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  1. Hey Ensign_Cthulhu, This upgrade is there if you want to shoot out to extreme distances with the New York. Honestly when it comes to the secondaries on the New York, I wouldn't really rely on them =). There are some ships that this works well on I think but the New York doesn't really doesn't need it with the FCS upgrade giving her 18km range. Now, the New Mexico is a different story and I would definitely recommend this on her and the Colorado. Honestly this also comes down to how far do you feel you can reliably hit targets. Players with a good understanding of aiming can make the most of this if they were to use this upgrade but other maybe not.
  2. Hey Captain, Nice work! Congrats on the Solo Warrior, that is a tough achievement to get. How did the game go that you ended up with a chance for a Solo Warrior? I am also interested in seeing other awesome results from you captains!
  3. Kami

    new mexico

    Hey blackbird_521, Are you saying you would like to see this camouflage scheme in the game? If so thank you for the feedback and great pictures showing the camouflage off.
  4. Kami

    Looking for advice on a Yamato build.

    Hey MommaSheep1738, Captains have given you some great advice on how to build a successful Yamato captain. Captain skill wise I follow pretty much the same build for bbs. https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/captains-skills/?skills=2,3,12,14,17,23,28&ship=Battleship This is my standard BB build. You could substitute AR for High Alert if you want. Must have skills are: FP, CE and EM. I choose skills in this order: PT, EM, SI, CE, FP, BoS and then AR. I hope this helps and good luck on the high seas!
  5. Kami

    Kami's Torpedo Use Tips!

    Oh yes! The Irian. Tooooo many ships to keep track of. I will add that one as well. Hey Hurlbut, That is a good point in mentioning what parts of the ship to hit with torpedoes. Great catch!
  6. Kami

    Kami's Torpedo Use Tips!

