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  1. CruiserSailor

    Was wondering about the radar cruisers in PVE

    Bingo. Ditto torpedobeats and changing angle for incoming AP/HE. The AI knows where you are and what you're clicking in real time.
  2. CruiserSailor

    Carrier monetary rewards suck

    Just dodge.
  3. CruiserSailor

    Really Tired of CVs

    Pretty much sums it up. +1
  4. CruiserSailor

    Do Not Chase The CVs

    Keep up the good work!
  5. CruiserSailor

    Happy Remembrance Day To All

    My family takes it pretty seriously. My grandpa was gassed in France in 1917. One uncle lost an eye and an ear in North Africa 1943, another was an assault boat coxswain on D-Day. Best friend in high school was killed in Nam in 1971. Nephew was wounded in Iraq. Makes my Navy time seem like a garden party. So I always remember, and always honor. It's not corny or old-school, it's just what's right.
  6. A real snipe would have a UPS jury-rigged from battle lantern batteries and sound-powered phone wire.
  7. CruiserSailor

    They found a Famous USN DD that should be in the game

    We already have 3 Fletchers (Kidd, Black, and Fletcher). Maybe a proper tribute might be a unique commandder, Ernest Evans, with an appropriate DD special skill enhancement, like torpedo reload or smoke screen.
  8. CruiserSailor

    Operations channel SEA vs NA

    I for one welcome our new friends from Oz. Hope they bring beer! Welcome aboard!
  9. CruiserSailor

    Survey on SEA

    Sounds like a first step in considering a server consolidation as a result of declining numbers fun and engaging game play. Seen it in many games before this one.
  10. CruiserSailor

    2 CVs per team needs to stop

    Amen, brother, All? Really? I play cruisers in Co-op almost exclusively, and I do so because: 1. I didn't come here to dodge planes, I came to kill them. 2. Ditto DD's. DD = cruiser food and I never worry about too many DD in Co-op. BB mains seem to complain about everything. The BB can do fine in Co-op with a little initiative. No guts, no glory.
  11. Correct. A careless/incompetent shooter and a victim. You fire it, you own it. It's that frikkin' simple, dude. Really.
  12. CruiserSailor

    Hail and Farewell

    Good luck and Godspeed.
  13. CruiserSailor

    Boise weak shells?

    IFHE is mandatory on Boise. Also, take expert loader if you can for fast AP/HE swaps. Boise's 6" AP is surprisingly good against peer cruisers, but target angle is everything. Played to her strengths, Boise is a great ship.
  14. CruiserSailor

    If people enjoy flying planes in WOWS

    That, and WoWP actually requires some degree of stick n' rudder flying skill. WoWS CV's are EZ-mode kindergarten-level compared to an actual flight sim game.