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  1. Carackas

    Update 0.10.4 – German Destroyers: Part 2

    I have played this new Battle of the Beasts scenario in the PT server. I'm what you would call a NOOB player so almost everything I've tried so far is new and interesting to me. From that perspective I can say that this B of B combat system is a nice twist and extension on the Naval Battle type mode. I like the combination of team and solo rewards and the more rapid time schedule. You get your rewards faster and you see all team results faster. Variety to me keeps any game fresh. For seasoned players who have played this game for a while I suppose may find some redundancies. I guess that's what this forum is suppose to help improve. Exchanging ideas and giving this gaming company suggestions that would make the game more interesting helps creative/enjoyable changes happen. I've read a lot of good suggestions and ideas from experienced players. Hopefully some of those suggestions will materialize in the game. I'm sure many player ideas have been incorporated into this game since it's inception. The Wow PT server shows that this game is a work in progress. I can't wait to see how Submarines will impact this game but that's another subject.
  2. Carackas

    Watch Official Streams to Receive Rewards!

    I must of missed that. I haven't found this alternate mission your talking about. There are two missions that can only be accomplished through Ranked or Random modes and I don't see anymore options.
  3. Carackas

    Watch Official Streams to Receive Rewards!

    One of these missions I believe has to be accomplished in Random or Ranked battles. It requires someone to get either 65 destroyed ribbons or 65 citadel shots. I would need a lot more time to accomplish that goal then the time alloted...lol. So I applaud anyone who manages to acquire that destroyer prize. I'm just not that capable yet. Good Luck captains!!
  4. Carackas

    Watch Official Streams to Receive Rewards!

    I think I know what you mean However, if they wrote it exactly the way you corrected it they would then be in trouble for guaranteeing something that isn't a guarantee. Some people could watch a stream for 2 minutes and say "Hay, where is my mission? I watched the stream and it says if I watch it I will receive a mission." There was nothing in that statement referring to a time element to receive anything. My point is that you can read a lot into something that really isn't there but there is a lot of information prior to these statements that fill in the blanks. Taking things out of context will always make statements look faulty.
  5. Carackas

    Warships Size Comparison: Cruisers

    This game in general is a wealth of information on warships of every kind, whether built, partially built or not built at all and only blue prints exist. This size overview I thought was a good quick browse to give some semblance of size comparison. I didn't take it as the know all be all of ship sizes for all countries or all ships. I know more about war ships and what parts they played in our history more now than before I started playing this game. What a ship would have looked like if it had been built is discussed and even digitally put together for game play. Ships that are pure fantasy have been created for game play. The information that one gets in these discussions on this forum gives an even more in depth look at all of these ships, historic battles, naval personnel, etc as people share what they know. I enjoy all of it. For a guy who started out playing board games before the computer arrived on the scene I can honestly say that gaming has become more dynamic then I could have ever imagined back in the day. This game in spite of what faults it may have is still nothing short of a amazing. Sorry for the speech....just my two and a half cents.
  6. Carackas

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    I think fall and summer are going to be interesting in WOW. I can't wait to try all this stuff out on the PT server. These are all big changes to the game and testing all these new ships and modes of battle in itself will be fun to participate in. Before I give an opinion on what I think about these changes, to be fair, I need to test and try them out. If there are any problems testing will bring them to the surface.
  7. Carackas

    14 Days of Premium Account as a Gift!

    I think this is a nice gesture that this gaming company didn't have to do. So I say thank you and I will enjoy the free 2 weeks of premium play.
  8. I haven't been playing this game very long so if there is a resource for this please let me know. My purpose in writing this is to find out if there is a way for Clan commanders or their executive officers to give their own awards out to their members. Lets say, for doing an outstanding job in Naval Battles. Or give some kind of an award for an achievement or goal set by the Commander of the Clan etc etc. I just noticed that in this game there doesn't seem to be an ability for Clan Leaders to give members a gift or an award...etc. Any thoughts on this? I'm sure I'm not the first person to ever think of this so......
  9. "Good Players" is a subjective term in this context. First of all the Co--op mode of play is a good way to start out. Anyone who has not played this game would be easily frustrated if they went straight into Random battles without practice. So I disagree with you....Obviously I miss read your statement. But you did say... "Co-op is good for learning the controls and practice aiming, but you'll get nothing in terms of tactics or maneuvers." Besides, I think you would be waiting an awful long time with a tier I or II ship to enter into Random mode. You said destroyers do best in the open water. I Disagree with you again...I see more destroyers blown to bits in short order as they try to maneuver around to avoid being hit. From all the videos I've seen by people who prefer destroyers, its stealth that they depend on and their torpedo's. To shoot your guns off and reveal your position while moving out in the open invites disaster. Most destroyer captains i've talked to use their ships as torpedo boats and not gun boats. Of all the types of ships these are the ones that need to hide and be conscious of their concealment. As far as Battleships...I've seen people sit behind a rock for half the battle before they finally make a move. I think if your good at long distance shooting then you'll do well in Random or ranked battles with a BB. I've seen entire groups of Cruisers turn around and run in the opposite direction of the battle. That's funny to watch but not so funny for the guy who goes into battle and discovers he's all alone....lol. I'm not advocating the use of bots over people. I'm just saying that there is some tweaking to be done in how those pvp matches are put together. And the maps need to allow people to be more creative with their survival techniques.
  10. Carackas

    Warship Size Comparison: Battleships

    I was on aircraft carriers when I was in the navy and as large as the battleships are they didn't seem anywhere near as big as the carriers. But I never really looked at that or gave it much thought until now....lol.
  11. Carackas

    Warship Size Comparison: Battleships

    I was on aircraft carriers when I was in the navy and as large as the battleships are they didn't seem anywhere near as big as the carriers. But I never really looked at that or gave it much thought until now....lol.
  12. Carackas

    New World of Warships Trailer

    I want to know when does the movie come out!...lol. It was great...whoever put this together knows their stuff. I was impressed.
  13. This is just another reason why I enjoy this game. It makes history come alive even to the point of bringing people into the game that have been a real part of the legends this game celebrates. Cudo's to the WOW team! Now if I could only keep from being brutalized in Rank Battles.....lol.
  14. Carackas

    Warship Size Comparison: Battleships

    I enjoyed the video! I guess I didn't pay enough attention to the size when mentioned in earlier videos about these ships. This put it into perspective. I didn't realize there were such large differences between them. And by the way, the music is always a great touch!! Good job to those responsible for this video presentation.
  15. I agree that bots are programmed and move accordingly. However, in my opinion hiding behind rocks and moving around to avoid getting shot at to me is not tactics. The way the maps are designed and the playing pieces capabilities are designed makes it a common sense scenario every time you play. Battle ships have very little maneuverability so out in the open they make easy targets. Destroyers have lots of maneuverability but little in the way of armor so it out fast and back under cover. Cruisers are the best and worst in both. My point is, I like a good scrap and funny as this may seem the bots give me that. In Random and Rank battles this hide and seek thing can get boring. A player sticks his nose out from behind a rock...boom he gets hit so he backs up behind that rock again. It's like playing cowboys and indians...lol. I like the charge. Your right that the Coop is a good learning tool but I think that the other battle modes need some tweaking so hiding behind rocks is not so beneficial and ships can't disappear into thin air in the middle of a battle at close range.