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  1. Soonset

    Exploring a No AFT Atlanta in Sprint

    I ran no AFT Atlanta in ranked as well, managed to stay in the super unicum PR range. I ran bft over si though, as I never really needed 4 radars and the reload was always useful. I actually prefer no AFT Atlanta in randoms as well for the reason you outlined, having a Max detection of 11km even when shooting is incredibly beneficial, especially if you are kiting or playing open water. Glad to see that I'm not crazy for advocating a no AFT build.
  2. Just ran into a 3 man div of accounts named matchup_influencer_XX (xx being numbers). All of them have very low battles played but have premium ships, and seem to be intentionally throwing games by clustering in one area and not actually doing anything. Has anyone else run into this? After checking on wows-numbers, there appears to be a decent number of these accounts too.