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    "I play for fun" divisions suiciding

    Blacklisting, like above, wouldn't work well. And with the average dispersion of bad players, each team should statistically get an average number of players who 'play for fun.' The interesting thing is I play for fun and I don't live or die with matches but I still hang out around 55% W/R. And this is why the actual "Division" function exists. If you have two other players you know aren't idiots, you'll move the odds slightly in your favor of surviving the battle and winning. Div up!
  2. Rear_Ensign_King

    Goodbye for a Bit

    Thank you!
  3. Rear_Ensign_King

    Good Wargaming Summary to Players?

    Flip it around. Instead of "Just Business" for a clan name, I like "Nothing Personal," -NP-
  4. Rear_Ensign_King

    Goodbye for a Bit

    Go have fun out in the real world for us. I'm still at T5/T6 so the economy hasn't become an issue for me yet. I just buy the stuff I need to play as best as I can. I'm sure I'll hit reality when I get to T9 and higher. Hopefully we'll see you again.
  5. Rear_Ensign_King

    So, why did you die, all alone on that flank?

    I play T4-T6 because I'm new to the game and every so often I get my Fuso going to A Cap because a DD, a cruiser, and aircraft are headed there. I get my guns turn, I get up to speed, and they scuttle off to B cap to help in the center and now I'm all by myself, guns flipped the wrong way with a pair of cruisers slinging HE and a DD over there capping somewhere. It sucks and I try not to leave BBs alone if I'm that DD or cruiser with them. I travel with the pack because I'm not good enough to YOLO by myself.
  6. Rear_Ensign_King


    I haven't been playing very long, perhaps a month, and I've never had issues loading into games. The past two days I've dropped a connection twice, I loaded into a game over two minutes into the battle, and it's gotten frustrating. I'm playing with the same laptop, the same internet connection, the same everything else. Who knows? Solar winds or something?
  7. Rear_Ensign_King

    Strategic Sense; or the lack thereof...

    I'm curious about that first game. 120k damage with all those hits and one kill. What were you aiming at? What were you trying to kill? Those are big numbers but I can also get 140k damage in my Budy by burning BBs within 10% of their health and not finishing them off. Target selection is important with CVs the same way it is with other ships. I'd rather see a CV knock down a few DDs or two cruisers than fly halfway around the world to go get the big BBs or the CV. Do you remember what you killed? I'm working CoOp games in my Zuiho and i'm still trying to learn.
  8. Rear_Ensign_King

    Firepower Fridays - Dealing Destruction

    This post strikes me as a way to modify the OP ships. I thought the same thing you did and I laughed when I read your post. I haven't gotten much past T6 so when I think of firepower, I think of my Fuso unloading a six-rifle salvo into a broadside Pensacola 8 km away and blapping him while I laugh.
  9. Rear_Ensign_King

    Mid-Tier Mondays - Favorite Maps

    I very much used to hate Fault Line but it has grown on me and while I [edited] about it, I keep having success battle after battle. Maybe I'm learning it. Maybe I'm just playing a lot less BB and making the most of things...
  10. Rear_Ensign_King

    Why Was the Konig Albert Removed?

    I mean, you have 100k damage and a pair of kills ... Okay. And that dreadnaught is cool, I get those in my Orion all the time. Same for the high caliber. Those stats aren't particularly OP, it's just a good game. Color me unimpressed. I've seen Konig Alberts get wiped out in the first 10 minutes of battles. As with most ships, it's not the ship, it's the driver.
  11. Rear_Ensign_King

    Do you prefer "Battlecruisers" or Subs for next ships type?

    I mean, I always thought the Kongo was more battle cruiser than battleship. I feel like there are slow BBs (looking at you, USN), faster BBS, very fast CAs, and moderate speed CAs. That bridges the gap enough for me for the play style. How many more ships can you wedge in there before the lines are blurred with knots and armor and caliber of main batteries? I'll take subs ... "Now for something completely different," you know?
  12. Rear_Ensign_King

    Map Mondays - Strait

    The North and South fleets should focus winning their respective sides. If the other team goes to B to cap, cool, it's one less destroyer you're contending with. Once (if) you take your side, you sail south. If there's one red ship left, you start moving to the middle to support the other side of the map and push the B Cap. I've seen BBs try to go from north to south and it takes 4 minutes for them to get into position to fire, instead of being in action on their own side.
  13. Rear_Ensign_King

    Being punished for team damage

    My objective wouldn't be to get kills. The objective is to win the game. Winning is more important than individual stats and if you have a shot to remove a few ships, get the points, and get a win ... well, I would be okay getting caught in a torp spread if I were amongst red boats and we all died. It's not stats, it's wins.
  14. Rear_Ensign_King

    Being punished for team damage

    What was said above me is correct. Any time you fire torps into an area where any green ship ... and I mean ANY green ship ... can get hit, you're doing it wrong. If you're going to sacrifice *maybe* hitting a friendly DD with 1000 hp left because there are three wounded and flooding BBs and you're finishing them off with a big torp spread, that's cool. Otherwise, it's your fault whenever a friendly gets hit by a torpedo. Torpedoes are no different from main batteries. If you hit a friendly with a main battery, you're probably doing something wrong or gambling on your accuracy. The same goes for torpedoes.
  15. Rear_Ensign_King

    Most played ship recently?

    I'm right in that T5-->making jump to T6 area so I'm getting after the Omaha, the Budy, and the Kongo. I have my cute little Orion for when things go poorly and I want to feel better about myself. Safe to say, the Orion is what I play the most. #stilllearning