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  1. This. As long as you have a little time and can hit stuff reliably it's not too difficult. If you need 750+ you can't just go YOLO and will have to play smart.
  2. ItsSubmersible

    Puerto Rico Dockyard(2) Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    I haven't been bothered with it. Just casual, up to step 9 on the dockyard. Thought about grinding for the Huron but already have Haida.
  3. ItsSubmersible

    Your COOP Battles with over 1000 BXP

    All bot battle. 1st one in a while for +1k xp
  4. ItsSubmersible

    Paradigm screwed - 2 subs are bad for PVE

    I just played my 1st battle in a sub, U69. It was in random but a couple of observations. I ran it like a DD. I was a spotting machine and only dived it when I was close to getting detected. I didn't want to give away position so I only used the homing feature near the end. Sank 3, won the game. That homing torp is lethal if you time it right or the target is distracted, I'll try coop next. Spotting doesn't matter there as much and I can go hyper aggressive. If there is a cv I imagine surface running wouldn't be as easy but it still has a very low detectability even then. I don't think I was spotted during that entire match. These things can be real assassins. Update: Tried it in coop. Only problem is bots already know where you are so planes tend to come right at you. Got swarmed by the bots and didn't last long! Did some damage but would rather be in a DD or CL.
  5. ItsSubmersible

    Lost a Coop battle, what's wrong

    I probably could have if I hadn't just used repair to put out the fires! Also would have ended up broadside to an Alsace (Bad!). I was kinda hoping saturation would kick in, but no such luck.
  6. ItsSubmersible

    Lost a Coop battle, what's wrong

    It was like days of yore. No bot shells missed, every hit caused a fire, everything that could launch a torp, did (literally torps going all directions across the cap), DD's taking each other out via ramming, cv strikes d@mned hard to evade, Subs just spamming unavoidable strings of homing torps. I kinda liked it after realizing yolo wasn't going to work there and you actually had to think a little! They really need to dump that homing mechanic entirely, that is a killer.
  7. It's the test server. Nothing there ever comes over exactly as it is there. Let me rephrase that, nothing GOOD ever comes over from the test server unchanged. It doesn't seem that bad or hard to do on the free side, but it may end up like the PR dockyard and be hellish by the time it goes live.
  8. ItsSubmersible

    Lost a Coop battle, what's wrong

    Just over on the Test Server. Those bots are cranked UP! Lost two in a row coop games. The subs are also lethal as all get out. Dropped back in to r5/6/7 style coop play and things turned around.
  9. ItsSubmersible

    Your COOP Battles with over 1000 BXP

    Close to 1k but not quite.
  10. I run in to that frequently. Open one of the broken links in a new tab, change https to http, ignore the warning and accept the content. From that point until something resets on the server it seems to keep things working.
  11. You NEED Akizuki then!
  12. Neither, Go with the IJN line instead.
  13. ItsSubmersible

    My 1st Op on the PT server

    Still waiting to hit Cherry Blossom. Keep getting Narai. 3 games in a row that where just ROFLstomps of the bots. They had no chance at all against T8's.
  14. ItsSubmersible

    subs need to go

    I was playing around on PTS in a random last nite, we came across a sub, the shear focus fire and amount of DC's dumped on that guy was incredible. He lasted about 20sec after detection.
  15. ItsSubmersible

    Any Desire for New Scenario/Operations Content?

    BUT you can free xp to pretty much anything on the PTS. Only 1xp to research. Worth it just to get in on next patch and/or try out some higher tier botes!