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  1. One of the "Victory Conditions" was met, therefore there is no "error". That being understood (that the program is operating correctly), doesn't mean there isn't a problem. A couple of patches ago you "improved" the Co-Op matchmaking... While I absolutely DO remember many people complaining about the occasional TWO enemy ships left over (and even submitted tickets to this effect). I don't recall ANYONE complaining that we really-really needed the teams to be increased by 1 ship per team, OR that it just wasn't any fun unless we got Bottom-Tiered even if no Human was involved. I have been in a game where I was the ONLY human (in a Kaga) and the matchmaker thought I needed the extra joy of being in a Tier-X match. No, seriously. Now, instead of RARELY having a game where there are 2 enemy ships left to be farmed, we OFTEN have games with 2 enemy ships alive, and (now) SOMETIMES 3. As an extra added bonus you can end up bottom tiered to bots. Your "improvements" to the Co-Op matchmaking have made the game less fun and more frustrating. Especially for those that get "spawned" in a location where they are just getting into their engagement when the match stops. Not to mention the "waste" of Signals, Camo's or other bonuses. I don't think ANYONE really cares how many ships you put on a team. But we DO care when the game ends too quickly and we've wasted our time and resources. THAT is (still) the issue.