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  1. Soggytacoos

    The Smolensk fan club - We didn't Start the fires!

    You are another part of the problem. Wargaming thinks its okay. The only reason you even argue with the fact is because you know its op and you are a troll. Its a stupid ship and needs to be deleted from the game. end of story and do not try to argue.
  2. Smolensk is overpowered and needs to be nerfed. It has way too much range, its fire rate is ridiculous, its very hard to citadel, and the amount of shells that pen is just stupid. What was the goal of the Smolensk? to loose players? I was playing in alaska with ap loaded and shot at a full broadside Smolensk at 8km. I got 9 overpens and not a single citadel???? wth is the deal with smolensk??? Can this please get some attention and stop ignoring the issue wargaming?
  3. I may be a bit late but this is exactly what i like to see!!! I have been wanting the numbers for premium camos for ages. LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN
  4. Soggytacoos

    Names and numbers on premium camos?

    cool thanks @deadmeat2012
  5. Soggytacoos

    Names and numbers on premium camos?

    True, however as you can see on the helena for example, there is a camo that has its number on it. I would like to see numbers on the iowa, baltimore, des moines, north carolina, and all of the us destroyers
  6. Soggytacoos

    Names and numbers on premium camos?

    It would be nice to put the name and number on a ships premium camo. If have to spend money on it, that should be a feature
  7. Soggytacoos

    So whats with the [edited] t7 mathcmaking all a sudden?

    oh yeah than why does it say 500?
  8. Soggytacoos

    So whats with the [edited] t7 mathcmaking all a sudden?

    you have 500 batltes. you are not worthy to tell me I dont know what im talking about
  9. Soggytacoos

    So whats with the [edited] t7 mathcmaking all a sudden?

    I disagree with everything you just said.....just sayin....
  10. So all a sudden t7 has bad matchmaking just like t8? tier 7 was our last breath of fresh air from the matchmaking, and wargaming took that from us. Good job Wargaming, its like you want to lose players
  11. Soggytacoos

    Kremlin is stupid strong.

    No kremlin is not balanced what so ever, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Stop.
  12. Soggytacoos

    Kremlin sending people to port left and right

    Yeah it needs a nerf
  13. Soggytacoos

    Kremlin is stupid strong.

    The thing has yamato size guns, the deck armor is retarded, Has more hp than GK, more maneuverable than yamato, and has Montana accuracy? now how does this seem fair to anyone? The thing seriously needs a nerf, because right now it is completely overpowered. I can not say how many times i have nearly one shot by a kremlin, in any of my ships. So lets make a montana accurate, GK hp and deck armor, yamato guns, and more speed than yamato a thing. Great idea.
  14. Soggytacoos

    Wrong planes on Alaska and Iowa

    The USS Montana was never created, and if it was, It wouldn't have had fighters on board either.
  15. Soggytacoos

    Wrong planes on Alaska and Iowa

    Doesn't have to be a paper ship to have helicopters. The USS Iowa later had helicopters on her. Not having fighters on her in real life is no excuse as there are many things in this game that arent real. Such as the USS Montana, or GK, or Minotaur, ETC.