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  1. SkullDuggery05

    Why is this such a salty game.

    Why in the world do people ALLOW words to upset them......STOP, IGNORE and MOVE ON!
  2. SkullDuggery05

    Von Der Tan less than expected.

    Yes, she is Turtle backed. Another angle of the armor shows it but He is correct. A lot of 16mm areas that can be penned.
  3. SkullDuggery05

    Historical Accuracy

    I agree with the OP 100 percent. To much fantasy and cartoon crap in the game. Dude, your going to get a lot of push back from kids and white knights so be ready for it. They don't want accuracy because their wr would fall. The list of fake things that happen in game is huge starting with CV's. Never ending planes. torp drops from and island or mountain side that come from the beach. Rocket planes on CV's in ww1 or 2 is bull. CV's in ww1 that operated in the open ocean is bull. Launching more than 1 or 2 strikes per day is bull. In reality the bow of a ship is weak while the broadside armor is the toughest area of the ship. DD's with unlimited torps. Unlimited shells, the list goes on and on and on.
  4. SkullDuggery05

    Helena the Beautiful! 2 cv's in one game.

    Well done. Helena is so soft it's hard to survive in it.
  5. SkullDuggery05

    Noticed a cool difference

    As soon as I started reading the so called suggestions, I knew She was kidding. Read many of her past post's and you can get a sense of Her Humor. their are many people that post with the same type of humor and thats good. Would be a boring place without it. I do agree about the Hull damage below the water line. If the ship sinks it's is because water gets in and that means flooding below the water line. If the Magazines detonate that's another story but most don't so seeing torpedo damage would be cool.
  6. SkullDuggery05

    Can it get ANY closer?????

    I won because I am invincible!
  7. SkullDuggery05

    Can it get ANY closer?????

    Clan Brawl. I in my French DD Le Fantasque, Other player is USS Cleveland. I capped he, He capped B. He was 6 k away and his radar ran out so I rushed him bow in to his broadside. My DD can take a few good hits and keep coming so I turned and he hit me hard! Launched both tubes and just as Torps were going to hit he fired full broadside. Look at the screenshot. We both exploded but somehow I was awarded the victory. I felt bad for him and sent him a compliment. Never had this happen before so I posted it. Maybe it's happened to some of you.
  8. Heck no! In the first place Rockets were not used against warships in WW2. their were a couple of strikes on merchant shipping close to harbor but that's it. They were used mainly against ground troops and soft targets. In World war 1 same deal. No CV's operated against enemy fleets but stayed close to home as they were more experimental than functional at that time so Rockets on CV based planes in world war 1 didn't exist and should not in the game, at least until tier 7 which represents the 1930's IMHO. Thats when CV's were really becoming Full ocean going and operational ships. All throughout the 1920's they were still working out problems on Lex and Sara. CV2 and 3.
  9. Two of my under performing ships, The PEF and Ashitaka have improved greatly. PEF secondary fire range is greater, The main guns more accurate from the buff the did to German BB's. Ashitaka with Dead eye can really punch at 15k and greater. Both being fast Battlecruisers in tier 6 and 7 give them better odds now at making a difference i the game. Definitely more fun to play. British Heavy Cruisers though I believe are suffering badly from the re work.
  10. SkullDuggery05

    What's with people going AFK at the start of the match?

    I have been noticing in a lot of games we have FAKE afk's at the start. DD's and some cruiser players are just sitting there until some other players are out in front of them. Their guns have turned so they are their but won't move. I have called a couple of dd players out as to why they are not moving and get the usual foul mouth answer back. Only one admitted he was sick of being out front and getting hit quickly in the game. I asked him if it's that bad, why not play another ship type? He came back asking why team mates would not support him in the cap. I answered just because we are not in the cap with him does not mean we are not shooting at the ships he spotted. I guess he wants cruisers and BB's to cap with him.
  11. SkullDuggery05

    Been a long time since this happened.....

    A Free ship is a Free ship!
  12. SkullDuggery05

    Deadeye was not the problem!

    That's the Style Girl!
  13. SkullDuggery05

    Bring on the Subs!

    I did. Submarine BB hunters. Juicy slabs of sitting like a duck meat.
  14. SkullDuggery05

    Bring on the Subs!

    Well Mr Helper. Get into the solution as to what to do about camping and hiding BB's. I'll be glad to listen to YOUR solution.