    Hey GhostSwordsman, Thank you for pointing that out! See I told you I would miss some things =). Good call and thank you for letting other players know this. Torpedoes have a minimum arming distance and yes it is quite small but remember if an enemy ship is that close the torpedoes will not arm and do no damage. Hey Doomlock, Thank you for pointing that out about the Deep Water torpedoes on the GZ! GZ does not have deep water torpedoes anymore so that leaves the Pan-Asian DDs and the Asashio as the only ships with them, you can correct me if I am wrong again lol. I was mistaken when I put the GZ on there =(. That is my fault.
  7. Tips on Torpedo Use! Hey Captains, Today we are going to go over a topic that comes up quite frequently on the forums: Torpedo use. We will attempt to cover most things on torpedoes (will probably miss some things, so feel free to help me out). Torpedoes are an armament that DDs (CVs to a lesser extent) utilize to deal damage to enemy ships. A well placed torpedo spread can devastate an enemy ship or even multiple enemy ships. Let us get into the meat and potatoes of the guide. We are going to cover the topics listed below and there will also be some other odds and ends mixed in. This guide will include: General characteristics of torpedoes and their role. How to properly use torpedoes. The two types of torpedoes. Strength and weaknesses of torpedoes. How to avoid torping teammates. General tips to torpedo use and how to protect yourself from them. Torpedoes characteristics and role: Torpedoes are carried on all DDs in the game, some cruisers and if you are playing the correct BB you will have them as well. There are also some DDs in the game that their main form of armament is guns, while they have torpedoes, they are mainly for opportunistic use. The Khabarovsk is a ship that fits this description. Torpedoes are meant to deal big damage to enemy ships (there are some exceptions) and to deny areas of the map. There are two distinct type of torpedoes: regular and deep water torpedoes. Airdrop torpedoes are also a thing but they will be talked about in the CV guide. Damage is different per type of torpedo and can be further reduced by torpedo protection of your target. All of this can be seen when you are looking at the stats of your torpedoes. You can see the torpedo reduction % under the survivability tab in port. This is an example from the Cossack's torpedoes. You can see all the relevant information that you need. Two Types of Torpedoes: Regular Torpedoes: These torpedoes are capable of hitting all targets. Most ships that have torpedoes have regular torpedoes. The range on these torpedoes vary by tier and ship. You will find that it takes time to properly learn to aim these. You can hit teammates with these so be careful! Deep Water Torpedoes: These torpedoes are on Pan-Asian DDs, IJN DD Asashio and Irian. These torpedoes can only hit cruisers, BBs and CVs (Asashio can only hit the last 2). The Asashio has 20km deep water torpedoes (perfect for TA). The Pan-Asian DDs have varying ranges depending on the tiers. Strengths and Weaknesses of Torpedoes: Strengths: Can deal large amounts of damage. Can catch unaware players and make them sad (dev strikes or massive damage). Typically medium to long range and fast. Can force enemies to go where you want them to go. Can stop pushes if deployed correctly. Root out ships that have been holding positions if you can get the angle. Weaknesses: Long reload time. Some torpedoes can only hit certain ship types. Can hit friendly ships. Lower tier ships have torpedoes with shorter range than their ship detection range. RNG gaps in torpedo spreads can lead to frustration. How to Use Torpedoes: These screenshots are of the Cossack and taken in a training room to highlight the two different torpedo spread types. With certain ships you can have a narrow cone and a single launch cone. (RN ships) These screenshots are of the Anshan and taken in the in a training room to highlight the two different torpedo spread types. The green area is where you can launch torpedoes and the green indicator is where your torpedoes will go. If you aim the torpedo launchers outside of the green arc you will not be able to fire them and it yellow instead of green. Captain Skills and Consumables: Torpedo Acceleration: You can use this captain skill to make your torpedoes faster at the cost of range. This is a great skill on the Shimakaze or Gearing that have long range torpedoes. Asashio also benefits from this. Torpedo Armament Expertise: This is a skill that reduces the reload time on your torpedoes. I would suggest checking checking each ship individually to see if the payoff is worth it. Adrenaline Rush: You take damage and it helps your reload =). Torpedo Reload Booster: Some IJN ships have this but they have to give up smoke (IJN torpedo boats). The gunboat line has this as well as smoke. How to properly use torpedoes and avoid teammates for the most part: This is important so please read this part! Remember the rule: You fired your torpedoes, you are responsible for the end results. The second most important thing is: Do not torp from the backline, this can cause a myriad of issues. If you are going to launch torpedoes that have a chance to hit teammates, make sure you let them know in chat. Use their name or ship type and warn them. If you are using a ship with long range torpedoes, remember that friendlies could maneuver into your range and take friendly torpedoes. Sometimes it is not possible to be 100% safe with your torpedo launches but do the best you can to avoid torping teammates or in their vicinity. If you do torpedo a teammate, make sure you apologize and learn from it. General tips: Learn the ranges and types of torpedoes and try to memorize them. This will take awhile so don't try and do it overnight. Avoid torping from the behind your teammates, this is dangerous and can cause your teammates undo stress. When maneuvering, make sure you vary your speed and direction of travel to make it harder for DDs to torp you. Remember 1 flood is not as deadly as it was before so you can plan accordingly. Try to take torpedoes on the bulge if possible because the damage will be less. Do not always follow the torpedo indicator, learn to predict enemy movements and you will be quite successful. This is something that is learned over time. Typically do not "stack" your torpedoes on top of each other and fire them separately and on different paths. If you are playing Pan-Asian or Asashio: You cannot torpedo other DDs! When in a DD that can torpedo other DDs, look for smokescreens and put torpedoes into them. NEVER sit broadside in a cap in a DD! Smokescreens are a perfect target for an aware DD and you can expect torpedoes. As pointed out, aiming your torpedoes to hit the bow or stern will do more damage. Thank you for reading this and if I missed anything please feel free to add it! I know I missed some things so please help me lol!
  8. Hey CaptHarlock_222, As the Developer's Blog states we are considering the options for Yoshino when it comes to the torpedo armament. This ship is still in testing and finding the right combination to make this ship effective is the goal. With all the ships that we have posted changes, they are for testing purposes so please remember that. We appreciate your feedback on the proposed changes.
  9. Kami

    How Often Do Cruisers Use Torps?

