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  1. BattleBard149

    That's it, I'm out (Henri nerf)

    If everyone who is saying that he is a ____________ (insert insulting expletive here) for quitting over this one issue would look just a little more closely at what he actually said, you might realize how unfair you are being. He did not say that he is quitting because they nerfed the Henri. He said that the nerfing of the Henri is "the last straw." Meaning that there were many things that he was unhappy with, but the nerfing of the Henri was the one that finally caused him to be upset enough to uninstall and quit playing. i.e. The poor camel had thousands of straws put on him, but the one, final straw placed on it was the one that broke his back. People have said, "So _______________ (fill in blank with pet issue) was not enough to make you uninstall, but this was? But he DID NOT SAY THAT. From what he said, there are MANY issues that he is unhappy with, surely some of the ones you all have mentioned bothered him also, but this one was the one that just pushed him over the edge. It's called reading comprehension folks. And as others have said, empathy. Fair Seas
  2. They also said that submarines would never be added to the game...
  3. Ahoy mates, I truly wish they would stop this releasing 4 ships of the line for RNG in containers. I, for one, do not want to get them out of order, and I think it's counter-productive for people to do so. If anything, just offer the chance to get the tier 5 for RNG in containers, and I would agree with that. I want, and people need, to learn to play ships from the bottom up. Otherwise, we wind up with people playing ships at higher tiers that they are not well versed in. Plus I think it ruins the fun and excitement of advancing up through the line. IMHO, of course. Fair seas
  4. If you think the Yashima is OP, just wait until you see the next Russian super-duper battleship, comrades. It will have limited guns, only one fore and aft, but of such awesome and stronk size and power as to be not believed. It's 762mm guns will shoot projectiles which will outweigh an Orlan class cruiser and penetrate through small islands to hit enemies of the Motherland, piercing all known armor at any angle and having a 50% chance to blow even battleships in half with one mighty strike. Cower in fear enemies of Mother Russia!
  5. BattleBard149

    What is the median W/R?

    I agree. I never said winning/losing is not important, I was just commenting on how, IMHO, many people take the stats/win rates far too seriously in what is ultimately just a game to play for fun. That's one reason I am a coop main, and not a randoms main... though I do stick my toe in the water there now and again. Lately, I am really getting into scenarios, which are PVE, fun, profitable, and don't count toward win rates and such. But I don't want to hijack the thread, so will bow out now. Fair Seas
  6. BattleBard149

    What is the median W/R?

    It is neither. This is a video game... not a job, or a paid sport, or a real war, or battle, or anything else. IT IS A VIDEO GAME. Most people do not play this game to have a great win rate, or PR, or whatever. Most people play it, as games should be played, TO HAVE FUN... People who are so serious about this game really need to examine their lives and values a bit, in my opinion. I just don't understand people who are so wrapped up in this, or any other GAME, that they belittle others and try to lord it over others about their 'stats'. I could see how people who get paid to play or promote this game would be concerned about such things, but not those who just play it for free. For what it's worth. Fair Seas
  7. BattleBard149

    What Bothers You Most About Co-Op Games Ending Early?

    Loss of XP, captain XP, credits, and waste of flags are definitely annoying. But the single most maddening, enraging, makes-me-scream-and-curse thing that ever happens is definitely number 5... when my shells/torps are just about to end the life of an enemy, or really do some damage, and the screen blurs, the music starts, and the game is over. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! &*$#*&@#@&** My blood pressure goes up 30-40 points, and my wife tells me to quit yelling (cursing). Yeah, that's the very worst aspect. Fair Seas
  8. BattleBard149

    Raptor Rescue has gotten harder

    LOL. Yeah, RNG don't care about no plans.... Field Marshal Helmuth Karl Bernhard Graf von Moltke said, "no plan ever survives contact with the enemy." (paraphrased) And that is true, but w/o a plan at all, few battles would ever be won. You just have to adapt as conditions change, but being in the right place sure helps to start with.
  9. BattleBard149

