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  1. Well Said Sir! Thumbs Up to you! Had 3 CV's in a game this morning. Always spotted and near end of game Dozens of Planes flying around and all of us Burned to death. Otherwise we kicked other teams butt. So the CV's by themselves changed the outcome.
  2. bobby_scott05

    Searching for a Clan

    Looking for an active clan. I'm up to tier 7 and have two tier 8 premium BBs. Looking for an active clan, ie, Random, Clan battles, Divisions etc. I am competitive yet want to have fun also. I'm an 8 year Army vet but have always loved ww1 and ww2 ships. I'm 54 years old and live on the east coast. I have discord and TeamSpeak. I have played clan battles before and am good at reading a map and recognizing threats. I am not to old to learn and hope people can learn from me also because I am certainly willing to help. I have my faults for sure and make mistakes in and out of game. Looking forward to playing with people who can improve my game and enjoy talking with. I love History and Rock to Sabaton, yet I also like easy listening,,,lol. If interested please PM me and we will talk. Thank you and Good Luck-Good Shooting!
  3. bobby_scott05

    MM Rant, Yes Again....

    Close your wallet. Nothing will make WG make changes for the better than funds drying up from angry players.
  4. bobby_scott05

    A Destroyer's opinion on the new CV game play

    I don't need your approval nor am I looking for it. I'm not a white Knight kiss butt.
  5. bobby_scott05

    A Destroyer's opinion on the new CV game play

    Nope,,will continue to do what Im doing. Complaining about CV's no matter what
  6. bobby_scott05

    A Destroyer's opinion on the new CV game play

    If I am spending MY hard earned Money on a product, I have every right to complain about the product I am Buying without being criticized. Just as you do. You do what you want, I won't complain about it or even reply. Let me do the same
  7. bobby_scott05

    A Destroyer's opinion on the new CV game play

    Sorry about your Family. Have had family also Pass away. But I don't get offended by words. YOU KNOW I was speaking only of Planes. So let it be planes and that's it. Stop looking for an excuse to be offended.
  8. bobby_scott05

    A Destroyer's opinion on the new CV game play

    i'M NOT. Most people joined WOW to play surface battles, not play gainst Sky Cancer. I can handle one cv in a game,,but not the fake rockets,,oh sorry guided missles that were not guieded yet in this game never miss. Plus CV's were no where NEAR a battle. They were 150k behind the scenes so limit them to one strike per game. I would increase the amount of damage torps would do though. I can handle realism,,,It's the made up fake crap that gets most people.
  9. bobby_scott05

    A Destroyer's opinion on the new CV game play

    Nope,,Nerf Cv's and deal with it
  10. bobby_scott05

    A Destroyer's opinion on the new CV game play

    No thanks dude. Shouldn't be that hard. No excuse
  11. bobby_scott05

    Waiting for the buff to Italian ships like...

    I agree. These ships should be very versitile and fun to play, But since thier Italian, No one cares,,Like WOW
  12. bobby_scott05

    I'm going to quit WoWS until WG finally fixes CVs

    I have disbanded My clan. Let my premium run out and play Scenarios and Co-op now. The CV situation is so bias and unfair. The rule WOW now I guess..The rest of us don't matter now. So You don't need my Money either. Both accounts.
  13. bobby_scott05

    CV's at tier 4

    Then have an opt out for people who don't want to go against a CV in tier 3 and 4. What is so difficult with that/ Are the CV players scared no one will play with them/ If so,they can play regualr ships like the rest of us.
  14. bobby_scott05

    CV's at tier 4

    I knew the excuse would be,,the CV's at tier 4 are horrible. Bull! Not to a tier 3 Armored Cruiser with NO aa At all! Or a dd perma spotted and those fake rockets. CV's hardly excited in ww1 and the ones that did were not reliable or safe for the pilots. CV's started coming into their own n the late 1920;'s. I agree 100% CV's should not be in battles with tier 3 or 4 ships at all.
  15. bobby_scott05

    are you gonna get pobeda?

    Won't ever be able to afford it. Some of us just don't haver the resources for certain ships so we have to sit back and be filled with envy of those who do.