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  1. Kami

    Another ship setting sail...

    I have a question.
  2. Kami

    Best premium ships for new players

    What about the Warspite wasn't fun? I see you said the speed but what else?
  3. Kami

    Emden Gift for EU

    Hey Chaos, Not a problem, it is always a good thing to try and share events with your fellow captains!
  4. Kami

    Emden Gift for EU

    Hey Captains, In this case, this event is specifically made for the EU server but each region celebrates national holidays in their own way. Keep an eye for some NA specific celebrations coming soon!
  5. Kami

    Best premium ships for new players

    Hey Captains, This is a great topic in trying to help newer players pick out a premium ship! I like the choices that have been offered up and the thoughts in general about premiums. My suggestions are these: If you are newer to the game and want a premium ship, I suggest mid-tiers as the best choice. I am not going to say any specific ship to buy, but if you are, definitely pick one from a nation you are grinding to help with crew training. Definitely play multiple lines and figure out your playstyle before picking a premium ship that you can use. If I had to rank mid-tier premiums based on how I play: Arizona Warspite Scharnhorst T-61 Sims These are all good premiums and a lot of fun to play.
  6. Kami

    Daily log on bonus? Camo?

    Hey Frigate007, This sounds like you are referring to the daily shipments. This was active from Sept. 18th until Oct. 4th and provided you with different rewards for each day you logged in up to 10 total days worth of rewards. If you look at the graphic it will show that you received camo at day 1 and day 6 of logging in. Typically each new patch will bring a new daily shipment to do. Here is the link to the article: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/missions-088/#daily-shipments
  7. Kami

    European Ships

    Hey SkullDuggery05, VU is still Austro-Hungarian and the Blys is still Polish but they are combined into the "European" nation in the tech tree so it is easier to move captains around. This is a way that you can use the same captain on multiple ships like other nations and not have to re-train them each time (of course if the captain skills align).
  8. Hey ccoel12345, Good to hear you got logged in! Enjoy and please leave us feedback on how you are liking subs.
  9. Kami

    Rough Night at T6..all loses

    Hey Soshi, It happens to the best of us. I would suggest after a few losses in a row to try a different tier or just get up and take a break for a bit. This will allow you to refocus and try again. The rules I go by: Never more than 3 losses in a row, if this occurs, take a break. When I play again, play a ship I am really comfortable in to break the streak. Try to division up and see if that helps. Always good to play with friends! Good luck!
  10. Yes, these are filters I sometimes forget about as well. Hopefully this helps!
  11. Hey Jerminat0r, Please check to make sure your camouflage filters are enabled correctly for your carousel. I believe specifically you want to look under "historical" and then make sure "imitation" is selected as on. Make sure the eye is not crossed out. Please let us know if that helps!
  12. Kami

    HMS Thunderer is FXP ship too?

    Hey ArnoldSchoenberg, Currently the Thunderer is only available for coal and if it becomes available for another currency in the future we will let you know!
  13. Good idea! When it comes to historical commanders there are a lot to choose from that would fit in World of Warships.
  14. Kami

    Bad MM? Another Blowout!! Maybe not.....

    ohhhh boy this movie lol. to the OP, good job on continuing to play the match out! The match is not over until it says "defeat" on your screen! There has been countless times one team jumps out to an early big lead but get over-aggressive and begin to lose control of the map. A few ships start to die and the confidence grows in the team on the back foot. Once you over-extend it is really tough to get back to a position that you can regain control.