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  1. SJ_Sailer

    Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    Hey WolfD, got an opening for my Brother GruesomeRob? Just made level 15. Not on forums yet.
  2. SJ_Sailer

    Where did all the Bad DD Players go?

    I just finished a random game this morning and 2 Red DD's were really going after me in a Helena. One on one DD vs. CA should not be a fight worth having but these guys were individually at different times, trailing me hitting me with HE at distance and being really hard to hit back. Not shy at all, it probably did not help that our CV kept going after them with torps instead of rockets. Did not sink me but after a torp took me down to 25% health I was like fresh meat to them. I am a 45% DD player myself and I have retreated to Fiji and Helena so I can understand the situation. But I guess if you are good, you are good no matter what WG throws at you.
  3. Is it just me, or after the CV rework did all the amateur DD players bail leaving only the good ones? It seems the DD's you do see in game weekdays are really good. Maybe it is just me.
  4. SJ_Sailer

    Less than 1.5 minutes - 366HP

    I love DD's also but you got to just put them away for now. It is the only way things will change. Make a statement and put them on the shelf and play CA until it is a fixed.
  5. I saw that, Salem, may be awhile before I get that much coal however. I will have fun at tier or 7 until then. I hope it's still there once I have enough coal.
  6. I think I will pass. I wanted to try out Tier 10, was willing to put in the effort but if it is going to be a "Money Pit", I will pass. I would consider making a one time reasonable payment to play Tier 8-10 ships but not this on going drip, drip of funds. Most top tier games you buy and play online cost what $60-$80 one time. I think many people here have paid that many times over.
  7. Just started playing Tier 8 and noticed if you lose a battle or don't do enough damage you lose credits. Not sure the point, does WG not want you to play above Tier 7? Is Tier 8-10 only for people who pay real dollars for premium time and buy things like premium ships and camos? Just wondering, I kind of lost interest in working upto Tier 10 now.
  8. Well this stinks, if you do not have a good battle in random you LOSE CREDITS? Really, is WG telling you not to play Tier 8? If you have a good game in Co-op you LOSE CREDITS. How are you supposed to move forward? It is bad enough you get very little exp since all you can do is manage to stay alive and get a few shots off to but to take credits away from you? What is the point. I mean I want to work toward Tier 10 but if you are going to take away credits for trying I don't know what the point is anymore.
  9. SJ_Sailer

    AA Sector Switching UI

    Great Idea, "Q" really works.
  10. Thanks for all the comments. You guys are raising my hopes of making it to Tier 10.
  11. Yes I heard credits would be an issue as you approach T10. So maybe grinding credits will take longer than Exp.
  12. Well on that subject, a few questions? Do you give up your aiming module for turret rotation module? Do you give up concealment module for steering gears 3? At distance I do not see any bouncing of shells as they all hit the decking with no armor and penetrate or citadel me. (Why give them long distance guns but then give them short distance armor. Decking seems to be a real weakness for any long distance shots)
  13. I got 2 no question but I am scared as hell to lose concealment mod. I have not had too bad of an issue with planes but I have had a real problem being focus fired when spotted.
  14. So sneak up to detection range, turn around and run away firing until you are out of range.
  15. I was thinking you have to play conservative in T8 but listening to your guys it sounds like you need to play scared like you are in Jurassic Park and someone just let all the dinosaurs loose. Will take your advice for sure. Regarding islands, how do you best use them with Hipper line? The ship can't shoot over them like you can with USN Cruisers, and the ship is too slow to peek out shoot and reverse back in. 6km torps, are the of any use at all? Thanks, will keep my head on a swivel and keep dark.