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  1. FuBard123

    8.0 CV Captain skills?

    Thanx guys, I really appreciate the advice, especially since it isn't online anywhere that I can see. FuBard123
  2. FuBard123

    8.0 CV Captain skills?

    Hey mates, I'm trying my best to play the new CV's, although I have only the Langley and the Ranger. I would appreciate advice on what captain skills to equip. I have 8 points on Ranger's captain and am thinking (1)Air supremacy, (2)Adrenaline rush, and (3)Aircraft armor... I think (4)Sight stabilization , when I get to the next one. Any suggestions? Thanx, FuBard
  3. FuBard123

    Pretty obvious CV nerf is in order

    Well... maybe tier 10 CV's need a nerf, but try playing the USA tier 4 and 6 and then tell me CV's need a nerf. I've been playing all day, dozens of games now, and my absolute best was 54,000 damage, and had another at 44,500 and those two games were flukes... virtually all the rest have been between 1,200 damage and about 12,000 damage. I am no gr8 CV player, but used to do fairly well at this level with the old system, and now I struggle to get damage for an entire game equivalent to about what 1-3 salvos from a cruiser could do in 20-30 seconds. I literally did better than this my very first ever CV game with the old system. The flack at this tier just shreds my planes, even from a lone DD. Maybe the high tier CV's need nerfs, but the low tiers need buffs, and the AA needs to be nerfed. FuBard123
  4. Hey mates, Just wanted to add my 2 cents worth, as someone who never played a lot of CV, but who is really trying to master the new way to play them. I have watched youtube videos and WG videos on how to play them, read up on it too, and understand fairly well how to do so now. I am only playing in COOP to try and master the skills. I only have the US CV's Langley and Ranger. From my experience, Langley is virtually worthless. I can rarely get planes to last long enough to attack even a lone destroyer, and in the event I do get a hit, the damage is pathetic. The AA just absolutely shreds my planes, even from that single destroyer. In the Ranger, I do a bit better, sometimes. Still I find that the damage is anemic, and sometimes abysmal. And again, the AA just demolishes my planes, and even if I survive one attack, I have rarely ever been able to live to launch a second b4 my planes go bye-bye. From my limited experience, thus far, it seems to me that damages need to be increased from torps, bombs, and rockets, and that AA (at least at these levels) needs to be cut waaay back. B4 this change, I was able to at least have decent, and sometimes really good, games in a CV. No longer, but I am going to keep trying. I honestly enjoy flying the planes, the graphics and sounds are really cool, and I think the potential is high. However, if WG's stated intent to make the CV easier and more accessible to nubes and non-CV players was correct, I think they dropped the ball on it. I was able to do much better, much faster on the old system, and I think the learning curve for this new system is far steeper. I have played about 20 games so far on CV, so my experience admittedly is very limited. My best game had damage of 49, 500 on the Ranger (and that was 2x times my second best). However, I have had multiple games where my damage was below 5,000, and at least two that were below 2,000 total damage. Will keep it up and see if I can get better though. FuBard123
  5. FuBard123

    Mercy rule needs to GO!

    Hey mates, I didn't mean for my little rant post to cause any adversity, but I'm glad to see it is a topic of genuine concern for more than just me. I can say from personal experience that it is definitely not always one, lone CV or DD left to chase down. Many are the times that I have seen 2 ships left when the 'mercy' rule kicks in and ends the match (it seems ONLY if our team has not lost a single boat that it ends when the bots have only 2 left). I have seen a CV and BB two BB's, BB and CA, etc... and more times than I care to remember, the game ends just as my perfectly shot broadside is about to land on that BB or CA and I have to watch it fade out, taking my citadels, excitement, and points with it. BTW, I do LOVE the suggestion that COOP could have a 12 players vs 12 bots mode. That would greatly boost the action, fun, and point farming all around. And NO MERCY RULE. To expand on someone else's analogy, I don't think any Skynet bots would offer any human mercy, nor would they expect it from the humans. They would go down fighting soullessly, and dispassionately, as they have no feelings to be hurt or egos to be crushed. Thanks for all the good reads, ideas, and perspectives, FuBard
  6. FuBard123

    Mercy rule needs to GO!