    Hey SJ_Sailer, Torpedoes on cruisers are not their main way of dealing damage. Yes, most nations cruisers are equipped with torpedoes, save for a few nation specific ships. There are a few cruisers in the game that can use torpedoes well (mainly IJN cruisers because of the ability to fire them undetected). When it comes to shorter range torpedoes, they are better used as last ditch armament. This also comes down to positioning because you have to typically expose a lot of side to launch the torpedoes. You also need to get the right angle so you can hit the target with as many torpedoes as possible. A BB pushing into cruiser smoke can be a terrifying thing for a cruiser, especially a cruiser that is trying torp. In the situation described above, when you pushed, the BB should have pushed with you to give you supporting fire. The mistake the player made was sitting there and believing that he was going to destroy the cruiser that was torpedo rushing him. There are too many factors (rng, angle of the enemy, dispersion and so on) to reliably delete that enemy cruiser. What BB was your teammate in? I find the Yorck to be quite trolly when it is angled and depending on the friendly BB they might have experienced this as well. Tips: Do not rely on torpedoes on most cruisers, use them as a complimentary piece or last resort. IJN cruisers are successful with torpedo attacks but they also tend to have longer range i.e. Zao (12km). Trying to get your torps off, you need to do this is combination of maneuvering and shooting your guns. RN CLs can also be successful with torpedo attacks at higher tiers because of the unique spreads. Hope these tips help and good question!
  10. Hey Sabene, That is a lot of containers to save up! Rough estimate on how long that took you to do? I see a lot of coal, free xp and a bunch of flags! So the question is now, are you going to start all over and go for 1k again or open as you go?
  11. Kami

    Kami's Captain Skill Tips!

    Hey N0_M3RCY, I am glad that this guide is helpful to you. Please feel free to ask questions if you have any, the forums have many experienced players that can help =). Hey dbw86, Thanks for the compliment, it means a lot coming from you captains! The wiki and the forums are both places that contain a lot of great information from other knowledgeable players. As I always say the only way to get better at the game is to take the time to learn from your mistakes. I have made plenty playing this game and still make mistakes (even if I know it is a bad idea). The key is to understand that the decision was an oopsie and to learn from it. There are many different ways you can do the research, whether it be Youtube, forums or streams. These are all ways you can see other players make/learn from mistakes and get better. I would caution though, just because another player was successful trying/doing something doesn't mean you will be right off the bat. You have to practice and continue to grow as a player. Good luck captains, I hope these guides will help further your knowledge. The next topic (I am going to try and get done today is: Torpedoes)!
  12. Kami

    Do Russian BB have a weakness?

    Hey Captains, Please remember the tier IX and X are still in testing. There was an announced change on the Developer's Blog just the other day for the Kreml. Captains, you have done a good job in pointing out where the Soviet BBs are strong and where they struggle. AA on the Soviet BBs is average at best, I know coming under consistent attack from CVs is definitely a struggle. Tall, flat broadsides allow other BBs to do good damage if exposed. This means you have to angle correctly to do your best to negate that. The dispersion at range is not very good and thus consistently doing damage at range is also a struggle. The long reload of the main guns, this means you need to make sure all your salvos count. These are just a few of the ways that you can put yourself in a position to gain an advantage on the Soviet BBs. We appreciate the constructive conversation about the Soviet BBs. Question: In regards to the early access Soviet BBs, which one is your favorite and why?
  13. Kami

