm lucky to see a CV 1 in 5 matches.
  5. Grimm262

    Premium Ship Review - AL Littorio

    Yikes! That is one mad Mouse!
  6. Grimm262

    Moderation about game tactics

    So now it's 100%? Still making up numbers? CV game numbers are up. Overall numbers are up. Seems to tell a different story. The vocal few continue to cry the sky is falling.
  7. Grimm262

    Moderation about game tactics

    I think you misplaced the decimal. I fixed it for you.
  8. Grimm262

    New Unique Upgrades

    Thats were i think the player base disconnect is. Under the current RB system you need to spend alot of time and/or money to get enough RB points for the UU. However, the value of the updated UUs don't really seem to be consistent with the effort required to get them. I am accumulating RB points now but i'm not sure any of the current UUs are attractive enough to spend the hard earned RB points on.
  9. Grimm262

    Kleber the torpedo boat? New UU coming

    And this really points out the limitations of the new RB system. Under the old system I would eventually get this UU myself since i enjoy playing the ship. Under the new system, I am not likely to invest my hard earned RB points into a UU that is likely substandard.
  10. Grimm262

    Are all T4 and below premiums worthless now?

    They were worthless before. The game starts at T5.
  11. Damned if you do, damned if you don't... I love these forums!
  12. From today's Dev Blog X Kléber (Slot 6) -20% to ship's detectability + 80% to main battery reload time The UU offers an alternative to X Kléber’s artillery focused gameplay: high-speed, close-range torpedo boat with quick torpedo reload. The ship’s detectability will be comparable to that of other destroyers at the same Tier, but the ship will lose a significant part of her artillery damage per minute. Tempting but the hit to main battery reload time seems harsh. Saw in another thread a concealment build will get her down to about 6.2km detection. What does everyone think?
  13. Grimm262

    Does it get better?

    One of the recent Directive missions requires 950K damage done in RU cruisers. Perfect time to start RU cruisers I thought! I have gone through both French and Italian lines already. How hard can it be? I got about half way through Budyonny when I hit the mission total. I am now happy to park them. The things just seem to be shell magnets and it only takes one or two to ruin my day. Both the French and Italians seem to have more wiggle to them and are able to dodge long range fire more effectively. So my question is this, do the RU cruisers continue to be the ultimate glass cannons past T6?
  14. At some point, I'll just stop logging on. Like I did for - WOW Rift Eve SWTOR and many others. There is so much drama on these boards about quitting. If its not fun anymore, just move on. People need to stop thinking of the game as an investment and more of simple entertainment. If you aren't having fun, move on.