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  1. Firewalk

    Your monthly super container

    Ehh ok I know Makarov was a meme bote because of the old Christmas shortlist but in all honesty, I'd take her over a bunch of others. She isn't that bad.
  2. Firewalk

    Best TECH tier for credit farming?

    Currently VI and VII because operations. They may pay less than Randoms but are less likely to fail in my experience while definitely paying out more than co-op. That may change though if they do as they claim and open up ops to more tiers.
  3. For the record, I have generally played all tier VIII BBs in the game without FXPing them. Exceptions were Amagi because I was eager to get to Yamato sooner and this one. I'd rather play through Monarch 3x in a row before ever touching Kansas again. It is the single most frustrating ship in the game to me. You'd have to *pay* me to play her again.
  4. Firewalk

    It's simply not your place to say..........

    Best decision I ever made. Stress levels in Randoms just vanished and I did better than before because I could focus better.
  5. Firewalk

    Are These Guys Suppose To Be Memes

    I'd gladly settle for the character's German VAs but yeah the real deal would be so sweet.
  6. Firewalk


    I just got into it and it's my main game right now lol That being said, WV44 better not be another California dud...
  7. Firewalk


    Ehh if it's in Blitz it's eluded me. There's equipment to reduce dispersion and there's a consumable that reduces reload time for a moment.
  8. Firewalk

    Are These Guys Suppose To Be Memes

    Yes! Barbossa in particular would be fun. *team is losing on points* " What ARRR you doing?!" Or yes, Becket too: *same situation* "It was just good business."
  9. Firewalk

    Are These Guys Suppose To Be Memes

    *torpedo hits you and causes flooding* "Stop blowing holes into my ship!" If only...
  10. Firewalk

    Opinions for a good DD killer.

    Ochakov. Has a Swiss army knife level of consumable range, including radar and hydro combined with great concealment and CL guns. Tech tree has a few too, like Cleveland and most of the pan-Asian cruisers.
  11. Firewalk

    What to see in 2023?

    Reminds me of enrichment in WOT Blitz. I'm honestly surprised we don't have that here.
  12. Firewalk

    Best TIer IX's for coal?

    Good question. Carnot isn't bad at all, her reload is just a tad longer than her counterparts while she's faster (because French). The ship is fine. My advice is ignore Kearsarge. If you have never played CVs then her planes aren't a useful asset to you. Her armor is also bad so forget ever pushing in her. Pommern is good, just need a lot of commander points to get the most out of her.
  13. Firewalk

    Weimar - way too over powered

    Someone never encountered a Nikolai or any of the other truly broken ships if you think Weimar is the best ship in the game. Weimar is just super strong in PVE because bots in both Coop and scenarios cater to her strengths while mitigating her weaknesses. In Randoms, her "sister" München is arguably better because of a faster reload and way more range on the guns. In fact I remember people complaining that Weimar was too weak upon release lol
  14. Meanwhile aboard German DD Elbing: "Alter, die Italiener klauen unsere Arbeit!" ("Dude, the Italians are stealing our jobs!")
  15. I consider myself an average player in CVs, not great but not horrible. There are some ships that are troublesome for tier VIII CVs to attack, but you should know this if you are playing a CV this high in tier. For example, American and UK ships are nasty. Minotaur is a flyswatter like few others and sometimes it feels like your planes crashed into a wall. On the other end of the spectrum you got Italians with horrible AA range and Japan with low damage. But nonetheless, with practice you can mitigate even that level of AA. I do recommend dropping lower to like a tier VI CV and practice dodging flak with that.