    SIMS Torp question

    Hey Col_Nasty, As some captains have pointed out the Sims torpedoes have a longer range but you do you seem to have the captain skill "torpedo acceleration" selected. The funny thing about the Sims torpedoes are they are so slow but the detectability and the short reload make them great for area denial. The Sims is a fun boat and has a lot going for it. When looking at torpedoes to use the torpedo acceleration captain skill, I look for ships that have long range torpedoes i.e. Shimakaze and even the Gearing. The trade off in range for the speed for the Sims is not great enough because you really want to be putting out a large volume of "sea mines" at a consistent pace. The torpedoes will not do much alpha damage but you can get decent floods and making your enemies move for your teammates is immeasurable. Good luck with the Sims!
  14. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary. French destroyer Kleber, tier X Increased detectability range by sea from 7.98 to 8.88 km; Increased detectability after firing main guns in smoke from 3.21 to 3.3. The ship has impressive firepower, aided by the "Main Battery Reload Booster" consumable and good concealment, which gave her a great advantage in fights with destroyers. These changes will allow her classmates time to detect her and avoid conflict with Kleber. British aircraft carrier Indomitable, tier VIII Maximum rocket damage reduced from 2350 to 2100. The damage reduction is due to the aircraft carrier's excessively high efficiency in combat. Japanese cruiser Yoshino, tier X Rudder Shift Time reduced from 15 to 13.9 sec; New torpedoes added: Reload time: 171 s; Maximum damage: 23 767; Speed: 67 knots; Range: 12 km; Detectability range: 1.7 km. Rudder Shift Time is now aligned with cruiser Azuma. The possibility of having two types of torpedoes available is being considered for the cruiser, and in the upcoming iteration, we're going to test a new variant: These torpedoes feature medium range, high damage, and speed, as well as an improved detectability. French cruiser Bayard, tier VIII Increased fore and aft end plating from 13 to 16 mm; Firing Range of the main battery was reduced from 17.4 to 16.4 km. Due to the successful combination of combat characteristics, Bayard showed good combat effectiveness and was a very hard-to-hit target for enemy ships. Her reduced range will move the cruiser closer to the enemy and make combat actions against Bayard more effective. The increase in the plating's thickness will allow her to bounce the shells from guns of up to 220 mm caliber. This change will be especially noticeable at medium and close ranges. Japanese destroyer Yudachi, tier VII Torpedo detectability range reduced from 2.5 to 1.9 km; Torpedo reload time reduced from 101 to 91 seconds. Despite the fact that torpedoes with a range of 15 km are a definite plus, their high visibility did not allow Yudachi to fully realize this potential. Along with a reduced reload time, Yudachi will become a more dangerous opponent. Soviet battleship Kremlin, tier X Increased Sigma parameter from 1.7 to 1.8; Main battery reload time reduced from 34 to 33 seconds. Kremlin is distinguished by strong armor, reliable torpedo bulges and a large pool of hit points, but she has inferior firepower compared to other tier X battleships. With the new gun characteristics, she will shoot more often and more accurately, which will be especially noticeable at medium to short distances. British battleship Monarch_T, tier VIII Increased Sigma parameter from 1.8 to 1.9; The percentage of recoverable hitpoints from casemate (non-citadel) damage by the Repair party is reduced from 85% to 75%. The increased accuracy will allow her to more effective deal damage in battles. British battleship Conqueror_T, tier X The percentage of recoverable hitpoints from casemate (non-citadel) damage by the Repair party is reduced from 85% to 75%. The changes to the repair party consumable are being made due to the ships' excessive performance, but even with them, Monarch_T and Conqueror_T will remain in the leading positions in regards to the number of restorable hit points. American destroyer Benham, tier IX. Torpedo Range increased from 9.2 to 10.5 km; Torpedo Speed increased from 55 to 65 knots; Torpedo detectability range increased from 1.1 to 1.4 km; Torpedo reload time reduced from 98 to 85 seconds; Maximum torpedo damage reduced from 16 633 to 15 200. The destroyer's concept involves torpedo gameplay and their previous iteration did not allow her to utilize them effectively. These changes will increase the effectiveness of the torpedoes due to greater speed and range, as well as less recharge time, but with less maximum damage. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.
