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  1. Carackas

    Battle of Midway Anniversary Mission

    Like many of the other players who have been playing for a while, I to have the midway flag as well. I think, since this was one of the great naval battles in history and it is repeated every year that maybe it's time to give other rewards to go along with this battle anniversary. Like, maybe a special patch and emblem, or maybe a special commemorative camo. Maybe as a reward we could earn one of the commanders/captains that were involved in that battle along with 10 or 20 skill points. Just a few suggestions that I think is needed to keep things fresh for the long-term players who have been here a while.
  2. Carackas

    Apply a Coupon to Obtain a Ship!

    As long as there are no missions of any significance or game advancements associated with ships below Tier V I will collect the lower tiers the old fashioned way. I will get the ones I want from the tech tree with credits and free XP or with coal. Doubloons is cash and I won't spend cash on ships that are just collectables and nothing more. I will spend some money on game ships not low tier collectables. These digital ships are getting very expensive and cash flow for me is not what it use to be. So, until some real deals materialize I will be holding tight to the purse strings.
  3. I totally agree. It's photos and history in video and other shares in this game that make this more than just a game. Being in the navy as a young man was an adventure for me. At this time in my life I find this game refreshing, informative, and a fun past time. Keep up the good work WOW!!
  4. Carackas

    Treasure Hunt

    So far, I got the Aircraft Carrier the "Bearn" which was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. I don't often win things. Last Christmas I received the "Cheshire" as a drop. So, I have no complaints. I play the game and if I win something fine. I don't have lots of money, so I spend my time filling up on coal to get the high tier ships I want. Occasionally I will spend doubloons for a mid-tier level ship like the Sims B that was reasonably priced this year. My main investment in this game is the premium rate that I pay each month (however, I have gotten drops for as much as a month and a half of additional premium time. The 30-day premium fee is my hobby money since this game is a hobby for me. I consider myself an average player and don't participate as much as I should in PVP play so it takes me longer to achieve certain goals and some I don't achieve at all. I'm learning as I go and i'm not in any hurry to win it all. I did post this game on Facebook for my friends to see as one of the quests in the hunt. If my friends have any questions or are interested, they will ask me or just join up. I'm not going to assume that none of my friends would like or dislike playing this or any other video game. There are good games and lousy ones. I consider this a good game that I enjoy so I recommend this game to them. I don't consider that an imposition. As far as i'm concerned if they join up and enjoy the game then I've done them a favor.
  5. Carackas

    PTS 0.11.11 pt 1

    I'm not an expert on any of this kind of stuff but if you use Mod Station and you don't update it while all of these game changes are being made like Black Friday, pts updates etc etc...the game starts getting dicey. Some things operate while others don't. That thing you mentioned about getting frozen in the midst of a game and then being penalized for Unsportsmanlike conduct because your ship was just sitting their while you were taken out of the game due to tech problems is reminicent of update problems between Modstation and Wow. If you use Mod Station you might need to check and see if you need to update that software before playing Wow or maybe stop using Mod Station all together.
  6. Carackas

    1 vs. 1 Brawl With Tier X Ships

    I don't have much to add, I've played only a few Brawls and managed to win one. However, from reading what my fellow captains have to say in this forum, I have a lot of work ahead of me. I'm a terrible CV captain so to hear that CV's in this battle mode are the scourge of the seas is hopeful to me. The loading time for torpedoes mentioned above is interesting. Maybe that kind of thing should be altered for this battle mode, so things are a bit more even. (No sense in having torpedo launchers if they can't be battle ready until the war is over....lol). I do have to give credit to folks that dive into this mode of battle. In my opinion it is the most extreme, in your face PVP that Wow has to offer. It's exciting especially when you win and very disappointing when you lose. For me, it's "edge of your seat" play. I need to spend more time in Random mode and Rank mode before I can come up against you folks but I wish you all good luck and victorious outcomes.
  7. Carackas

    Ship's Log: Distant Shores

    That's what I like about the navy...travel....lol
  8. Carackas

    Ship's Log: The Beaches of Casablanca

    Question: I'm not quite sure how the numerical scale works for this "Battle Pass" thing. How many actual points does one need to get to Number 2 in the scale, 3, 4 etc...
  9. Carackas

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Well, it looks like I've hit the 150-ship mark. I've started my sub collection. Got one American and one Russian and another is within my grasp. Also saving up on coal for the Flint. Also trying to acquisition the Minotaur. Almost have enough for the Neptune then the Minotaur is next. This is a long haul, but the Minotaur is worth it.
  10. Carackas

    Naval Food: Scotch Woodcock

    Excellent video. The food is simple to cook and looks appetizing. And of course, it's straight out of naval galley history. Good job WOW!
  11. Carackas

