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  1. Firewalk

    Sun Yat-Sen - Armory?

    They were also in containers which is where I got them from. Sun Yat-Sen was not which makes me think they are treating this ship differently from them.
  2. Firewalk

    Sun Yat-Sen - Armory?

    You are right, thanks, I had totally forgotten about some of those. I at least hope we get to use our doubloon armory coupon on her then.
  3. So the Sun Yat-Sen recently became available and I'm wondering if she'll be available for something other than doubloons at some point? Tier IXs almost always end up being coal ships from my experience and I really want this one. Did anyone hear anything?
  4. Agreed. Tier X is neither top dog anymore nor are they more profitable than tier IX premiums. Heck, I'm pretty sure I make more bank in tier VII and VIII premiums. Coal is the better way by a mile.
  5. Firewalk

    Operations suck for carriers now

    Yeah, tier VIIIs are very comfortable to play most of the time. Indomnitable struggles, but she struggles in every mode. I'd do better in Ark Royal, no joke.
  6. Firewalk

    Curious email from "WG"

    I didn't get it, but that may be because I'm playing through Steam which is protected differently.
  7. Aaaaand it will also take a whole more to equip and run. Unless you are Scrooge McDuck, this a bad deal.
  8. Glad to see a fellow Phasmophobia player.
  9. Do I need an EMF detector to find them and use a spirit box to chat? ;)
  10. I could see: - Haida B. - Blyskawica B. - Missouri B.* - Okt. Rev. B. - Black B. - Hornet B. - Enterprise B. (Not the Excelsior-class one) - Pyotr Bagration B. - Bayard B. *with regular credit modifier for a tier IX premium
  11. Firewalk

    Play Super ships for Doubloons.

    Like ability to earn an operating cost discount after X battles. But that won't happen because that would be too nice.
  12. Firewalk

    Huanghe players

    Ehhh I prefer not reducing my fire chance on mine. She doesn't shoot often by CL standards but starts a silly amount of fires. I'd rather increase that chance with the special PA commanders.
  13. Except those DDs don't have a citadel. Kitakami may just be the one cruiser that the big-gun German DDs could counter lol
  14. Could be the submarine commanders you had maybe? I saw that ship XP from test subs was moved to the tier I ships as well.
  15. Firewalk

    Flamu Keeps It Real

    Exactly. Next thing you know folks are going to start realizing that their ships get shredded by secondaries that are totally not automated... oh wait.