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  1. Fortunately I am moving to MT, and as of next week, video games will be the last thing I will ever do.
  2. Excuse_Maker

    All about USS Alaska!

    Zao……. Remembers.... the Rising Sun Awaits
  3. Big difference between you and I. you talk more and play less. I play more and talk less. 21k posts. lols don't poke the bear
  4. I am not in the in crowd. If you think a game this small doesn't have one.... trust me my friend... its ugly
  5. Excuse_Maker

    When you report someone, does anything happen?

    it depends on who you are and how and who you report it too. I got a strike for posting a Bugs bunny cartoon. That is the truth.
  6. Excuse_Maker

    Major problem with Alaska Release...

    The major problem with the Alaska Release is that we are still hotfixing the biggest change in the game. Now we bring in another line of CV's, radar is changing...…. The only thing the Alaska is doing is a horrifically timed desperate attempt to grab more revenue when the game is as unstable as it has been in two years.
  7. Excuse_Maker

    Incoming Minotaur AA nerf 8.1 tomorrow.

    This an outratge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want my money back. My Mino had a 94 AA rating with no captain in it or flags. This is uncalled for.....
  8. Because I take on established players and fight like heck. I made this account so I can post without recourse. there is a reason I am at almost a 50% upvote to post ratio. I
  9. Excuse_Maker

    How many 19-pt captains do you have?

    the only way you get this many captains is spending thousands of dollars. of which...has ceased. I am playing the cv's… But the money is done.
  10. Excuse_Maker

    Alaska captains

    IJN nation eagerly awaits the new ship. My Zao whispered to me in my dreams last night.... It's ok, the nubs will all buy this ship, think its an OP ship.... you know what it will smell like?
  11. OMG, I heard they might move the Tachibana to tier 3!!!!!! This is an outrage!
  12. Excuse_Maker

    Population Decline? Data shows... hold on, please?!

    I do. I have never gone this long without purchasing something form the premium shop in over two years, Players that I have seen for over two years have said the same or completely stopped playing.
  13. Excuse_Maker

    Population Decline? Data shows... hold on, please?!

    well.... the people that have funded have stopped paying. I was simply responding as to why they/myself are frustrated.