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  1. For the first and last time ever, I'm spending money on a free to play game. Is the Prinz Eugen any good? I've been itching to buy it. I want my heavy cruiser wifey
  2. I may have 340 battles played but just listen... "Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future." - John f. Kennedy The CV rework was absolutely needed. Have that old RTS system was challenging for some and overpowered. Also the rework was needed for console version of world of warships, to make it easier to play CV. And for those who are saying "WOWS is dead!" it's not, it's far from it. Matter of fact it is growing. The rework is for the sake of the WOWS future and it'll attract many more players. Removing CV from WOWS will cause the game to die. The future is bright for this game and I'm staying with it. though ill never spend a dime on it, except for the Prinz Eugen
  3. Personally I like to eat a philycheese steak while playing, it helps me aim better. what is yours?
  4. Just with this little buff, the Aigle is my favorite destroyer in the game. Those PE Fredrichs can sink to the bottom of world of warships hell This destroyer is really good and very underrated imo. The guns are so good it makes USN DD blush. Now buff the turret rotation speed please
  5. okay anime profile pic wait wai
  6. Finally I will be able to enjoy carriers without that stupid RTS system, now I can get that Battlestations Pacific/Midway feel. Just controlling your planes directly without RNG, just pure skill.
  7. xAnchobi

    Myogi ruined my day

    Telling me to uninstall the game isn't going to help, actually I'm going to try again. Unlike you, people gave me advice on how to play the Myogi. Maybe you should uninstall if this is how you treat newbies. smh
  8. xAnchobi

    Myogi ruined my day

    This BB is so bad it makes me mad like wth is this thing Weird gun placement Terrible dispersion, the good range is basically useless to you. Trash amour Detection is nonexistent I'm never touching Japanese BBs again Beside the name of the ship isn't even real so it makes it less cool and its just a bootleg Kongo
  9. I go sick mode in my Emile Bertin Sicko mode means you go crazy and just wreck everyone on the enemy team Also its a song by Travis Scott
  10. xAnchobi

    Now this is epic

    im 85 years old im pretty sure these are my last words
  11. xAnchobi

    Now this is epic

    >Is playing tier 3 DD >Fires torps at BB >Torps miss and kills a friendly >says sorry in chat and teammate said "give me ur discord" >Gives him my discord and he vc me >He sends me death threats and repeatedly says the n word and claims [edited] with my mom > I cried myself to sleep that night God I love this community and this game
  12. SHIPZ dropping in 24, April, 2019 ft. lil Des, Biggie Perth, and Queen Eli Songs 1. Torpo Mode 2. Praise Da DD 3. TORA TORA TORA! 4. SUNK! :( 5. 2 Hp 6. Back to Port (Pan-Asia disstrack) 7. No Smoke 8. Neyt Molotov 9. RNG or DIE 11. Killing Spee 12. no cap 13. SHIPZ Finna drop the hottest album in history