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  1. Wolfswetpaws

    Changes to Submarines, EU Community Stream

    I hope it is susceptible to AA fire, because it is an airplane (even if it is a consumable like spotter planes and fighter planes).
  2. Wolfswetpaws

    Anti-Sub Planes and Spotting?

    Consumable spotter planes and fighter planes are subject to AA, because they are aircraft. I'd expect a depth-charge plane to be subject to AA fire, just because it is an aircraft.
  3. Well, as they say, "That's a horse of a different color". https://youtu.be/5T6umD9Z8HA
  4. After reading this out loud to the ships in my port... Gneisenau, Tirpitz, Scharnhorst, Kii, Odin, and a few others began giggling and snickering and making comments about "We self-identify as 'Plus-sized DD's'" and "Yamato is behaving like an artillery hotel". A couple of my CV's, especially Kaga, had some serious looks of contemplation on their hulls. Kaga has recently experienced a "one-shot plus citadel equals full-health-to-sunk" event from a Shikishima salvo. I've sailed a Yamato via my Public Test Server account and as a rental on this account. While she may not be the "ideal" brawling BB at Tier-10, she doesn't have to remain at maximum range, either. I've hunted DD's with a number of my BB's. Results have varied. I've done some sinking and been sunk. But if a BB player has a good intuition for dodging torpedoes (even with the Yamato's maneuverability) one can "best block, no be there" enough to be a worthy adversary. At Tier-10, I would expect DD drivers to be "cool customers" and not panic at the mere sight of a BB nosing in to the smokescreen to proximity detect a DD and blast it with a main-gun salvo. Maybe that's not your thing. But it wouldn't hurt to be close enough to back-up a team-mate who can reliably hunt a DD with radar or hydro (or both). A little communication goes a long way, I feel. There's usually a way. It's just a matter of finding it. I figure there is a way to play to Yamato's strengths while also earning some more "street cred" with one's team-mates. Yamato is not a hotel. :-)
  5. Wolfswetpaws

    when your autocorrect messes up bad

    RIF Reading Is Fundamental PSA Spot 1973
  6. AP Bombs were nerfed for pretty much every CV that was equipped with them. That happened some weeks ago, though.
  7. Wolfswetpaws

    Skill requirement for advancement in CV

    Nice name. You wear it well. Congrats. :-)
  8. Wolfswetpaws

    Skill requirement for advancement in CV

    Labyrinth: Through Dangers Untold and Hardships Unnumbered https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0091369/