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  1. Jambie_Lionheart

    Bot epidemic

    Bots have a different name tag. They have : and the begining and end of their names, Humans generally don't but some copy it into their names to look like bots. and that's only if they are replacing a player position within the fleet.
  2. Jambie_Lionheart

    Squadron utterly destroyed

    There shouldn't be a downside to grouping persay, not the way Sugoi Desune mentioned. It's a team game, and grouping during battle SHOULD be encouraged. BUT grouping does have one big vulnerability. Depending on the spread, groups of warships in a small area are verrrry vulnerable to DDs. and if they spread out to avoid that danger then the outter rim ships become vulnerable to bombing runs. I feel like the new CV system deliberately encourages group play during battle, which is exactly what this game is designed for. I just wish my own teams would learn the benefits of sticking together too. >.>
  3. Jambie_Lionheart


    I'm getting ocassional static during battle now too. All sound settings are default except for music which I set to 0%. I have 1 and a half month old headphones and my lappie is still in peak condition. Didn't have any audio trouble before update and my sound settings were the same as now before update. just sayin'.
  4. Jambie_Lionheart

    The most absurd thing I've seen

    Oh cool. I found out how to do it. Though it didn't quite work the way you showed me. I had to exit the client and find the application.exe for the game to start the replay. Doing it your way it said the game client was already running and double clicking gave me the 'start with' box window. Thankyou for the tips though, I got to it thanks to you :)
  5. Jambie_Lionheart

    The most absurd thing I've seen

    How do I view my own replays? My lappie can't read any of the files in the folder Compassghost pointed out.
  6. Jambie_Lionheart

    Possible cheat being used

    I'd reallllly love to believe that it's just plain old lag, but it's wayyy to targetted to be just plain old lag. I've had lag, many times, the problem I'm referring to is mostly certainly not lag. Haven't seen the problem for a while though as I said, so I'll let it drop for now.
  7. Jambie_Lionheart

    DD AA in the Rocket Era

    THANKYOU, this is what I've been telling people in game. The ones whining about bad AA are the people that can't work as team.
  8. Jambie_Lionheart

    Possible cheat being used

    If you were serious about that you'll name a training room and a time. I can do any time tomorrow morning mountain time zone.
  9. Jambie_Lionheart

    Possible cheat being used

    Well, I very conveniently don't seem to have come up against the problem since I last posted on this topic. Even though I have many times since then come across lag of all kinds. I'll bet the ones trying to shout it down the loudest were the ones that were actually doing it, including 'TheCanadian' and 'Greybeard'.
  10. Jambie_Lionheart

