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  1. AsylumSky

    What is your goal?

    This one will be first tier ten soon, i hope
  2. AsylumSky

    Vote for the currency of the Hayate is up

    https://checkbox.wargaming.net/Hayate-Survey.survey Or google " Checkbox wargaming Hayate survey is comes right up
  3. AsylumSky

    Observations from a fresh account

    Really? if so my own recall is wrong is fine, i am wrong a lot of the time. I do have an recall of playing in a full non protected match with a Tier five ship and when the match right after was in the protection in a tier four it maybe a Match Maker thing, with out the data all of this is just chatting around in ground therapy. Maybe the question is how fast a player moves out of the protected zone and how bad the shock effect is? And thinking on it the order you unlock things is odd, like the Scenarios way before you would unlock a ship to play them with and captains should be unlocked a lot sooner, if not right away,
  4. AsylumSky

    Observations from a fresh account

    That's for my own playing back when i was newer and form helping a family member play, my own personal Observations and feedback if you will. Will withdraw it if it found to be outside of the point of your topic.
  5. AsylumSky

    Observations from a fresh account

    Is ends when you play Tier five and above or to you hit account rank 15, but if you are below account rank 15 and keep to tier 4 and below and do not play a Tier 5 ship or a CV it will keep in for the most part in with new or newer players and bots. But it can throw you into the deep end if the MM needs the ship.