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  1. Same. Jump on the PT server every now and then to see whats happening but haven't bothered otherwise. Started running WowP, Faster paced but I seem to actually enjoy playing it more.
  2. Haven't bothered with this game since the skill rebork. EVERYTIME I check in to see if I want to dip back in, things just seem to be getting worse. I'll stick with Planes for now.
  3. It does great at ribs! Just need to make sure you get the hooks in good. Also REALLY good with chicken. Runs a little hotter than a WSM but still turns out good. Only time things get iffy is when doing something like a Butt end and it stalls out, Adding a little more charcoal/wood is a pain when you need to go a bit longer..
  4. I have the original Pit Barrel Cooker. Not so hands on but cranks out a mean smoked chicken or turkey! Does pretty good with ribs too. Takes a little getting used to the vertical hanging, but it works!
  5. ItsSubmersible

    WHOA! So The Bots In Co-Op Can Team Kill You?

    That is why you should shoot them first. Especially if that a**hole :Tegethoff is on your team.
  6. ItsSubmersible

    WOWS End of life?

    Pretty much did the same thing. Only stopped in because of all the WOWS emails wondering what I'm doing and why haven't I used any of the FXP/coal/steel/credits/prem time. Looks like nothing much has changed so no reason to get back in to it anytime soon.
  7. ItsSubmersible

    Sorry, I can't get mad at WG

    WG will do whatever they think is in their best business interest. Some will like it, some will adjust, others will just walk away for something else. I'm not going to tell anyone else where or how to spend their money or time. I have found something else. Haven't played in about 3 days. Maybe in a month or three when things settle, I'll give it another try. For now, it lost it's appeal for me.
  8. No. I am running Akizuki, Kitakaze, and Kaga because I like them. Everything else is just sitting in port rusting. I play for one container and call it a day. When premium runs out, may not even bother with it at all. That gives them @30 days to get things straightened out or give me a reason to continue.
  9. ItsSubmersible

    Can someone explain cruiser armor to me

    UK cruisers use wet paper for armor everywhere. Russian cruisers put it ALL in the bow. IJN, US & Germans can be either decent or non-existent depending which one. (Ever drive an Omaha or Nurnberg and wonder why EVERYONE, including the seagulls attack you? Easy dev strike) Supercruisers are generally decent, except Yoshino which will die in a tremendous fireball if you give a hint of broadside.
  10. ItsSubmersible

    intentionally screening out allies from engaging PVE

    I had something like that this morning. Popped smoke and the rest of the team decided to share it. Insane because 3 of those ships had their own smoke. Got pushed out and just said f it, I'll go it alone. Been happening a lot lately.
  11. ItsSubmersible

    Why the silent release of the Mysore?

    I know, kinda makes you think penicillin might be needed.
  12. Just tried it. Didn't actually dismiss but this is what you get when you try.
  13. I doubt WG will do anything to address concerns other than some tweaks. All I want them to do is dump the hierarchical system of skills so I don't have to waste 6 points to get concealment or something else. Stop requiring tiered skills, just let us get whatever we think we need for a point value. For someone newish the skill change won't matter, for those who already had some high pointers it does seem you are getting less now for what you ground out previously.
  14. Will there be a random, spontaneous break down/catch fire chance during every match? Do they come with the mandatory sea going tug to drag them back to port? Might as well make it realistic!
  15. ItsSubmersible

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    Being that I don't want many of these variable skills, can we ditch the hierarchical system of getting skills please? I want Concealment, let me give up the 4 pts without wasting 6 to unlock it. If I don't see a useful 1-2 pt skill, let us skip over it and get what we need instead. There are some skills that might be useful but locked behind some nutty ones. (Mainly in the cruiser selection).