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  1. Yes well not everyone has 21 thousand battles like you, so how do you expect a legitimate tier 6 player to know any different?
  2. Actually I do fiel bad for them. A normandie can not even dream of touching my alabama at anything past 10km. I got a triple citadel and sunk him in one salvo at 16km... It should be a -1 mm system and thats it. idgaf about "failed divisions" it should only be +1 -1
  3. Soggytacoos

    Naval legends on Sovetsky Soyuz? tf?

    My apologies, its hard to tell sometimes online if someone is joking or not. Good day!
  4. Soggytacoos

    Naval legends on Sovetsky Soyuz? tf?

    And its not USN bias, its called being real. The impact the soviets had in naval warfare during WW2 was minimal compared to other nations. If anything the Kirov could be called a naval legend, or maybe kutozov... But really a ship that wasnt even finished? come on...
  5. Soggytacoos

    Naval legends on Sovetsky Soyuz? tf?

    how does a ship that wasnt even finished help win the pacific war? There were no succesful Russian battleships, so they need to stop calling them legends, they were crappy ships
  6. Thats my whole thing.. They just selling us the same story of "its part of our rules". Yeah well those are dumb fkn rules and im saying they should change them
  7. ok... then why don't they change that.... You cant just say its okay because its part of the rules. Its a very easy change
  8. wrong, I sunka normandie in my iowa
  9. How long is it going to be until Wargaming decides to fix the 2 tier matchmaking? It is unfair and I know 3 people that stopped playing the game for that very reason. They were new to the game and could have spent lots of money on you guys. But you ruined your chance because apparently its too hard to make it 1 tier diference matchmaking. But no lets keep adding more ships and ignore the core issues of the game. Not to mention I have been seeing more and more tier 6s in t9 games
  10. I just found out that Wargaming decided to make a video about the sovetsky soyuz and decided to call it a "Naval Legend". That is extremely disrespectful to the brave men who really served... No more money for you wargaming sorry
  11. uh oh I pissed somebody off
  12. I have literally never heard anyone talk anything but trash about this map. Its a horrible map, especially with epicenter... Why is it still in this game
  13. Soggytacoos

    Premium camos...

    because only the premium ships have ship names
  14. Soggytacoos

    Premium camos...

    Yes but my argument is if you pay for the premium side of something, you should get premium features