  15. Hey Captains, This is going to be a summary of the Q&A that Sub_Octavian did on Reddit on 5/15. Question 1: Could we get a % damage dealt stat in the post battle screen? Or maybe in-match as well? And the API as well of course ;) Sub_Octavian's answer: This item is currently in the backlog and thanks for the reminder. I will refresh this discussion within the team. Question 2: Given the feedback from the testing, what is your opinion of the concept of the Pobeda/Slava? A lot of people don't seem to like a ship that promotes a very passive, sniping play style. Sub_Octavian's answer: The ship is still a work in progress ship (WIP). The initial testing period is coming to a close and then data will be collected on the Pobeda/Slava. This data will then be analyzed by GD and they will decide on what changes will be made for the next testing phase. The most obvious option will be: Same concept overall but make it better/more balanced, but if that fails might try a new concept. Sub's personal opinion: He hasn't spent enough time play testing the Slava but he does have some thoughts on the "passive play" topic. Campers are going to continue to camp and pushers will push. 100% agrees with the evaluation of players this time and feels the Slava is a glass cannon sniper. Yamato and Montana can be accurate at long range but are also effective with a push, while the Slava is less able to do this. Good concept, but maybe needs more distinct weaknesses. Question 3: What is the status on the gun fire bloom change? Sub_Octavian's answer: We apologize but this is still in the developer's queue. This is in the same queue as priority sector rework and the new CV autopilot improvements. We have not forgotten about this and we apologize for taking so long. This will be done as promised. Question 4: Are there any plans to adjust German battleships? They are fun ships but do not work in the current meta. Sub Octavian's answer: Looking at the stats, the German battleships are in the middle of the pack in each tier for winrate. From the data we can see that their damage might be just average but they are contributing to the team's overall success enough. The popularity of German BBs is also very high. There are a couple of additional factors to keep in mind: Meta changes will have an impact on how certain ships feel and their playing experience. There are also strong choices of premium/coal/free XP BB at almost every tier with skilled players. These ships can sometimes make other ships feel weaker. We are not opposed to improving the German BB experience but with the Soviet BBs being introduced, let us first see how they perform in the meta. The Soviet BBs occupy the same slot in the CQC BB slot so let us see how that plays out first. After the dust settles we can address this question one more time. I personally am a fan of secondary builds so I will vouch for that! Questions 5: German BBs are good supporting and tanking BB but that does not generate many credits or free xp. Why is the reward (free xp/credits) for tanking so low? Sub_Octavian's answer: It is comparable enough to other support activities and damage/capping will always be the main source. This question is a good question and I will ask the economy team to check KMS BB recent stats. Maybe there is room for tweaks and thanks you! Question 6: Will WoWs ever get the same treatment WoT did in regards to graphics, performance, and optimization? Sub_Octavian's answer: I believe I have commented on this topic a few times. We do not plan to make any big changes or total tech overhauls at one time. We like to do these changes in increments. There is currently no plan to change this approach. We will update visual, tech and under the hood parts from time to time. I want to clarify that WoWs and WoT are different teams, the engine is very different. There is almost nothing connecting the games from this point of view. Question 7: Is WG happy with the effect that CVs have on tier VIII MM? Sub_Octavian's answer: Tier VIII vs Tier X experience is roughly the same regardless of class. Some globacl MM improvements are being worked on but no CV specific changes are currently planned. We want to improve the experience for Tier VIII in general for all classes! Question 8: What happened to Viribus Unitis, Yahagi and Leone? Sub_Octavian's answer: Some ships are set aside until there is a good moment to release them. It is fine because not all WIP content is scheduled to be released immediately after testing. We have not forgot about these ships. Question 9: When can we expect more details about the alleged IFHE/HE and cruiser plating re-balance, can you share any details now? Sub_Octavian's answer: No ETA and no details to share as of right now. Question 10: Could we ever get a soft-cap for only 1 CV per team like tier X at other tiers? Sub_Octavian's answer: We are not against a soft cap for 1 tier VIII CV just like the tier X cap. The current tier VIII population is very high right now. We update the data and when it becomes viable we will strongly consider doing this cap. Right now it is not going to work and