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  1. Hahaha. It is a well known fact the reason it is purposely designed that way is to force you to either play a lower tier ship instead of what you want to play or A. give wargaming money for premium time B give wargaming money for a premium ship C. give wargaming all your money please
  2. we all have to do our part and put aside our differences to pour more gas on the firestorm disaster that is going down, are you doing your part?
  3. LiquidSolace

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    you just know this is what's going on behind the scenes
  4. LiquidSolace

    we need a new game any options.!

    I suggest going to google and searching what MMO releases in September and seeing what you find, who knows maybe something good.. idk. could be something there... Id go check there to answer your question.
  5. LiquidSolace

    A question on PR...

    Ive seen some really good players with low PR. it doesnt mean much because people improve and that doesnt get reflected in total pr. Anyway the best way to improve your skills is join up with a clan and do some clan battles and competitive play. You will learn a lot and quickly have to improve, find a good clan with good mentors. if that isnt available to you or too much, you can start watching tutorials on youtube and Ichasegaming's captain's academy videos
  6. LiquidSolace

    16 losses in a row

    Comrade, play more russian ships. for some reason your statistically more likely to win da
  7. True you would think it should but what I have heard from the CC's is that wargaming has been brushing them off as a "vocal minority" that doesn't represent the player base. So I figure this was a way to show solidarity with the X CC's officially
  8. I've been following along with the firestorm for the last week and noticed a large group of us are disgusted by loot crate mechanics ( among other things). Perhaps instead of just posting about it on forums and our various media sites we can create a petition and add our names somehow. If someone such as a former CC in the community were to take up the lead and use there platform to push this I and I expect many others would gladly add our names to show WG that we aren't just a small vocal minority. Thats all I got, happy hunting o7 Edit: just brainstorming ideas as they come, I hear you in that short of an act of god WG wouldn't remove loot crates, but following the same idea a petition or even letter of condemnation from the player base over WG's behavior as a whole along with our other gripes, holding many signatures from veterans of the community would if not make WG think twice but send a message to the gaming community and media.
  9. Hey there big man thanks for coming to my post broh So the title is self explanatory WG why no gib more game modes for random battles? All game modes we currently have revolve around bigger or smaller circles, circles placed in different places and thats pretty much it for the random or even coop battles. So how about the community here writes all of their creative ideas down below for new game modes. That way someone from war gaming creative department can take your ideas and use them to get a promotion! Lol anyway it could be anything to give you all ideas think of game archetypes, maybe fleet play where you must defend X amount of player vehciles for points or some kind of search and destroy or even a siege map. where one team assaults a port while another defends. There are infinite possibilities. So add your ideas below, maybe talk why we haven't had any major changes since launch almost 6 years ago. I'd like to hear your thoughts and see your voices heard Make it so.