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  1. HammerKing1982

    Normandie, what a joke !

    be my guest, show me ur OWN videos...... these are the best video, on a frequent basis, they are a nightmare.... ok, done with u all.....waste of my time
  2. HammerKing1982

    When your team decides to potato

    the end lazy to entertain u all when I unlock Yamato and Conqueror, I will post Stream LIVE video as well as BEST VIDEO enjoy the game, cheers
  3. HammerKing1982

    When your team decides to potato

    its really keeps me occupied playing 2 matches, then come in here n see whats going. in all most previous thread I tried to be nice n focus on my topic. there were good respond, but also trolls appeared. as expected. been in all kind of forums, cars, bikes, gaming. NOW, I just dont care, I will add each of u, into the game, and STREAM. Winning, losing, its all the fun. I get paid good bucks for streaming anyway. Just LIVE, no best shot, no best video, no best game. Pure LIVE. (been asking all trolls to show me ur BEST videos on ALSACE n REP, but u all gave me PURE B-S replies) If u got the guts to ridicule me in all my posts, TROLLS, Im sure u all have GIGANTIC balls to stream LIVE. I got 600 followers, ALL OF THEM WILL WATCH U PLAY WITH ME. With random viewers, I estimate about 2000 viewers. Again, I dont care how long u played, whats ur winrate. Im here to play the game. If u are here long enough but still trolls new forummers, MY GOD, how old are u all ?
  4. HammerKing1982

    When your team decides to potato

    Im a sreaming musician, until I played this game so much, I decided to stream it. Lets go on LIVE, show your best. No second take. U win, U win... U lose, U lose..... enough keyboard warrior most of u slacking on ur job replying n spamming me ? when invited to play nobody is FREE TO PLAY ? woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
  5. HammerKing1982

    When your team decides to potato

    whomever thinks they are top notch players n love to criticize plz join my division, I stream this game on BIGO 10 hours+- drop me a message n I will add u be a good sports, stop being keyboard warrior If some players focusing telling some ships are crap, it could be really crap, unlocking it cost money, thats for the sake for u NOT to waste ur money and effort. not for u acting like 9 years or 3rd grade, trolling like a monkey THINK U GOOD ENOUGH ? lets STREAM, end of story
  6. HammerKing1982

    When your team decides to potato

    Added u Joeeeey, Bronze Ranked 7 player its easy, u see a topic, u see human replying sensibly, u also reply sensibly with ur thoughts u see a troll, u kick his butt, then carry on as simple as that, now Im gonna challege all of u TROLLS and add u in the game, LETS SEE HOW U PLAY, how many u sink ( I will stream the whole gameplay in BIGO live) even better please impress my by using Alsace and Rep, show me in REAL TIME what is the frequency of winning and sinking ships with this 2 french ships, I'd like to see u become the primary HE spam target. SHOW ME, my 10 hours daily experience with these 2 crappy ships might be wrong, my experience finishing Ranked 1 Bronze might be wrong too. Or, u trolls type too fast without using ur head ? right, back to the topic, I have no more to say. and TROLLS, plz stop too...... the more trolling the more bananas and peas im gonna FEED U
  7. HammerKing1982

    When your team decides to potato

    ah, first thing these trolls accuse of others a bad players then they find rubbish like your thread got hijacked my gosh, SO MUCH OF U, TROLLS..... god bless ya'll
  8. HammerKing1982

    When your team decides to potato

    Joe, let me get this straight. you are ONE of the trolls. yeah, thats what I wanna tell u, g'day
  9. HammerKing1982

    When your team decides to potato

    sorry, not a fan of NO-REAR-END defence. same goes to Izumo, Nelson and other ships with same layout. I believe these ships are built as a sea-to-land attilery, NOT battleships in real life. (Would be great if u play in division all the time with friends/players u can trust so u can max out ur play style suited for JB. NOT in Random or Ranked with strangers) I like independent ships that can kill and defend itself regardless what kind of team mates u got in a match. Can kill and defend when pushing or escaping. I like ships like Lyon, Amagi, Yamato, Conqueror and most top tier USN BBs. I despise lack of turrets / no turret at the rear-end and lack of barrels. Surrounded by DD or CA, chasing ur tail, its a dead end.
  10. HammerKing1982

    When your team decides to potato

    thanks trolls..... love ya all..... cracks me up your responds are the BEST IRONY
  11. HammerKing1982

    Ranked Sprints are a rigged environment

    WG should set quota on players who wanted to play Ranked. I still find Yolos, AFK and Cowards in Ranked....how is it possible. Its a serious n stressful match, played with all ur heart n earnt stars painstakingly, ended up with the next game full of potatoes, watching that star drops again really gets on my nerves, GRRRRR
  12. HammerKing1982

    When your team decides to potato

    I know how it feels. Thats why I completely use ships that dont have to rely on team mates, confirmed kill-escape-survive. I despise French BB (from techline), worst ships to play. Except Lyon, and the so-so Alsace.
  13. HammerKing1982

    not happy with tier placement

    To be honest, any tier should be fine, as long as team mates are NOT day dreaming. I had alot of fun with low tier ships like Svetlana, Budyonny, Kuma, the cute HuangHe (hehe), Emile Bertin and etc. I experiences a few random games, playing low tiers and met complete strangers team mates, they added me into division after all of us hit hard n scores, then we starts playing high tiers, and we won about 80% of all games. Ofcoz, to make life easily, dont use hard to play ships. Use easy ships. FUN is the KEY ! Cheers !
  14. HammerKing1982

    When your team decides to potato

    I have no more respond to potato teams. sometimes I quit early to avoid cussing. I usually marathon 10 games in ago, so being pink color dont even really matters to me. I just want decent games, with XP stars.... Not wasting my time shooting enemies while whole team day dreaming. Again I said, MM should match up players according PERSONAL to play rate, kill rate, survival rate, and doubloon-purchasing-rate. In short, place serious players with serious players. Restrict potato players whom plays 1 or 2 games then quit, or players never really fired a shot or cause any damage. Set a quota for them to play at least 5 Co-Op with some win rates, then only allow them to play Random and Ranked. This will only be fair to players whom spends DOUBLOONS on Signals Flags in EVERY game.
  15. maybe one reason to like Russian BB, hehe