    Agreed. I can't tell you how many times my shells are just seconds from impacting the ship, and suddenly the match ends... robbing me of at least 25% of the potential points I could get. Why does this happen? Why doesn't it play out until all enemy ships are dead, or 1000 points are scored? This mercy rule is ridiculous.
  7. Title says it all. The mercy rule in coop is ridiculous. No one wants to give bots mercy. It only robs us of xp, and keeps us from farming the points we play coop to get. Why is this rule in place at all? It isn't that way in randoms, and that would make far more sense to offer mercy to fellow players rather than computer bots. Get rid of it now. I can't tell you how much xp, free xp, and commander points I have lost because of this ridiculous rule. I have read that it was put in place to force people to play randoms, rather than coop, and I am beginning to believe it is true. Do any of you feel the same way? A very frustrated customer. FuBard
  8. Hey mates, What is WG's rational for the CE nerf? I must have missed the reason. FuBard
  9. Hi all, I am willing to give this a chance, but consider... CV's changed warfare like no other ship in history. Once they were unleashed, all other warships were changed forever. BB's were made obsolete, and they disappeared from the world. CA's, CL's, and DD's were relegated to being support ships for the CV's, seldom, if ever, doing anything but guarding them and providing surface/air cover. Quite simply, CV's changed naval warfare for all time and made all other ships either totally obsolete, or so completely changed/reduced their roles that they became mere footnotes. If WG isn't extremely careful, we will have the exact same thing happen here. Honestly, unless carriers are severely gimped, they will do the same thing here that they have already been doing in game, and did in real life. We'll see, I suppose. FuBard
  10. FuBard123

    Russian railgun questions

    oops... You're right. Don't know what I was thinking... no Russian BB's yet, so I guess we'll see sometime later. I guess I was thinking of the Premium one I saw in the shop. Thanks, dEs, and everyone, for the wisdom and advice. I have to hit the sack now... got to get up early for work (yuck). I'd still appreciate more opinions though. FuBard
  11. FuBard123

    Russian railgun questions

    Yeah, I'm kinda used to that though. I tend to like to play squishy cruisers. But unlike many of them, which have orbit-level floaty shells (like American), at least the Russian ones are flat shooting and I can hit with them very well. I have leveled the German cruisers up to Hindenburg, and I really like them, though they aren't nearly as squishy. And I have definitely come to a quick and nasty end more than once. ;) Thanks, Bravo
  12. FuBard123

    Russian railgun questions

    Thanks a lot, awiggin, I think I am definitely going to enjoy all the Russian cruisers then. I'm not a destroyer kind of guy, but I will probably try out the battleships too. And I am definitely thinking I will be buying the Molotov. FuBard
  13. FuBard123

    Russian railgun questions

    Hey shipmates, I recently started playing the Russian cruisers and I absolutely love the high velocity, accuracy, and flat trajectory of the guns, though they are definitely squishy as heck. I have a few questions and I hope you can help me out. I am playing the Kirov and it is the first that seems to have the railgun type trajectories. So here are my questions. 1) Do all the cruisers above it in the line have the same flat shooting guns, and are they as fun to play as the Kirov? 2) Do you think the premium Molotov is worth getting if you like the Kirov? 3) Do the battleships also have these railguns, or is it just the cruisers? 4) While I'm at it, do the destroyers have them too? Anyway, thanks for any help you can give me FuBard123
  14. FuBard123

    How do Dasha captains' voiceover sound?

    Well, I have yet to find a way that she speaks English. Wish she could though. Maybe in a future patch? FuBard123
  15. FuBard123

    Premium Ship Review: Atlanta 3.0

    Hey all, While it does have it's shortcomings (I won't get into them, as they have been masterfully covered already) I find the Atlanta to be a beautiful ship that is a lot of fun to play. I absolutely love the withering hail of gunfire that she puts out, and I have found that you can virtually smother ships in a firehose of HE shells and cause massive fires. It is the closest thing to a true machinegun cruiser that I have seen to date. While it does take a while to do significant damage to BB's and CA's, it will certainly do the job well on CL's and DD's. When I am playing just to have shooting-gallery fun, it never disappoints! FuBard