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  1. Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian Players.  :cap_horn:

  2. Just found out about this class of submarine. Interesting. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Submarines_of_the_Imperial_Japanese_Navy
  3. As you know, U-2501 is not equipped with stern-launching torpedoes. There's almost zero danger to a DD trying to stern-chase a U-2501. (At least, not from U-2501 herself, but if her allies fire upon the DD, that's teamwork.)
  4. Wolfswetpaws

    RE: Leeroy Jenkins in the Armory

    The difference between the "meme" from first-person-shooter games and the real-life Sailor who served aboard the Kidd has been explained, by others, and well received by you. That's good. As a trivial note, their names are spelled differently. Meme character has one more "e" in his first name. "Leeroy Jenkins" vs. "Leroy Jenkins". :-) https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/story-of-leroy-jenkins/
  5. Regarding #1 ~ Seeing that U-2501 got her underwater speed nerfed was a bit of a disappointment. She was supposed to be faster underwater than on the surface, as originally designed. I can understand your perspective on this tweak. Perhaps I'm simply weary (and wary) of any nerfs to a type of ship that is easily destroyed if detected and hunted with a modicum of effort & teamwork. Regarding #2 ~ When I saw the damage capability of the dumb-fire warheads, I was thinking they're on-par with other DD and Cruiser torpedoes. If this test concept works out, then perhaps it could be implemented on the other Submarines. (Short-ranged homing, longer ranged dumb-fire with heavier warheads. The homing mechanism takes-up space that could otherwise be used for propulsion fuel and warhead explosive, eh?) I'm tired of doing a lot of work to get into a favorable firing position and having weak warheads give fluffy-bunny-kisses to a ship's hull. Regarding #3 ~ 10 km, eh? Again, it would be nice to see this implemented on the other Submarines, too. I feel that this makes sense in some ways: - Submarines are quiet while submerged and should be able to hear other noisy vessels better/farther/sooner. - Submarines burn dive-capcity/time in order to submerge and use their hydrophone consumable. Getting a 10 km range (compared to a 6 km range) seems like a reasonable trade-off. Regarding #4 ~ the improved turning-radius of several submarines is welcome news, to me. Side note: I still want the arming distance of Submarine torpedoes to be reduced.
  6. Wolfswetpaws

    Which Coal ship should I go for next?

    If you get a more agile and maneuverable ship, then you'll also be learning a different way of playing (compared to a BB with a large turning radius and slow rudder-shift). :-) I enjoy playing the Napoli, the Yoshino and the Neustrashimy. Each has their virtues, vices and quirks. The Kearsarge is on my "wish list" merely for "something different". But, since I already have the Ise, I'm in no hurry. The Pommern is also on my wish list. But, again, I'm in no hurry because I already have the Scharnhorst-B, the Odin, the Agir and the Grosser Kurfurst in my Port. (Also the German tech-tree line-split battleships offer a lot of fun without spending coal. I just have to do the grind.) The Neustrashimy is a competent torpedo-'bote and is equipped with a heal (repair party) consumable and a competitive detection radius. The Napoli has lively & quick handling sailing qualities (with upgrade modules, I got mine down to a 6 second rudder shift). Her secondary battery guns are above average among cruisers. She also brings above average main-guns and some nice (torpedo) racks to the situation. The Yoshino is a bigger cruiser than the Napoli. She brings bigger guns, bigger torpedoes and a larger turning radius. Her main-guns and torpedoes have a greater range than the Napoli, too. Among these three ships, she's closer in play-style to the BB's that you seem to normally sail. But, with cruiser armor, she can't "tank" as much as a BB. If you want to simply HE spam your opponents, then, of course, consider a UN Navy cruiser or destroyer. Personally, I prefer ships with other options. But this is your coal we're talking about. :-)
  7. Wolfswetpaws

    Ranked Battles one sided.

    Ranked battles pay more than a normal random or Co-op battle. If you "rank-out", completely, then some rewards will be gained, while access to the game mode will be ended for the season. Just play to have fun, with whatever you have available. Personally, I don't obsess or lose sleep over whatever my rank is on any given day. Another season will happen, eventually. By that time you'll likely have more ship options and be better at playing the game. :-)
  8. Wolfswetpaws

    Family News

  9. Wolfswetpaws

    Hangout by the Sea (Volume 2)

    [Out of character: 'Trust me. We know'. ]
  10. Wolfswetpaws

    Hangout by the Sea (Volume 2)

    "Hmmm. Thank you, that answer is helpful." "And, I'm leaning towards your interpretation, as well." "The 'mystery ship' is becoming less mysterious, it seems. But, I don't think we're at the point wherein the Scooby-Doo gang unmasks them and explains a nefarious real-estate scheme to everyone, yet."
  11. Wolfswetpaws

    players say one more time...

    You're welcome.
  12. Wolfswetpaws

    players say one more time...

    Every forum member is allotted approximately ten forum emoticon reactions (lower right corner of a post) per 24 hour period, if I understand the situation correctly. Once that limit is reached, then a message will appear when one tries to "react" to a post. But one can copy/paste/edit their own screen-shots with an image editing program (such as Microsoft Paint) and save the files for later use.
  13. Wolfswetpaws

    Hangout by the Sea (Volume 2)

    "How long have you been tracking the unknown subject? Did it travel here while being tracked during its' approach, or just appear suddenly?"