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  1. War_Ant_5

    Balance suggestions

    https://prnt.sc/kj35ri Me playing the objective by myself while the rest of team sat on top of controlled objective in domination. I'm a noob? I put the I in team to win that game!
  2. War_Ant_5

    Balance suggestions

    Battlefield is objective base game. You can play TDM but is not the main focus of game. This objective base game. My knowledge is well how this game works. There just to many noobs who play the game the way they think it should be played.
  3. War_Ant_5

    Balance suggestions

    Torpedoes do have guidance how much you have to lead ahead of target with the current speed of ship. Radar is guidance. What im trying to say is if you looking at an area of water with binoculars if theirs a ship there you should see it. Game mechanics make it where radar has to detect it. Battleships not overpowered. A lot to do with accuracy is with your current ship speed with when firing. Slow speeds will give you better chances of citadel hits. Even then citadel hits are still hard to get.
  4. War_Ant_5

    Balance suggestions

    I have played many other games in the past so I understand the game. Battlefield is what this reminds me of but with ships. Only reason I use New Mexico is to get to higher tiers and works fine till then.
  5. War_Ant_5

    Balance suggestions

    Im just stating that radar is a guidance should not be a factor to visually seeing enemy ships. lol
  6. War_Ant_5

    Balance suggestions

    How does source not by wargamming have statistics for game? I always see destroyers a lot of time cruising full speed ahead of ever one and not escorting the fleet to objectives to support them. Or they just sitting behind an island waiting for some to come around them.
  7. War_Ant_5

    Balance suggestions

    Destroyers in higher tiers get to many torpedoes to shoot with. Maybe should have less cause its just spam. No guidance for torpedoes cause there is none for shooting cannons and guidance is no skill. Ships disappearing when you can visual see them is ludicrous. Radar is just a guidance but if you spot them visually they dont just disappear or not just there! Battleship cannons have long reload speed. I could seem them taking some time to reload but 30 seconds?
  8. War_Ant_5

    Broken game

    So many broken elements in this game. Balance completely broken. How does this get a 7.7 rating on steam? This suppose to go on console? ROFLMA