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  1. hyper_aggressive

    Where have the camouflages gone in the premium shop?

    They haven't been sold in 100 lots for a very long while.
  2. I’ve noticed Wargaming has not been selling camouflages in the premium shop, barring the 0.9.3 patch with space ones. In previous years, I’ve spent plenty on them to speed up unlocking ship lines. Now, my inventory has dwindled to just a few of each that I keep as collectables. Knowing the amount of money I’m out of pocket because of buying camouflages leaves me wondering why Wargaming is offering to sell less of them than more?
  3. I'm not sure I've come across anyone who's defending WG, rather than rationalizing that $120 or so isn't the worst deal. Some of us commonly spend a couple hundred taking our partners out for a movie and dinner; then poof, that money is gone after a few hours and accompanied by a fading memory (my partner obviously will not be reading this). For hardcore players, spending this amount of money for a collectors ship is not that bad. I'm also sensing lots of regurgitation about PR, that people are commenting about its poor playability? As much as I read many of these post I'm doubtful as many have actually played this ship. Furthermore, I'm not the best fan of Alaska (some people are comparing the two); however, I do enjoy playing Alaska once in a while. Just the same, Ohio is fairly mediocre, yet is lots of fun. Why not let people decide for themselves? Lastly, WG provides each of us quality entertainment which never goes stale. To me, it's unrealistic to think this quality of gameplay should be free?
  4. hyper_aggressive

    Cost of Puerto Rico is Fair!

    I'm not sure what Shill or Troll is suppose to mean without referring to urban dialect for definitions, which I refuse to do because these terms seem lowbrow and borderline rude. What I can tell you is that I'm not a WG employee, but a player with as much say about this game as you.
  5. hyper_aggressive

    In Retrospect I’ll be Saving my Special Flags

    What I'm saying is Wargaming provided players with tools to assist completing large events such as this one. Notwithstanding, of course, the fact that players who want to complete the directives that lead to PR need large numbers of ships from various nations. It seems these points are in common. What I'm saying is with this information, going forward I will spend special flags differently.
  6. Hello, In update 0.8.8 Wargaming gifted players with gift containers and super containers for owning tier IX and X ships respectively. With a few dozen tier IX and X ships in my port I received a couple hundred special flags in addition to those from completing directives. At the time I felt decently compensated for being a committed player; although, with thousands spent on this game I suppose my reward was a modest one. Nevertheless, I wish I had saved those flags for upcoming events such as Puerto Rico. Going forward, the next time I receive special flags I will be saving them for events such as this. I admit Wargaming’s communication is sometimes confusing causing me to reread things or to dig deeper elsewhere such as Reddit to get a fuller picture. To me it’s clear that Wargaming does this intentionally to obscure their sole motive which is to maximize profit; thus is the nature of business. However, deceptive communication is akin to white collar crime that as we know goes largely unpunished. There seems to be a fine line somewhere between deceptive communication and corporate crime which Wargaming demarcates by adverbs. Word choice is very intentional in effective communication; but then again so is rhetoric. My hope is for players to be buyer aware; but further, that Wargaming make themselves accountable for false advertising because making them accountable seems a monumental pipe dream. Cheers
  7. hyper_aggressive

    Cost of Puerto Rico is Fair!

    Hello, After buying 3 boosters and Gorizia to play the 1st directive I’ve already completed the 2nd in under 5 hrs. I’ve roughly spent $170 CDN from which Wargaming has said Gorizia's cost will come back to me in doubloons. I buy them regardless so doubloon compensation is just as good — according to my mental accounting. Additionally, the shipbuilding timer indicates 35 of 36 stages will be complete by end of the event. I’ve 29 days to collect shipbuilding tokens from daily shipments and such, as well as completing minimally the 3rd directive which should take me under 6 hrs. — completing the event requirements is all but guaranteed. Overall, I’m happy to pay $125 for such a cool ship! Though, I’m less happy with Wargaming’s deception in regard to unclear communication? Clear and intelligible communication should be the golden standard!! Cheers,