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  1. I don't have the order of distribution sadly, my spreadsheet was a ballpoint pen and a piece of paper next to my computer lol. I'm officially old!
  2. After reading on the forums that the 1200 coal container had gotten quite rare, I decided to keep track of my resource containers to get a true drop percentage for each container type. After 300 containers my results broke down like this: 400 coal containers-228/300, or 76%. 800 coal containers-61/300, or 20.33% 1200 coal containers-6/300, or 2% Supercontainers-5/300, or 1.66% (the SC's contained 100xPapa Papa flags, 25 Dragon flags, 50 Restless Fire camos, 50 Blue Lagoon camos, and 100xJuliet Charlie flags) So in short, you have nearly the same odds of pulling a SC from your daily resource containers as you do getting a 1200 coal container. That's about what I expected but it's interesting to see some hard data!
  3. Call_of_the_Mastodon

    Quickest way to get OHIO

    I've done it several times, it works great! Actually I learned about it from watching a Flamu video, I believe that when the RB first went live he tried it and confirmed that it works. Hopefully this will save you some grinding!
  4. Call_of_the_Mastodon

    Quickest way to get OHIO

    OK, so basically it works like this-say I have a lot of FXP banked, like a million and a half. The best way to use that FXP in the research bureau is to wait until there is a x2 bonus, which comes around every 3 months. The Japanese gunboat line is the cheapest to reset both in credits and xp, so if you're grinding for RB points it's the fastest, plus it's pretty fun to play. You reset the line, which gives you the x2 bonus and sells all the ships. Now use your FXP to progress back through the line, unlocking only what you need to progress to the next tier-DO NOT BUY the ships, just unlock them. You don't need to unlock the gun or torpedo upgrades, just the hull upgrades that let you go to the next tier, and you don't need to actually buy them. When you get to T10 again, you can reset the line again, now you are getting a x3 bonus on every ship. Do this as many times as you have FXP that you're willing to spend, and when you're ready, buy the ships and play through the line normally, and you will get the stacked bonuses for victories at every tier, for example if you reset it 4 times, when you win your first battle at T6 that would normally get you 500RP, now you will get 2000. This really adds up at T10, which gives 6000, now you will get 24,000. I believe this is the RB working as designed, as a FXP sink for players who have been playing a long time, have a few FXP ships, and nothing to really spend their FXP on. It's basically a way to keep late-game veterans interested in the game.
  5. Call_of_the_Mastodon

    Quickest way to get OHIO

    That's true and a good point.
  6. Call_of_the_Mastodon

    Quickest way to get OHIO

    I feel like there is a misunderstanding about how to optimize the research bureau. Many people seen to think that you have to play the line several times to get the points, which is possible but the worst way to do it. The most efficient way to do it is to bank a ton of fxp, wait till there is a x2 seasonal bonus, and then stack as many resets as your FXP will allow, for example last time I reset the Japanese DD line I stacked 5 resets so I was making 5x RP at every tier, that's 50k RP for playing through the line once. Just wanted to make sure that people know that's an option.
  7. Call_of_the_Mastodon

    No steel for you!!!

    FWIW, you can join a non-competitive clan (there are several that exist) solely for the economic benefits. If your clan has its base fully built you get some really nice bonuses to coal, free xp, captain xp, and reduced service costs, as well as a 10% steel bonus. I can earn 44 steel a day just by finishing the daily mission chains, an extra 4 steel a day doesn't sound like much but it adds up. I've been a member of my clan for a year and a half, we generally don't play clan battles, and have earned many thousands extra in coal, steel, and XP, it's been totally worth it.
  8. Call_of_the_Mastodon

    Anyone else having a frustrating time with this sprint?

    Really? That's crazy, LVP is what's hot here in the mountain West, I'm a flooring contractor and new construction has gone from tile to LVP as the standard stuff here.
  9. Call_of_the_Mastodon

    Anyone else having a frustrating time with this sprint?

    It's been a tough one, especially since every ship really has to carry its weight in this format. Losing a ship is the equivalent to losing 4 in randoms, 1/3 of your team's strength. That said, I've been enjoying it, it really is a brawling meta so that can be really fun. I just had a game in my Georgia where I finished with nearly 400 secondary hits and 50k damage from secondary fires alone!
  10. Call_of_the_Mastodon

    German Navy Collection rewards underwhelming?

    It's pretty much the exact same rewards given by the equivalent British, French, and Russian campaigns, so I'd say it's pretty well on par.
  11. Call_of_the_Mastodon

    Research Bureau: Worth It?

    This is an important point that I think a lot of players miss-one of the purposes of the RB is as a FXP dump for veteran players. Stacking resets is by far the most efficient way to regrind a line, if you have the FXP banked I don't think there's a limit to the amount of times you can stack resets. I'm currently earning 4x Research points on the IJN DD line, it makes the grind that much faster and you only actually have to replay through the ships once to earn a huge amount of points.
  12. Call_of_the_Mastodon

    Too Many Events!

    At least the events are overlapping, I finished the first German CV directive without even trying while I was grinding the 2nd to last dockyard mission, in fact it took me a few battles to even realize that I was doing missions for both events simultaneously. As long as they are set up that way I don't have a problem with them.
  13. Call_of_the_Mastodon

    Any update on what's happening with Notser?

    I played a ranked match Thursday morning and he was on the other team, so as of then he was well enough to play!
  14. Call_of_the_Mastodon

    ranked experience so far

    It's been rough for me so far, I really enjoy playing DDs in ranked and this just isn't the season for it. Had a CV in literally every match. I was hoping that Cossack would do well but its lack of AA is a real problem, Oland had good AA but if the CV wants you dead you will get permaspotted and whittled down. I lost 5 of 7 and called it a night, hopefully the cv's will rank out soon and the meta will change a bit.
  15. Call_of_the_Mastodon

    Battle Report: Siegfried - "Battleship Bully"

    Nice! I picked it up the other day and have only played one battle in it, in which I got myself into a horrible position, got crossfired, and absolutely destroyed. My own fault and not a fair evaluation of the ship, can't wait to play her more and learn how to make her work!