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    Ranked Sprint, yeah baby! Good job WG!

    I really enjoyed this season too. Something that you more experienced players may have overlooked is that this season was great practice and training for less experienced guys like me, I ranked out in my T-22 in about 45 games and I feel like my gameplay and understanding of how to use mechanics really improved over the season. I really only ran across 1 or 2 salty players the whole time, everyone seemed to be competitive but not serious enough to be asses about it. Good job WG!
  2. I was reading through the South Dakota's damage report after the night battle off Guadalcanal and came across this interesting passage- 39. The blast from Turrets I and II while trained as far aft as possible on the starboard side did considerable damage on the first superstructure and main decks. The 3/8-inch STS shield around the 40mm mount at frame 73 starboard on the first superstructure deck was tilted inboard and the --10-- ready ammunition racks inside the shield were damaged. The 40mm mount itself was wrecked. An area of the deck 9 feet wide between frames 72 and 76 was dished to a depth of 4 inches and the starboard longitudinal structural bulkhead of the senior staff officer's cabin on the second superstructure deck was blown in about three inches between frames 72 and 74. The 3/8-inch STS shield around 20mm guns located on the starboard side of the main deck between frames 54 and 64 was blown inboard and torn loose from the deck. Watertight door 1-58 was buckled. Telephone boxes, 20mm ready service lockers, ladders and ventilation closure covers in the vicinity were damaged by the blast. That's quite a lot of pressure generated to do that much damage to exposed AA guns and gun shields!
  3. Just as an aside, I realized while reading Neptune's Inferno that the topside stations on cruisers and DD's were definitely manned during a surface action, it describes the AA crews raking the bridges and superstructures of the Japanese ships with 20mm and 40mm fire while the main batteries were unloading at the same time. That can't have been pleasant duty! Also the topsides crews took horrendous casualties during these actions, it would have been a crazy thing to experience.
  4. Call_of_the_Mastodon

    Why can not we just have real-historical camos?

    That might explain why the models of the Iowa class that I built in the 80s had such a weird, flat bottom! To your other point, I have only been playing for a short while, and I love this game, but I have also wondered if there is a possibility of a sim-style, realistic game being built on the foundations of WoW. I'm thinking underwater pens, full-range secondaries, radar, the ability to independently control turrets to engage multiple targets, crew fatalities/casualties that affect your ships ability to operate, etc. Kind of a hardcore mode
  5. That shot of Washington got me thinking, so I pulled out my technical reference for North Carolina and found this shot: It looks like there is a small hatch between the forward 20mm mounts, I bet the photographer was down in there and snapped the shot from inside the hatch. I'm not sure if NC and Washington were exactly the same, but I would bet that they had the same hatch.
  6. True! Great attention to detail. Actually now that I think about it, the bow would probably be the point of the ship that's safest from concussion if the turrets are firing across the beam, the NC class has quite a long foredeck.
  7. Call_of_the_Mastodon

    Please help me Identify this ship

    Certainly looks very similar, although in your great grandfather's photo I can't make out a rear turret-did it get removed at some point? Could just be that I'm missing it though. Great photo!
  8. That's a gutsy photographer-not only on deck during a main battery salvo, but during actual combat as well!
  9. Call_of_the_Mastodon

    A question about crew's battle stations

    That makes a lot of sense, Fletcher. I have a book on PT boat operations in WW2 and it was pretty common practice for them to rake DD decks with their .50's and 20mm to keep the gunner's heads down during torpedo runs, as well as wrecking spotlights. A regular ball round from a .30-06 will punch through 1/4" plate no problem, a round from a .50 cal would probably barely slow down if it hits plate that thin!
  10. Call_of_the_Mastodon

    The Terror, Franklin's Lost Expedition

    I know this is an old thread but the book that the TV show is based on is fantastic as well, worth reading if you are into historically based stuff with a crazy dash of weirdness thrown in!
  11. I think there might be a bit of forced perspective going on there, unless they built a camera platform on the bow of the BB then I don't think they are on the same ship. I think the anchor chains are part of the foreground of the camera ship's shot, but aren't on the BB itself-check the deck line along the sheer in the second shot, it doesn't follow the sweep of the Iowa class's bow curve. Awesome shot though!
  12. Call_of_the_Mastodon

    A question about crew's battle stations

    Thanks for the perspective hipcanuck. Sounds like fun indeed!
  13. Call_of_the_Mastodon

    A question about crew's battle stations

    That's some great footage! You can actually see the muzzle blast ripple their shirts during the second shot. I also remember my grandfather telling me that the 5" guns were more painful to be around than the big guns as their report was more of a sharp crack vs. a big rumble.
  14. Call_of_the_Mastodon

    A question about crew's battle stations

    The muzzle blast would be incredible! Didn't Washington blow her own seaplane off the catapult when firing over the stern? I remember my grandfather, who was a WW2 Navy vet, telling me that even being on deck 1,000 yards away from the battlewagons on the firing line was like being punched in the chest.
  15. Call_of_the_Mastodon

    A question about crew's battle stations

    Thanks for the replies guys, I am going to try to research this a bit further because it's something I've wondered about for a while. I toured the North Carolina a few weeks ago and seeing all the 20mm mounts forward of the main turrets along the bow got me wondering about it. They must have had a way to deal with simultaneous air and surface action but I'm not sure what the protocol was. I have seen footage of AA gunners on deck right next to the 5"/38 turrets when they were firing, that couldn't have been pleasant!