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    So after reading some comments (not all) on pages 1 and six and playing in game, mainly as a TIV Langley, MY contribution to the topic is this: 1: General take on Carriers) I rather like the new Carriers for the most part. So far I've only tried TIV Langley though but I'm getting close to next level. 68,000xp for TV USA carrier though? :O that's pritty steep since it's pritty hard to earn that much xp from battle as a carrier. About 1,300 xp is the high end on a Langley. I personally find them much easier to control and I think the high leveling xp is somewhat justified because they're in direct confrontation a lot less now. and if one team has a bad CV player it's not quite such a decisive factor in victory or defeat as it was previously. They feel rebalanced to me in favour of team play rather than the be all and end all to victory during battle. So: 2: DD VS Carriers) Read plenty of comments in game and on forum about how rockets are too accurate against DDs. They are very accurate but DDs are also extremely quick and maneuverable. I think whilst the firing radius on rockets could be wider to reduce accuracy, I also think the turn rate, rudder responsiveness and speed counter balance rocket planes nicely. I've seen some seriously good DD players dodge, duck and dive these shots. So if you make Rockets too hard to aim, then you'll be swinging the unbalance in the other direction. because defending against a DD as a CV would become impossible. 2.a} Also, I'm not getting why people are saying it's too easy for planes to spot DDs. As a guy that's gotten in to carriers since the update, it's almost impossible to spot a DD in game until you're almost on top of it. Only way to effectively find them is to figure their general area (often based on last known position) and search it. If you reduce it further then we'll have flown over them before they even become visible. 3: Strategic value of carriers and their players) I don't really understand why people are saying their strategic importance has been reduced. If anything it's increased. Previously it was a click fest with a ton of micro attached to it. You could launch many squads at once then have to constantly reposition all of them as they flew to avoid danger and/or find their target and effectively attack it with huge and often devastating arial ambushes. Don't get me wrong you had to be really good to do this and succeed but there wasn't really a lot of strategy involved, just clicking and taking in information at a ridiculous pace. Tactical prowess might be more accurate. Now carriers have less immediate firepower but can still have an effective influence in battle within a team. Their accuracy and their near endless supply of planes makes up for the lack of firepower (except in the case of rockets). and no longer is the case where if one team had a bad CV player where the other team had good player(s) was that a completely deciding factor. Now teams are able to work around it because of the reduction in immediately available firepower for CVs. If anything, I feel like the changes really bring CVs into their role in this game even if it still isn't especially historically accurate where as the previous CV's gameplay style was more historically pleasing but was also wayy more game changing to the point of unbalance. You only control one squadron at a time now, which I personally find way more relaxing than having to constantly micro manage half a dozen+ all at once. That also gives me a lot of time between take off and target area to examine the map, plan, see what is what and who is where. Who needs support most and if anyone needs a kick up the [edited]. This puts me in a unique position to manage the fleet, warn the fleet of imminent danger and actually strategize battle as part of a team, which is exactly what World of Warships is aimed at being, even in co-op mode. and in Co-op mode, if you don't coordinate with your carrier, it can cost you the battle. Simple as that. 4: Carriers VS average cruisers) In TIV Langley, I find that CVs VS cruisers to be highly unbalanced. The fact that I'm generally finding only 1-2 cruisers in the average battle should be testament to that. Rockets are horribly effective against cruisers, with a good strike being almost as effective against them as an average battleship strike. They're to slow to effectively dodge, paper thin armour and it's wayyy to easy to land 8 rockets in one strike at just about any attack angle. The one and only counter they have is to stay near a battleship or two that has effective AA. (which honestly is what they should be doing to begin with, OR supporting DDs in skirmish and ambush. Torps against cruisers is reasonable and so is dive bombers, though I'm not terribly effective with dive bombers myself. 5: Carriers VS Battleships) At TIV, I'd say rockets are fairly well balanced against battleships. They deal effective damage but not an obscene amount of it. Just enough so that it can swing an otherwise even one on one engagement to an allies favour. Most TIII-V Dive bombers are pritty effective against most BBs as well. Torpedo bombers are more hit and mis. They're either obscenely effective or they just aren't effective enough (mostly due to AA but it also depends of angle of approach. If I send torp bombers against a Texas battleship, I might be able to launch one single torpedo out of two three plane squadrons if I approach it from the front or sides but never from behind. I'd say that's pritty well balanced . AA also seems to depends a little bit on luck and I rather like that. However, on other BBs, they are just too accurate. CVs can't launch a volley of 4-5 torps anymore with two squadrons all at once so that huge damage reduction per strike helps counter balance this somewhat, but unless the CV player makes a mistake or gets duped by the BB player, the BB player has zero chance in dodging the launched torpedo. BBs like the American and Japanese TIII - TIVs have almost no hope at all on their own. 5a) To ofset this unbalanced aspect of the game, I would suggest that just like in the great worl wars of the time, some torpedos should be duds. Maybe someone goofed during manufacture or the trigger mechanisms were knocked in transport or AA nicked it. Either way, I would suggest that introducing a chance for dud torpedo, both for DDs and Carriers to be introduced. I also think that increasing chance for flooding along with a introducing a chance for duds would add an element of luck in to the game and together would work to counterbalance most BBs helplessness against torpedoes just like it actually did during both world wars. You make it say, 1-20 out of every 100 torpedos in game are duds and one in about every 20 will cause flooding. That would be a perfect balancing mechanism for torps as they are. 6: CV VS CV) People saying CVs can't hunt CVs anymore are talking from their butts, (they edited out rears but not BUTTS? lol) HOWEVER, it does take the larger part of an entire match to take one out one on one if starting from the beginning. The only thing I'd really change about it is the auto activated fighters consumable. Carriers get four of them and each lasts for about 10 minutes at a time which is also affected by ammo usage. I'd suggest taking out the active time entirely and just stick to showing how much ammo each squadron has and then have a cool down period of 2-3 minutes once the squadron lands again. You could even make it an unlimited use item rather than just four of them. With a cool down like that and under constant attack, how many squadrons they get up would depend on how much ammo they have and how fast they spend it. and you can vary this even further by making nationality of carrier a factor in tming and ammo amount. Right now, I believe they can defend against 2-4 squadrons before having to land again. It's only really the auto fighter squadron that unbalanced it at all. Otherwise this aspect is pritty sound. There's probably a few things I missed. If I remember them later then I'll expand my post.
  11. Jambie_Lionheart

