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  1. CruiserSailor

    Carriers in PVE

    Bots hate CV's as much as anybody else.
  2. CruiserSailor

    Mountable National Flags?? What do y'a'll think about it?

    LOL "flagpoles" The one at the bow is called the Jack Staff and the one at the stern is the Flag Staff. They are used when moored. The "flagpoles" amidships are called masts. Flags, pennants and signals are flown from halyards attached thereto. Underway, national ensigns are usually flown by most navies at the gaff on the after-most mast. In cases of single-masted vessels, the ensign is flown at the truck of the mast, above all other pennants.
  3. CruiserSailor

    CVs in Co-op

    If only they'd turn Saipan back into a Baltimore, Kaga into a Tosa-class BB, and Lexington back into a CC that would be great.
  4. CruiserSailor

    So what is happening with submarines?

    Bah. Give me W44 ASROC or RPK-1 Vikhr any time.
  5. CruiserSailor

    Interested as to why players stick exclusively to Coop

    I have never played a PvP match in WoWS because I found out long ago in other games that PvP just isn't for me. I'm very glad we have PvE in WoWS and I enjoy it immensely.
  6. CruiserSailor

    DDs Dominating COOP Recently

    I don't know about the high tiers, but Co-op in the middle tiers has been flooded with DD's and CV's ever since the rework went live. The DD's get a lot of kills, and the carriers are worthless, so it all evens out.
  7. CruiserSailor

    50% WR in Co-op? Seriously?

    I thought I was the only one who noticed. 1 CV, fine. 2? That's just stupid. I am playing T1/T2 only for the next week, because even T3 are getting sucked into CV auto-fail matches.
  8. CruiserSailor

    Why Does COOP not Issue Achievents?

    Mostly so people don't have to play with your type.
  9. Except that you get 3 squadrons, with two always on replenishment cooldown. There is never any shortage of planes.
  10. CruiserSailor

    Fun question! Most fun ship for coop?

    Charleston. Same shredding as Saint Louis, plus premium bennies.
  11. Depends on when you're on. The vast majority of PTS layers are on the RU and EU servers, so their peak is not our peak. I was getting 4-5 humans most battles at @ 0300 EST.
  12. CruiserSailor

    WoWs should use bots to fill small games.

    That's why I only play Co-op. The bots are stupid, but predictable. And you always have a full roster of targets. Plus, the bots are more polite in chat.
  13. Second endorsement, forwarded for approval by BuWgPers.