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  1. BattleBard149

    Merry Christmas to Me!

    I just got home from work and played my first game of Christmas day (Yes, I had to work 12 hours on Christmas day). Anyway, this was my reward, so I guess I got a little something too. Maybe I was a little bit less naughty than nice? Fair Seas
  2. BattleBard149

    Sticking to islands

    True. But it would be nice if they told us they were doing it.
  3. BattleBard149

    Sticking to islands

    I agree. They must have made the water around island shallower, causing us to run aground. Subs are messing up the game b4 they even get in it. Figures.
  4. BattleBard149

    Sticking to islands

    Well, this time I ran into the island, bow on, almost 90 degrees on... and I still couldn't back away, no matter what I tried it just wouldn't move. And it's far from the first time lately. It used to just be an isolated thing, but it happens now with annoying regularity. Yeah, if you sideswipe an island, you can get stuck permanently, I'm aware of that one... but hitting it 90 degrees on with your bow and sticking is just ridiculous.
  5. BattleBard149

    Sticking to islands

    Ahoy mates, Is it just me, or is anyone else having an issue with getting stuck on islands? It doesn't matter what ship type, nation, etc, but if I so much as touch an island now, nine times out of ten I stick to it like glue. It just happened to me again and I had to sit helplessly while 3 torps I should have easily avoided slammed into me and sunk me because I could not get off the island I had barely tapped. Forward, reverse, back and forth... nothing worked and I sat there and got killed... again. It's infuriating! Fair Seas
  6. BattleBard149

    WoWs Myths and Legends

    "There is no such thing as kill steals..."
  7. BattleBard149

    “Summer Sale” 2020

    Ahoy mates, All I want is the Atlanta camo. I see where I can buy 50 tokens for 9.99 and 10 tokens for 2.40. So how can I get the other 5 right now? Thanx in advance, Fair Seas P.S. Playing for them is not an option right now, since work and other issues are not allowing it at all for a while. NEVERMIND. i FOUND A WAY AND GOT IT....
  8. BattleBard149

    It's not paranoia if they really are after you!

    Ahhhh... So it IS a plot by WG!
  9. BattleBard149

    It's not paranoia if they really are after you!

    They've already started...
  10. Ahoy mates, I don't know if this is happening to anyone else, and I certainly hope not, but the last few weeks playing coop has become well-nigh intolerable to me... for one reason. THE BOTS HAVE IT IN FOR ME! I've been playing for two years as a coop main, and in all that time I've had games where I am the damage piñata, the practice target, get focused and killed immediately... we all have. But lately it has become so horrendously prevalent that it is quite honestly damaging my ability to enjoy playing the game anymore. Game after game after game after game, as soon as I am spotted/plane spotted/open fire... whatever... as soon as I am spotted I get focused by every ship with range regardless of the circumstances, islands between us, how many ships are shooting at them, or if they are currently battling other ships. It makes NO difference. The INSTANT I am spotted, all attention goes to me and I get focus-fired until I am dead. I haven't changed my playstyle, it doesn't matter the ship type/nation, and my tactics make little difference. As soon as I am spotted, I become the target, multiple ships fire at me from the gods know where, and I die. Period. I honestly think that this flow chart I created explains the AI's actions anytime I play... seriously. It hasn't always been like this... just the last couple of months, give or take. It's like someone threw a switch and all the sudden I am bot enemy number one in most games I play now. And I have had times like this before, but never one that has lasted for months as it has now. It has become so bad, and so exasperating, that I am actually considering playing randoms for a while just to get away from it. Oh, the horror! Fair Seas
  11. BattleBard149

    How does the AI choose targets?

    Ahoy mates, I'm no computer expert for sure, but I believe the flow chart below shows definitively how the AI for the bots in coop chooses their targets... Well, that's how it seems to me anyway... Fair Seas
  12. BattleBard149

    World of Warships Transformers Collab

    Yet they don't allow female art on planes now... times change I suppose. It's funny... people look back at those times and call them prudish and such, though they did allow the pilots and crews to have that kind of art on the planes then, but they won't let them now in what most people say are much more progressive times. I always think back to 'Apocalypse Now', and this Line by Colonel Kurtz... "They train young men to drop fire on people, but their commanders won't allow them to write @#$% on their airplanes because it's obscene." Yep. It's OK to commit the ungodly obscenity of napalming an entire group of people and burning them alive horribly, but there's no way you are going to write a word that is considered obscene on the plane that you do it with. Weird times we live in for sure. Fair Seas NOTE: I bleeped the word myself, not the censors.
  13. BattleBard149

    World of Warships Transformers Collab

    Oh have all of the badges and things from that time. And I very much love the video they made, but those aren't camos for ships, or female ship captains for that matter.
  14. BattleBard149

    World of Warships Transformers Collab

    Yeah, you're probably right... But I don't mean the R-rated versions... just the sexy pinup pose in sexy outfits, but not too revealing... like so... I took this photo of a B-25 at an airshow, and the pilot told me that this was the "G" version... They also have an "R" version where her top is not there. I have photos of both, but of course I won't post the other. If you get offended by this, then you'd better not go the the beach, because most bikinis show much more than this. Heck, you'd better not walk down the street in many cities, or you'll see much "worse." This, and even less revealing, such as my avatar, are what I consider scanty. I don't mean nudes... just sexy. Fair Seas
  15. BattleBard149

    World of Warships Transformers Collab

    Now that you mention it, why don't they give us camos based on legendary WWII pinup girl posters and artwork on planes. Sexy, scantily clad pinup girls adorning the hulls, superstructures, and decks of our warships. Now THAT's an idea I could really get behind! (and I know some mods already do this, but most of them have issues) Fair Seas