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  1. SJ_Sailer

    @WG: Fair Fights Are More Fun

    What is "Premium Time" guaranteed you a +/-1 match making? That is sort of an advantage that is not an advantage.
  2. I was thinking of that Top Gear Car Soccer special with the cars and the huge ball they hit to get into the goal. Imaging something like that with destroyers. Come on, I can't be the only one who thought of this am I?
  3. Don't DD's have to wait 90, 120 seconds or longer for their torpedoes to reload? To be honest, a DD firing torps from Stealth only is very similar to a CV except a CV has a much higher chance of hitting their target and they can get to a position much much faster than a DD. I think DD's torp accuracy is 6%, not sure what CV hit rate is.
  4. But there is also a primal "feel" to a game where one player is immune to damage and can play an entire game regardless of careful play while you can be deleted in 3 minutes with one mistake trying to take a cap in a DD or turning broadside to a BB. "Why am I getting pelted with ammo while that CV does not get hit at all. Why am I out of the game and can't play anymore and only watch but the CV player lost all his planes in that last attack and can still play because the has more in reserve and can regenerate planes". I think it is more a feel than actual number stats show.
  5. Just like a T8 Cruiser in a field of T10 Battleships.
  6. You need to evolve your game play, adapt. Go see Notzer's video on how to spot and contribute to your teams win without damage. It is posted here on the forums.
  7. SJ_Sailer

    These Two Words Will Say It All "I'm Done"

    Well if they want to shoot fish in a barrel there is always Co-Op.
  8. SJ_Sailer

    Wargaming lacks direction

    Ignoring your biggest and best customers is never a recipe for success.
  9. SJ_Sailer

    These Two Words Will Say It All "I'm Done"

    Another request for Skill Based Matchmaking. Anyone listening?
  10. I don't know everyone seems to really like the update which is bringing balance to CVs.
  11. SJ_Sailer

    AA changes, and "0 damage" pen changes 0.8.5.

    SORRY, should not the AA shoot at the FIRST plane in the attacking squadron? Who shoots at the last plane. This backwards.
  12. SJ_Sailer

    ADOPT Clan Recruiting

    Sounds real interesting, but how many strings are attached to being a member of ADOPT? I would love to play with others more knowledgeable than me but fixed schedules can be an issue. Most of us play when we can and can only reserve 1 or 2 nights a week for an hour or so and even that is pushing it with our wives. Are those born before 1970 welcomed? (How many times has your wife asked you to do something in the middle of a game and asked you "Can't you just pause it, its just a stupid game.")
  13. SJ_Sailer

    -45%'ers - Would you pay for a WOWS Tutor?

    A) I disagree: By asking for a tutor you have already admitted you are not as good as you can be and need help. Who would pay for advice and then not listen to it? B) Yes, that may just take experience, but I am sure there are tips and techniques that can be taught to improve it.
  14. SJ_Sailer

    -45%'ers - Would you pay for a WOWS Tutor?

    No I can vouch from experience, you can get 33% while trying hard. My Helena win rate was at 33% before I gave up on her and worked up Algeria, Yorck, and New Orleans. Then went back to Helena and started doing much better. I got it up to 45% which sound terrible but when you started at 33% it is an improvement. PS: That was during my DD to Cruiser transition phase after the CV rework made DDs too hard to play. That might have had something to do with it.