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  1. Please remember that the Exeter is still in testing.
  2. iKami

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    Captain, Thank you for the detailed feedback.
  3. iKami

    19 point captain deleted?

    Captain, Did you find your captain? If you did not please contact support with the details and they will be glad to help find the missing captain. Thanks!
  4. Glad you enjoyed the season. Thank you for the detailed feedback on your experience during the season.
  5. iKami

    Flag-o-Rama Returns!

    Captain, As long as you hit the participate button you will be entered into the flag-o-rama event.
  6. Captains, We understand that the CV rework was a big change to the game. We also understand the Dev Blog regarding the GC was a big talking point within the community. Please know we are continually working on balancing CVs and we take all your feedback seriously. Regarding the GC please remember that it was in the Dev Blog and all things in the Dev Blog are subject to change. Thanks!
  7. iKami

    I love the Colorado in 0.8.0

    Ohh the Colorado... We have had our ups and downs =). The Colorado has a lot of good things going for it but the one you must still endure is the slow speed.
  8. iKami

    War Movies

    Apocalypse Now is good but not one of my favorites, but I do recommend seeing the director's cut. Green Berets is an interesting choice! I actually like the Duke in that movie.
  9. iKami

    War Movies

    Did you watch the director's cut?
  10. iKami

    War Movies

    Let us keep the conversation going! How about we jump around from different wars.. First up: Vietnam. Favorite Vietnam war movie?
  11. iKami

    War Movies

    Alright, I will take a gander =).
  12. iKami

    Warspite - T6 Monster

    i find the Grand ol' Lady to be a good ship at tier 6 and has been for a long time. Myt favorite is still the Fuso but the Warspite has a lot of redeeming qualities!
  13. iKami

    Missing pieces of the Off Topic Section

    Sorry for that, the re-organizing shifted some things =).
  14. iKami

    War Movies

    Is that in the movie?
  15. iKami

    War Movies

    What is with the pink?