    Possible cheat being used

    -.- I've had lag before. and at first I thought it was lag too. But i only affect my firing on particular players during battle. I garantee it's not lag. If mechanical issues were programmed into the rocket bombers to cause delay then that's different. But it's definitely not lag. Everything stutters when lag occurs, not just the particular firing mechanism of a particular group of weaponize airplanes. and lag sure as heck isn't predictable enough to be able to accurately repeat it at will unless it's a CPU/ram issue (which it also is not). It's the same players during a given battle. If it's not a cheat it's either a bug or an intentional misfire by the devs.
  12. Jambie_Lionheart

    Possible cheat being used

    I have reason to believe that certain players are using cheats to get around the new rocket bombers in PVP combat. The delay comes in the form of a small delay when firing at certain targets. I won't mention names since I have no specific proof and it COULD also be just a plain bug. HOWEVER, I have played with this little bug at it only seems to affect certain players. I've mainly been playing in a Langley for a Carrier. It cannot be lag on my end because it only affects particular players during particular battles. I'll bomb one guy and the delay will pause my fire for up to one second. Just enough time to make me certainly miss. I've tested it during battle against other players of same battle with no firing delay. Either it is a bug with particular models of ship OR those particular players are using cheats to delay firing. Can't really screen shot it because I can't show you exactly when I'm pressing the fire button relative to the shot landing. *shrug*. I do know that it is not yet a wide spread problem. In about 6ish hours of game play I've come across it twice. I'd suggest people keep an eye out for it. I've also tested it for recur-ability. It is always the same players and if I deliberately fire earlier with prior knowledge of the problem it does change where the shot lands, sometimes to my advantage. Most other players in same battle there is no problem, including the very occasional and highly skilled dodge. This is definitely different from that.
  13. Jambie_Lionheart

    Edinburgh — British Tier VIII cruiser.

    It's actually not a bad ship, I like 'er. but I don't like the fact that she felt like a massive downgrade from the TVII Fiji. Every stat if you look at it face value is a downgrade from survival to concealment, except for torpedoes, which are about the same. She turns like a battleship too but has a decent speed. I'm wondering if the stats are rather misrepresenting though. She has better lasting power and can take a few hits (unlike her predecessors which seemed to be one hit wonders 7/10 times). The armour seems to be better placed too and allows the Edi to take more of a beating before sinking. The short range though kills 'er. Nearly everything out ranges an Edi. However, it seems to be designed more for protecting BBs against enemy destroyers than hunting BBs.
  14. Jambie_Lionheart

    1m Credit club

    hmm, I can see how that might add up. What Tier you fighting at on that battle? that makes a difference too.
  15. Jambie_Lionheart

    1m Credit club

    How did you get so many credits? O.o I've done just about half as well on some fights and only gotten 1/10 of the loot you got. lol. Just wonderin'.