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  1. Also, don't forget that in the report mentioned that the rudder angle used in the trials was not the maximum of the 40 degrees that Iowa could pull, the above-mentioned report clearly shows in the diagram that at 35 degrees of right rudder and around 19 knots she could turn .625 of her tactical diameter at 30 knots approach speed was around .68 of her tactical diameter, with rudder left 35 degrees it was slightly higher, with an additional 5 degrees of the rudder still left in reserve. The New Jersey performed slightly better, by about .025 tactical diameter in her trials. For her tonnage, this is extremely good performance, and while not the turning radius of a destroyer, she could outmaneuver any adversarial ship of the same class with ease. http://www.navweaps.com/index_tech/tech-104_BB61_Sea_Trial.pdf This all being said, I'm taking an action to go do some research and see if the Iowa performance design specs, and actual sea trial performance data is available. In particular, my goal is going to be looking for her numbers throughout the whole 540 degree execution, also to see if the 1980's sea trials technical data is available for release yet, if it was secret at the time it should have been declassified by now as it has been over 25 years, but I would think that even if it was TS as the class has been retired from the reserve and stricken from the register, a request to declassify and release would be considered.