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.10

    Some interesting points were made concerning coop mode, Low tier ships, and this battle pass thing. First of all, the low tier ships as far as i'm concerned function as starting points for new players and to collectors who just want them in their collections. But I agree they pretty much are left out of any advancements in the game save for a few campaign missions that call specifically for one of these ships to complete a specific mission. And that is a shame. I think with a little bit more creativity on the part of WoW there could be some enjoyable battles and unique scenarios using these low tier ships with decent compensation without giving away the farm. As for PvP vs PvE. There will always be people in games that will choose one over the other if that option is made available. And not to have that option is to cut down on customer base. Some people just will not play PvP only games. I think part of the reason for that is attitude. I find (from time to time) that when playing PvP some people get too serious about the game and get angry and abusive making a game episode very unpleasant. And this isn't just about WoW. It happens in many PvP games regardless. Foul language, bullying other players, etc. This doesn't help bringing interest in playing that mode. I enjoy a good game no matter what mode if people maintain good sportsmanship no matter whether they are on the winning or losing side. Pvp is more difficult to win and rightfully so. I like to mix my battle modes. I play pvp and if my losses are greater than my victories, I will try to quelch my frustration by playing a pve coop or operations battle and try to gain back some confidence...lol. Unfortunately, I find myself playing more coop battles than ranked or random battles. I don't think that Wow is trying to wean people off of coop or PVe and into PVP. I think it is a matter of what kind of play can be created for one vs the other. My assumption is that there is just so much you can do with a bot or drone. And that I'm sure restricts what kinds of play can be offered the player as opposed to PVP where players do their thing and the programmers just need to concentrate on the infinite number of play scenarios that can be created and offered the player. And yes 1000 xp in one play for a coop match is probably beyond the reach of most players including myself. In fact in Naval Battles if a star cost 300 base XP it is a lot easier to accomplish that in a Random battle than a coop battle. I think that acquiring 1000 xp in a s single mission although possible (but highly improbably) shouldn't be offered for a coop battle. It's a waste of time and obviously is not well accepted.
  12. Carackas

    Submarine Guide

    My hat is off to you. I have nowhere near 1000 battles in submarines. I agree, it is going to take time to become skillful at captaining this type of ship. Some of us may decide it's just not for us but like I have implied in my first post, these ships should at least be given the time that the programmers gave to create them. I have had a limited amount of experience with these ships and your absolutely right.... they are difficult to learn. I think a great deal of it has to do with all the changes that were made because of all the complaints that were lodged against this kind of ship in this game. In the short number of skirmishes that I've had while playing a submarine I didn't feel like I was sneaking up on anyone. In other words, I felt extremely vulnerable no matter where I was on the map. And when diving It seemed easy for me to lose my orientation. In this ship stealth is something that comes with experience I suppose. The good news however, for me, is that submarines can be purchased and/or acquired through missions and that makes them worth upgrading their equipment and officer skill training. This is something I did not do when submarines were rentals. So, with upgrades these ships may perform better than what I was used to. This gives me hope that with practice and some investment in upgrades I might be able to be an effective submariner. Good luck Big_Dadio under the sea in your submarine. You brought up some good points.
  13. Carackas

    Submarine Guide

    Thou protests' to much possibly? Yes, submarines can be a thorn in the side and certainly has an impact on the flow of the game if there is such a thing. Being a player of short duration (in comparison to many who have commented on this subject) my opinion might fall short but here it is none the less. I think that submarines need some time in the game full out. That's right, I said full out. Everyone should have at least one submarine and go out there and play the hell out of it. If there is something really wrong with having submarines in this game, it would rear its ugly head if everyone got involved and started playing subs. I'm talking so that every battle that allows subs would have three or more in them. I know that might sound crazy to some of you but over time if there are problems mixing subs in great numbers throughout the game with surface ships changes would, i'm sure be made. If these subs cause logistical and practical problems with the game that didn't surface during testing it would, i'm sure, become apparent if everyone played the hell out of them. Even if you don't like playing them you could form your own wolf packs and such. Could make for some interesting results or battle problems that wow hadn't planned on. My point is if many people feel that subs in this game is the ruination of World of Warships then playing them in great numbers would I'm sure drive the point home. I'm saying play them and if it is really a lousy way to play this game then participation in submarining will drop off dramatically after this surge that I recommend. Now, to be fair, I have played submarines and I have found them a bit more complicated to play and harder to survive. I give the benefit of the doubt to Wow in that I have not played them long enough to become proficient at captaining them. Same with CVs. I need practice.... lots of practice. But I am willing to give the people who have spent long hours developing these things some of my time to learn how best to utilize these new ships to our ports. We've all invested time and money into this game and as such I think it's worth at least some time trying to make it work. Nothing is chiseled in stone and if changes need to be made, I am certain that Wow will make them.
  14. Carackas


    I don't have any problem with joining a contest that could possibly earn me some permanent economic boosters. When the camo had econo and battle characteristics attach to them I used them sparingly. Now they are just window dressing. I don't have enough of them to earn me significant amounts of credits so no big deal. And now most of the permanent camo that are offered for the lower tier ships are low cost, so I get them for esthetic reasons. But that's me. I like my ships to look good before you guys blow them out of the water....lol.