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  1. BigStickDiplomacy

    win or lose

    If Mr.BH is who I think you're talking about, I believe you can find him these days in COOP, still doing the same thing. Interestingly, he somehow also manages to be PINK in an age of reduced friendly fire penalties. Thank god he is no longer in randoms.
  2. How is this different than having capture points/bases? If the enemy wants to hide, they already lose.
  3. BigStickDiplomacy

    Compensation for downtime

    Generous, but proper compensation to me would include the last daily resource container that I was 4k XP short of when the outage occurred.
  4. BigStickDiplomacy

    Games sticks at end of battle report

    I too had this issue. Also feels like some areas of my port become unresponsive to click, in particular areas of the ship carousel and the battle report button. I have to filter out ships to move them to clickable spots in order to select them.