    Raptor Rescue has gotten harder

    From what I've seen, that is the single most crucial battle of the operation. The Raptor, and many more players, die to those 2 DDs and cruisers than anywhere else. The second most crucial area is just b4 the Raptor gets to the finish circle. When those BBs and cruisers attack, they can easily kill the Raptor is people are not out front to stop them. If just a few players would stay with the Raptor, especially just ahead or beside it, those two battles would be pretty easily won.
  10. BattleBard149

    Raptor Rescue has gotten harder

    Ahoy mates, I just had 3 losses in a row on Raptor Rescue... and EACH TIME, the Raptor was very close to the finish circle... once, 10 ship lengths away, once 1/2 a ship length away, and once with the bow of the CV actually over the line!!!! Each time the cause of the loss was the same... players running off (usually in a slow BB) after the south CV and unable to catch up, and especially that they will not stay with, and slightly in front of, the Raptor. This is especially crucial not long after it starts up and the DDs and cruisers attack from the north with torps. Again, it is crucial near the finish circle, when cruisers and BBs attack. I tell people not to go astray, tell them what do, and they just don't listen. They get CV fever and charge away, leaving the Raptor totally vulnerable, and I can't protect it alone. This operation is VERY simple... IF you know what to do, or IF you will listen to those that do. If you get even a 1/2 decent team that somewhat listens, it is easy to get 3-5 stars every time. If people would just stay near, and slightly ahead of, the Raptor, that would be the single best thing that they can do to insure the success of the mission.. but they just won't do it. I tell them and tell them and tell them and tell them, but they just don't listen. And so we lose again and again. It's not hard. Just do that ONE thing, and I guarantee you, you will win more often than not. What a frustrating run of games. Fair Seas
  11. BattleBard149

    Raptor Rescue is the most engaging scenario event

    Ahoy mates, I've done it 5 times today, and never done it b4, just watched a video on youtube on how to do it. First time, we got 3 stars... 2nd and 3rd times, 5 stars.... 4th and 5th times, people ran all over after cvs and whatever and left the Raptor and it got killed, so 2 defeats. I like the scenario, and it's not that hard honestly... IF you get people who will stay with the cv above all else. I mean, more stars is cool, but if the cv dies, that is totally uncool. Fair Seas
  12. Thanx guys. I see now why FP is so good, esp on BBs.
  13. Thanx for the info guys.... Sorry I took so long to respond, but I had to go to the store with the wifey. You know how it is. Anyway, I can see how reducing the CENTER of the ship (superstructure) to 1 fire would be very useful, and I didn't realize that was what happened, just thought that the total went from 4 to 3. A lot of the time when I get 2 fires they are both on the center area. So it seems many of you think that BOS and FP should be taken on BBs even before SI and CE. I guess I can see that, as concealment is so bad on them anyway, plus with CV perma-spotting now... and I rarely use all my heals anyway. I was actually looking at the spec'ing of my Puerto Rico, since it specs out much like a BB anyway. To spec it like I want, I can only take one of them; FP or BOS, and can't decide which would be best. Thanx for all the great help. Fair Seas
  14. Ahoy mates, Fire prevention is a 4 point skill . It reduces the risk of catching fire by 10%, and it reduces the maximum number of fires from 4 to 3. Basics of Survivability is a 3 point skill. It reduces fire duration by 15%, plus reduces flooding and repair times by 15% as well. Unless I'm missing something, BOS seems to be the better skill. Reducing fire chance by 10% is negligible, as it will only work one chance in 10, and I rarely ever get 4 fires and not many times do I get 3. Mostly it's one or two. But, no matter how many fires I get, BOS will reduce the burn time on them by 15%, plus it does the same for torps and repairs, whereas FP does nothing for these cases. Am I missing something? Does FP do more than it seems? Can someone tell me why FP is a better skill and why it is a 4 point skill whereas BOS is only 3? I have wondered about this for a while, and would appreciate any explanations you can give. Thanx in advance. Fair Seas