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  1. Kami

    Thanks for the Atago WG!

    Hey The Dreadnought, One of the big keys to using the Atago correctly is taking advantage of her good HE alpha damage combined with her great concealment. She is no joke in the AP department either but you need broadsides to really take advantage of the 203s. I suggest also making sure you are kiting away when playing the Atago, you never want to get trapped nose in. She can also stealth torp and when you are in an even tier game this can really surprise enemy ships so don't forget this tactic. Good luck and enjoy giving the Atago another shot!
  2. Kami

    California HYPE

    Hey Captains, We appreciate you having a constructive conversation on the upcoming California but please keep it civil. Please remember the California's stats are preliminary and during testing the parameters could change. We like seeing the hype for a new ship and the discussions but remember if it turns into attacks on other players, we will be forced to lock it down. Thanks!
  3. Kami

    First 4pnt skill for Lenin?

    Hey Col, I would agree with the other players, get CE so you can get in closer without being spotted and you can disengage if you need to. I would also definitely save your next 4 points for FP to give yourself even more ability to survive, since you have a limited about of DCPs.
  4. Kami

    TK with guns

    Hey Florendo19, This is definitely not an experience that anyone wants to go through at the beginning of the match. Please take the replay and any screenshots you have taken of the incident and put them in a ticket to support. Thanks and again sorry for your experience.
  5. Kami

    Thanks for the Atago WG!

    Hey Kaitsuze, Sorry that your name was misspelled, we will correct that =). Congrats on getting the Atago and if you have any questions or need help outfitting her, please don't hesitate to ask! Congrats again =).
  6. Kami

    USN BB's - How Bad?

    Hey MakersMike, Welcome to World of Warships and USN BBs. I would recommend not stopping the line but taking a pause and make sure you have a grasp of the mechanics before advancing into the higher tiers. Tier VI and Tier VII are where you can get comfortable with the game and not get overwhelmed. The New Mexico has been around for a long time, so there are a lot of players that have played it. Taking this into account and how many battles are on the New Mexico, it would be almost impossible for 1 player to make a dent in the overall stats of the ship =). What have you seen as negatives about the New Mexico? Slow? Shotgun style dispersion? Let us take a look at the New Mexico real quick: Slow, this means you have to pick your course carefully or risk being out of the game for the majority. 12 guns with a "shotgun" style, this means you will not be the most accurate but you will have a lot of shells to fire. Small and compact hull which allows you to maneuver well and dodge torpedoes. Decent AA for its tier. Average range but you can put the range mod on (I believe) which gives you a more respectable range overall. When it comes to the USN line in general: I feel all of the ships that follow the New Mexico are good in their own way and you should not stop just because you have looked at some stats =). In regards to other lines, I suggest taking a look at the wiki and seeing what other nations/lines interest you and decide from there. Remember it takes a lot of games to learn this game and the biggest piece of advice I can give you: Always continue to learn, from both victories and defeats!
  7. Kami

    What are your 5 favorite ships?

    I like top 5 lists! 1. Fuso - Always and forever will be my favorite ship =). 2. Yamato - I don't think explanation is necessary. Haha. 3. North Carolina - Who doesn't like the "showboat". 4. Not sure yet. 5. Not sure yet.
  8. Hey dps_gunner, You already have the damage for the DD one so you need the games? What BB(s) are you using and if you need some points don't hesitate to ask us here to help =). Nice on using the Moskva and Mino!
  9. Kami

    Tell Tale Signs of Good Player

    Hey Jakob_Knight, I find it interesting that you separate "good player" and "good teammate", why can't these be mutual? I consider myself a good player as well as a good teammate and try to do what is best for the team in most cases. Sometimes this is tough to do because the battle develops in a certain way, but for the most part doing what is best for the team is also best for you. This all boils down to what you have set as a goal personally, correct? I like to win so I want to do what is best for the team and I want my contribution to help the team win. Signs of a good player (experienced player) IMO: Target Prioritization: What they shoot and when they shoot it is a good sign for you to tell if a player understands their role. If in a DD, they pay attention to the other team's lineup and they identify where the radar is before moving onto a cap. If they do move onto a cap the DD doesn't sit broadside and always has a way out. Early map movement: Understanding that you cannot just give up half the map and focus on 2 caps only. Yes, you can move the bulk of your ships away but you still need a deterrent/harassment group so that the enemy team doesn't just sail around and flank you. Knowing where you should go with your ship based on strengths and weaknesses. Doing the little things: pointing out where a DD was (not spamming), focusing down lower health targets and overall putting yourself in the best spot to help your team win. These are only a few things that I can think of off the top of my head.
  10. Hey dps_gunner, Congrats on getting the Cruiser Commander: Elite Forces! What ships did you use to accomplish this achievement? Were there any standouts that you wished you played more, maybe there was a ship you wished you played less? Are you looking to do any of the other ones like the BBs (if you don't already have it).
  11. Kami

    French Destroyers: Part 2

    Hey gregoire_Bo, Anytime =)! If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask.
  12. Kami

    French Destroyers: Part 2

    Hey gregoire_bo, If you are referring to the premium ships you can receive from the containers, this will be credits. Combat missions The mission for any particular ship can be received only once. The chances of getting a combat mission from a Legion of Honor Premium container are higher than for a standard container. To complete the mission, you must earn 5,000 base XP with a Tier V–X ship in Operations, Random, Ranked, or Co-op Battles. Combat missions can be completed until October 31. All ships come with a Port slot and Commander with 3 skill points. If you receive a mission for a ship that you already have in your Port, you'll get a Commander, port slot, and compensation for the ship in credits for completing the mission.
  13. Kami

    Naming the Ohio the Ohio....

    Hey Captains, Seeing as this thread is going off the rails very quickly, I will be locking this thread up but before I do let me answer your question. Please remember that development cycle, historical research and planning occurs months in advance. The current political landscape of the United States plays no role in naming of ships in the game. Please keep politics and political threads off the forums.
  14. Kami

    French commander

    Oh, no this is on a per match basis.
  15. Kami

    French commander

    Hey Chain_shot, Yes, you can meet this requirement more than once in a match. You can find all the details about the new commander in the dedicated article: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/french-destroyers-part-2/ What do you mean by "is it permanent?" All of these talents can be activated multiple times per battle.