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  1. I'm almost to the Buffalo with my slow grind.... don't nerf it................... I didn't know that it was OP anyway, so let me at least benefit from it for a while :).
  2. Yep, had a good time at the event. But not so much for the event itself, I was there to introduce the Texas to my daughter for the first time. She had a blast running all over the ship and we got several good pictures of her having a good time. More prizes would have been good, and with her there i didn't really interact with the group like I would have alone. But overall it was cool to hear people talking about the game and looking for (but not finding) the hidden Alaska ship cards that were put out before we got there. My little girl was a trooper looking around on all the decks for them. Good times and was neat to meet Fem. PC
  3. Phil_Caldwell

    FINAL WEEK - Earn Exeter FREE!

    Pretty sure I finished the first weeks task, but can't find a way to go back and verify that. The link to look at those tasks isn't showing on my Port page. I got lucky enough to get some carriers when I was playing the Atlanta, Benson, and Nicholas to mow them down. The Japanese ships are going to haunt me, I don't like the line and it will be a true grind for me in week 2. Torp strikes will be tough in week three since I don't really play UK destroyers but have a T5. And with the right battleship, part 4 shouldn't be too difficult either. So if anyone knows how to check the status (even if you've completed it) I'd appreciate the update. And good luck for those trying to get through this.