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  1. Firewalk

    previous dockyard ships

    Mind you, I got no evidence for this and it’s merely my gut feeling: I suspect that these ships will eventually replace the retired ships in Santa boxes. They said that already several ships (like Kamikaze and Nikolai I) are gonna be pulled for the next event. I could imagine dockyard ships eventually taking the ultra rare slot for ships like these.
  2. This was only a matter of time. I used to enjoy his content when it came to sharing his knowledge on the game and mechanics as I always felt like he knew what he was talking about. But as of late I watched him less and less. In every damn video he complains about either CVs, AA or whatever other hot drama topic was trending amongst players. Always stirring the pot, even in videos that have nothing to do with any of these (like his video about the upcoming visual effects revamp). It started feeling like i was watching a ranty old man rather than a professional. It’s pretty clear now that all this drama was for reputation’s sake and to gain viewership. He most certainly caused damage to the game this way so again, I’m not surprised.
  3. Another nice bonus is that you can completely skip stock module grind so that’s a few 10ks of XP you won’t have to deal with just to make your ship competitive.
  4. Nah, it ain’t 0.01% for sure. I think that based on my experience the real number is somewhere between 5-10%.
  5. Firewalk

    Epic Games Testing - Warning

    Did you honestly expect anything different from a store platform that can’t even be asked to implement basic features like a shopping cart? The minute Fortnite dies it’s good night to low prices on there anyway. Sticking to Steam personally.
  6. Firewalk

    New graphics effects

    Still better than STO where ships tend to be smothered under layers of effects from a gazillion active buffs. It’s so bad you can’t see your ship half the time and that’s without running bloom effects!
  7. That only applies to early access tech tree ships I believe. If you get a special ship that is standalone (like Yoshino or Marceau) those stay special forever.
  8. If I ever saw a DD line that needed Repair Party more badly then I missed it.
  9. Firewalk

    T8 Permanent Camouflage Advice

    Amagi in my case as I like IJN BBs enough to consider a RB reset on them. I already got Yamato.
  10. Firewalk

    Is Nelson worth the 375k?

    If you enjoy UK BBs at all, then absolutely yes!
  11. Firewalk

    ANOTHER coal choice.... before removal

    If you do well in Conqueror, then you’ll do even better in Thunderer.
  12. Gosh, yes please! Even with improved GTG my Gremy made me wanna go outside the ship and start pushing those guns. Russian DDs are rather frustrating to play as a result.
  13. Less CQBs with BBs I reckon but I’ve seen a noticeable increase of cruisers getting them.
  14. Firewalk

    WG what have you done to my Atago

    Sounds to me like the real issue here is Dead-Eye. Having had my Azuma chonked for 50k from 23 Kim’s out, I can relate.
  15. Firewalk

    Top Grade Gunner

    I use this for IJN cruisers because I couldn’t decide on anything else. Their range isn’t the greatest so you occasionally get to use it and an AA build seems pointless with those atrocious base values on most of their ships.