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  1. 3Sheets2_theWind

    Question about Captain Skills

    Thanks everyone for your answers. I have a better understanding of it now.
  2. 3Sheets2_theWind

    Question about Captain Skills

    I have a question about something I noticed on the Captain Skills screen. Under one of my German captains it says: Specialization IV Karlsruhe and it shows the elite ship icon. I'm not quite sure what this means. This captain is no longer commanding the Karlsruhe and has been completely retrained for another ship. Does this mean that his skills are only specific to that ship, or that he receives some bonus on that ship, or something else altogether? I've done a few searches and the only thing that seems consistent is that I can transfer him back to the Karlsruhe without a retraining penalty. Is that correct? He is currently serving on the König Albert.
  3. 3Sheets2_theWind

    The Dashas: What's their backstory?

    As the Bismarck attempted to flee the battle, an Arpeggio Kongo appeared out of a Smokey blanket that was laid down by the USS Monaghan, who had successfully stealth fired her torpedo's at the King George V. The Kongo proceeded to decimate the King George V as the Monaghan's fish struck home, destroying the English Battleship. The HMS Nelson successfully captured Point A, but had to flee in the face of overwhelming odds due to the fact that most of her team was sitting in Point C on the far side of the map. The Bismarck was able to repair and lived to fight another day.
  4. 3Sheets2_theWind

    The Dashas: What's their backstory?

    Here! Here! @CAPTMUDDXX I tend to fall in the autumn season of my life as well and appreciate an attractive looking woman too. Besides, someone told me that WoWS had Steven Segal as a Captain at one time and I can say that I would rather have Dacha, in all her many incarnations, as my "O Captain, my Captain" then some soft spoken old has-been actor in a ponytail.
  5. 3Sheets2_theWind

    Summer almost Gone

  6. 3Sheets2_theWind

    Crossing the Equator with Karlsruhe and Yorck

    Shellback since 1979 on Westpac. I've been playing the Karlsruhe along with the T4 USN Phoenix and the two are like night and day. The Phoenix glides like a surfboard on the waves, but the Karlsruhe is like sheet of plywood in mud. Still, I want to find a way to accurately and confidently play her in Random before moving to the Konigsberg. What's the best way to play this ship, rack up some damage points and survive matches in PVP?
  7. 3Sheets2_theWind

    Summer almost Gone

    I'm a ways over 30 and have always liked potatoes. Particularly mashed, or French cut and deep fried, baked with sour cream and chives. But not so much Aug Rotten (au gratin).
  8. 3Sheets2_theWind

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Best Random game so far this evening playing the Phoenix.
  9. 3Sheets2_theWind

    I am New 13 Random battles

    I'm also relatively new to the game and I started off with the US and German lines. I mostly play cruisers, though I did spring for König Albert and have enjoyed playing her as well. Right now I'm advancing through Tier 4 and really like the Phoenix. Tonight, I had my best random game to date with that ship and I really like the way it handles. The fire power is good, it maneuvers fairly well and it's relatively fast. I've also been running the Karlsruhe and have not had smooth sailing with it except in Co-op. Where as the Phoenix handles like a surfboard on the waves, I'm finding that the Karlsruhe is like a sheet of plywood on mud! The AP is decent and...that's about it. In fact the best way that I've found to play the Karlsruhe is to have DDs and CAs chase me while I shoot at them over the shoulder and duck in between islands. The torps on both the Phoenix and the Karlsruhe are kind of meh. However, I have managed to ambush a BB or two with them and even knocked off a DD hiding in smoke! Talk about a lucky hit! I will most likely play the current cruiser lines up to T7 and then decide if I want to try another line or continue on.
  10. 3Sheets2_theWind

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    This is my best Co-op game to date playing the T4 Phoenix.
  11. 3Sheets2_theWind

    Rant - ships not fighting

    Sorry Crucis, but in part I have to disagree with you here. I will agree with you that those who survive and keep fighting hard to the end are not (necessarily) cowards, but just because you get sunk does not mean you didn't try your best or play to the best of your ability. In the short time that I've been playing, I was involved in a random game (Solomon Islands) where I ended up fighting four T4 ships (2BBs, 1CA, 1DD) against my T3 BB (König Albert). I fought them off as best I could before finally getting sunk. However, during that time I was able to successfully defend our base long enough to allow our team to cap the enemy base. Even though my ship was deleted, I was complimented by our team for the effort I put in to secure our win. In short, I did what I was supposed to do to the best of my ability.
  12. 3Sheets2_theWind

    I am curious how many premium ships do you own?

    So far just the König Albert. The "Beast" of Tier 3. I'm working on getting more.
  13. 3Sheets2_theWind

    Premium Ship Review: Konig Albert

    After a week of playing this game, I purchased the König Albert and have been enjoying this ship immensely. This "Beast" of a ship has helped me to significantly improve my game play by applying Mouse's advice on how to handle this behemoth. I've been able to get my first real First Blood, Devastating Strike, Close Quarters and Fire Proof achievements since engaging in full random (no bots to fill the T1 void) game play. I REALLY like this ship! Unfortunately, I also realize that it will only be of use to me at T3. This is the first BB I've played and I will have to try another one to know if I have a knack for them or was just taking advantage of the OP factor with this one. Time will tell. I've been playing mostly cruisers at this point in the USN and Kriegsmarine lines, but will seriously have to start looking at BBs while I'm still in the lower tiers. So final analysis? I like the results I've been getting with this ship and will continue to play her while I'm at tier 3 and hope I don't suffer from König Withdrawal Syndrome when I move to T4 ships.
  14. 3Sheets2_theWind

    Hey Wargaming can we get a Thank You Reaction Icon on the Forums?

    That would be a great addition. Thank you torpsRus!