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  1. Carackas

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.6

    What you say makes sense. I haven't really taken the time to analyze how these different things impact the game. I use the camo to make my ship look better and add some flags when I need a boost to accomplish a mission (my abilities need help from time to time...lol) Other than that I've gotten use to the acquisition of these various bonus icons. Seperating the esthetical from the bonuses in this way at this point has no meaning until I have to play under this new system. Then I might have something of value to add to the conversation. It seems that you have a pretty good grasp on how this will effect the players...at least in the short term. Like you said we'll just have to see how things work out in the long term.
  2. Carackas

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.6

    Well, this seems to be a series of formidable changes. I really don't know how this is going to impact the game until I actually start experiencing it. I have a sneaking suspicion I'm going to have to bone up on my math skills....lol. Bottom line for me is this. Is it going to cost more to play this game and if so....can I afford it or not. With prices going up everywhere in every part of economies around the world the need for money seems to be manifesting itself all over the place. I cruise ahead cautiously.
  3. Carackas

    Hall of Fame: First Among Equals

    When they mentioned secondary fire power, I was surprised not to see the Gneisenau in the group.
  4. Carackas

    Walk the Port: Hamburg

    Interesting. Amazing how well some of those old buildings have been preserved. Good job WOW!!
  5. Carackas

    The Longest Night of Museums 2022

    It's these kinds of videos and historical information that makes this game more than a game.
  6. Carackas

    French Cruisers in Early Access

    I like the French Battleships. I'll give these cruisers a try and see if they will be of use in my arsenal.
  7. Carackas

    Armada: Cheshire

    She's a great ship. This is the one I received as a Christmas gift from Wow. Wonderful gift...thank you again World of Warships.
  8. Carackas

    Submarine suggestions

    Very good points. Complaints don't solve problems....suggestions do and I think your suggestion relating to ship launched depth charges is an excellent one. I hope your suggestion or something similar in nature is considered because currently a ship that launches depth charges from it's deck is shooting blindly. It is hard to tell where the charges are going to go.
  9. Carackas

    Waterline: Roadmap Update – Spring 2022

    Great info news!! The folks at Wow are keeping things fresh. I like the map development and graphics. I am particularly excited about the focus on helping new comers to the game get some preliminary help in the form of simple missions and helpful hints to develop their skill at this game. I think even experienced players may learn something through this! I look forward to checking this out. I think Lieutenant Kyesac above has covered everything quite nicely and I agree with his post. I look forward to this new season....I can tell this will be a fun spring and summer.
  10. Carackas

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    This contest seems to be working fine.
  11. Carackas

    Walk the Port: London

    I think once again the people responsible for this and other videos like this should be complimented for their unique skill and the informative nature of these videos. However, I do agree with JediMaster that I think a great opportunity for WOW is being missed. I suggest in incorporating the ports within the game in another way. Start each battle by moving out of the port you are anchored at to the open sea before arriving at the area of battle. I think it would add some authenticity to the game and a feeling of putting out to sea.
  12. Carackas

    Graphics Improvements in Update 0.11.3

    The video was awesome. I'm an old timer remembering the days of board games and the game of Pong at the very beginning of digital games. Gaming and computer effects have come a long way and I'm glad i'm still around to enjoy all of this genius being exercised in the gaming industry. I think it is incredible what these people are able to do to make this game as realistic as it is. I play a couple of RPG games besides this one however World of Warships and its historic content is by far the most stimulating and enjoyable in my opinion. I'm sure if there is a way to get the scent of the salt sea air through your computer WOW will find it.
  13. I've played all three tiers. I guess the higher the tier the more credits i'm in the red for. In other words, I end up with a negative number of credits after the battle is over. I don't gain anything....I lose credits. I suppose subs have a higher maintenance cost and so you have to do better in battle to see a positive credit gain.
  14. Carackas

    Win by Watching: Doolittle Raid Stream

    Sounds great. I usually don't win big events like this; however, it doesn't hurt to try!! Count me in.
  15. Carackas

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    If this thing isn't working maybe it's time to put in a ticket.