I went into more details with this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/b62cx7/just_a_small_clarification_on_mm_cv_limits/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=usertext&utm_name=WorldOfWarships&utm_content=t1_enmq15j Question 11: Are there any plans to update the Gearing model? Sub_Octavian's answer: We will update older models from time to time just like the recent Yamato update. Question 12: Do you think the AP bomb mechanic in general needs to be changed and explained better as well? Sub_Octavian's answer: We are quite happy with how AP bombs work, they have a good skill to reward ratio. We are concerned about the AP alpha strike potential of some CVs while the general playerbase progresses in terms of skill. The base concept works well but there might be minor tweaks in the future. Question 13: Any plans to add a German coal or steel ship to the armory in the future? Sub_Octavian's answer: There are always plans to add ships of all nations and all tiers to the game for all currencies. We do not make such announcements in Q&As. There are some cool German ships planned for the future but that is true for other nations as well. Question 14: Is WG happy with the amount of spotting and the reduced value of concealment in the game? Sub_Octavian's answer: CV related part: Not entirely. With the planned changes in 0.8.4. of the squadron speed will influence spotting. We made these changes so they will target spotting and DPM equally. This is a new meta and there is more spotting overall. We do not consider this a bad thing. We will continue to work on this mechanic with further tweaks and not a rework of the mechanic. Options like "CV spots for itself" and "CV spotting delay like radar" are not options at the moment. We will only consider if we exhaust all other options first. Overall Spotting: Not entirely. With everything combined we are concerned about spotting in the game. We are fine with the meta changing but we would like to keep the change subtle when possible. We are currently concentrated on the CV part and obviously the CV rework has had a big effect. When we are fully happy with it, we will look at everything else. Question 15: 20 second clip of Atlanta with DFAA vs tier 6 torpedo bombers. Would future planned changes to AA change this interaction in a meaningful way? Sub_Octavian's answer: We are currently happy with the state of the Atlanta. If you are looking at average plane kills of non-CVs the Atlanta is only surpassed by the Minotaur, Worcester and couple of USN BBs. We are not entirely happy with the CV-AA interaction globally. We want the combination of AA ship/build + skillful use of priority sector usage to have a greater impact on a ship's AA defense. We are currently working on this right now! Question 16: Any plans for further AA/CV balance that you can share at the moment? Sub_Octavian's answer: Everything that we can share at the moment is on the Developer's Blog. Question 17: Any plans on completely re-balancing the Graf Zeppelin, now that its biggest weapon (speed) has been nerfed 40 knots? Sub_Octavian's answer: No, the speed boost is being changed globally. This is not a GZ nerf but a global mechanic change that is affecting all CVs in the game. In the meantime, GZ retains her individual quality - high speed, with DB and TB planes having 181kt of base speed while other CV at this tier have it in 130ish range. What's more, her DB are being buffed. Better accuracy, more comfortable attack and, what's IMO even more important, higher bomb speed and penetration. The numbers do not seem huge, but in game it can be a difference between penetrating or not penetrating armor deck, especially against higher tier ships. And we all know that citadel hit is very desirable when you use AP bombs. If GZ will be weak after the changes for some reason, she will be improved in some other way - that's a standard workflow. It is not a specific nerf, and will not be considered a specific nerf, because we are changing boost mechanic globally. GZ has "The Engine Cooling consumable lasts twice as long (10 seconds) and has an additional charge" in Prem shop description, and that remains absolutely true. Boost mechanic and Engine Cooling consumable are different things. If, for some reason, GZ will fall behind the group despite of quite strong (in our prediction) buff, she will be additionally buffed later. Question 18: Are there any plans on making secondaries more viable as a build? Sub_Octavian's answer: Yes. But it is not simple. I doubt we will make significant changes with current settings, and new secondary mechanics obviously will be a long term project, given other things being worked on. I can say this: we want to do something cool with secondaries, but there is no final decision what and when yet. At the moment we do not treat " secondaries being a fun alternative for just a couple of ship lines " an emergency. It is an area of the game we will eventually revisit, along with many others. Question 19: Any chance for a setting to disable the in-game chat (apart from system messages like consumable use and the wheel messages)? Sub_Octavian's answer: It's being discussed right now actually, as there are quite a few requests to do it from the players. We will let you know when the decision is made, of course. Question 20: Is WG happy with the current efficiency of the Catapult Fighter consumable? Sub_Octavian's answer: Yes, we're happy with the efficiency of this consumable. It does what it was meant to - inflicts losses on enemy squadron or, in some cases, creates area denial. It's more efficient when launched with good timing, it's less efficient when launched late. It's more efficient if CV plays aggressively, it's less efficient if CV plays carefully. TBH, we're fine with its state right now, and our nearest efforts to improve AA protection will be targeted at priority sector mechanic, not at fighters. Question 21: Is there a possibility of another captain skill rework? Sub_Octavian's answer: Some updates are more than possible in foreseeable future. Complete rework - highly unlikely this year or even beyond. Question 22: Are there any plans to introduce a game mode without carriers anytime soon? Sub_Octavian's answer: No. Certain events can be no "CV" or no "BB" and no "Whatever class" because it is an event. Question 23: When will the Midway and Hakuryu get their Legendary Module back? Sub_Octavian's answer: I'm not 100% sure they will, actually. Because in our plans, we want to readdress the Legendary Mod thing overall. Maybe there will be some other system instead. Or maybe there will be changes. There is no exact decision right now; it may turn out that these mods will appear in some time as a part of current system, or they may be replaced (for all ships) with something completely new. Or these systems will co-exist. Sorry, in all fairness, we don't know ourselves right now :-). Question 24: In about another 6-8 months, when it is finally admitted that the CV rework has failed, how will WG attempt to repair the damage done? Sub_Octavian's answer: While "never say never" is true (looks at Halloween subs), we don't have any indication that CV rework is a failure. It has some issues, part of which are still to be resolved, it has some negative constructive feedback, and, sorry to say that, I mean no disrespect, it also has some echo-chamber hatred sentiment, which is not really constructive, too. As you can guess, no developer is interested in making the game worse, less popular, less enjoyable, etc. WoWS is the result for our effort, it's main career project for most of us, and it's huge part of our lives. From all main audience metrics, overall results of CV rework are good. From balance metrics, CV rework is good. Some players being unhappy or salty is of course NOT good, but: We're addressing the players concerns, and working on feedback points. We had the gut to rework the class from scratch, and none of us had pink dreams that CV rework would suit absolutely everyone. Question 25: Your statistics should also show you that DD play has dropped quite substantially? Sub_Octavian's answer: It shows that a lot of DD players started playing CV, because it's a very dynamic gameplay, though :-) Fun is extremely important and not to be ignored of course (we play to have fun in the first place), but considering rework a failure because some players say it's not fun is a mistake, too. "It's not fun" is a valid feedback, and, if supplied with additional information, can be an action point. "CV rework is a failure" is simply untrue statement, because, despite of some negative feedback, we see the big picture, in which audience metrics and activity overall is really good, and the class balance got better, too. "CV rework is less fun for me" and "CV rework is not a failure for the game globally" can co-exist and do not cancel each other. DD play undoubtedly got harder. Still, DD popularity is on acceptable level, DD performance is on acceptable level, DD battle influence is still high. And DD traditionally is a hard class to play. Meta changes. We had torpedo soup dominance a couple of years ago, we had BB dominance and cruiser extinction approx. a year ago - in big scale, class popularity and meta shifts and changes. And you know what? It's because the game is alive and kicking, and we work and will keep working on it. And I am absolutely sure there will be no moment when 100,00% of the playerbase will be 100,00% happy. As well as there will be no big change that will be liked by everyone. I will always accept constructive feedback, but I cannot argue with "it's a failure" statement. If we evaluate something as a general success with some room for improvements, and someone thinks it is fundamentally a failure, well, it means that we cannot satisfy this person with our work, unfortunately. With all due respect.