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  1. Wolfswetpaws

    Submarines : A review for the rest of us

    All sarcasm and speculation and joking aside, a mis-play of positioning my CV got me sunk by a Submarine that sailed through an area no longer covered by friendly ships. Once the submarine was spotted, it was a pretty even match between the Submarine and my CV, and the Submarine did achieve at least two torpedo hits. But, as I mentioned earlier, they were spotting for their team, and the three "bots" who were filling-in the team roster opened up on my CV (which they couldn't see otherwise). That supporting gunfire shredded my CV's hull in a short amount of time. The Submarine didn't even get enough time to re-load torpedoes and launch 'em. It was over that quick. Some people have made the comparison that (currently) Submarines are like "Light Destroyers". They have similar amounts of time that they can remain concealed (Diving Capacity versus Smoke-screen time), it's merely that the method of concealment is different.
  2. Wolfswetpaws

    It does seem to be a bit unfair...

    While it was a "Brawl" I had earlier today (instead of Ranked battle) the match began. And everyone noticed that I was sailing the only CV in the match. An ally said in chat something to the effect that our team, thus, had an automatic win. Well, "nope". The Red team used islands to their advantage (to avoid surface-ship ordnance and aerial ordnance) and sailed in an approximation of a cohesive formation. They shot friendly ships to pieces, they used over-lapping AA to shred planes, they pushed into a cap and continued to roll with their momentum. They focused their fire effectively and won, on so many levels, by playing smart. Nothing is an "automatic win", and the opposite is also true. So don't think a match is "over" or "won", because that over-confidence can get one sunk.
  3. Wolfswetpaws

    Submarines : A review for the rest of us

    The ping-homing "lock" can be "broken" by the use of the Damage Control Party I looked into it, and CV's automatically trigger their DCP, and it lasts a while. That said, it is entirely possible to have a team collapse the flank of the opposing team. And Submarines can sail into that void and pursue the "back line" ships, including CV's. Of course, CV's can try to sail away or otherwise maneuver.... but if a Submarine succeeds in getting close, all they have to do is spot for their team and let the team send ordnance to sink a ship. And, if they have torpedoes loaded and can get a shot, so much the better. Getting a ping-lock for torpedoes to home-in on might be problematic, so use "unguided torpedo mode" instead and aim well. Several DD's can out-spot submarines. CV's can damage submarines with aerial ordnance and with secondary battery guns (unless you're sailing a Saipan or a Sanzang, because they don't have secondary battery guns). The problem is catching the Submarine on the surface. Submarine aerial detection radius specifications favor the submarine, not the planes. But, if a submarine is spotted and surfaced or at a shallow depth, then everything the CV can throw at the sub can damage it (provided the ordnance hits the submarine). If a submarine is able to get deep enough, it will be immune to aerial ordnance. (But, "Dive Capacity" is a limited and precious commodity for a Submarine.) Hope this helps answer some questions.
  4. Wolfswetpaws

    Weekend Spree, 11-13 June 2021

    Worked on my Naval Battles grid. Earned 10 stars while using 14 attempts. Welcomed Commander Lindwurm (6-points) a short while ago. Trained some Commanders, for the fun of it. Worked on some Battle of the Beasts missions. I'm currently on Team Glühschwanz. Listened to some Twitch Streams during the week. Welcomed Commander Feuerputz a day or two ago. Participated in some "Brawls", today, just to see what they were about. Didn't win every game, but did have enough wins to earn some serious credits in profit (for me at least). Was glad to see that most players and teams had a good sense of humor. Went out, yesterday evening, on a "date night" with my wife. There was a Music & Art festival in a nearby city, and some of my wife's family were performing as musicians. But, they weren't all performing together, so we had to walk to different locations at different times in order to experience each of their performances. It was worth the trip. Nice to see the world recovering from Covid-19, gradually, too. Participated in the Submarine Test Server event. Wrote about that, in other topics. Weekends are too short. :-)
  5. Wolfswetpaws

    Who have you seen in game

    Had a "nail biter" of a game shared with [WHARF]falkin55. :-) The game could've gone either way several times in the battle. I regret being out of compliments for today. There were several valued allies and worthy adversaries. :-)
  6. Wolfswetpaws

    Who have you seen in game

    LOL. Winning seemed like a good idea at the time. :-) Yeah, I got shot-up pretty bad and was low on HP. Sent a chat message out that I was just going to spot for a while. Thought i had a chance to sink the red team's French DD, but my Błyskawica just couldn't quite get the job done, despite several hits, and I had to sail away behind some smoke to try to out run incoming ordnance. Barely survived.
  7. Wolfswetpaws

    Who have you seen in game

    Just shared a random battle with @Sumseaman. It was a Victory! :-)
  8. Wolfswetpaws

    Is Brawl a Joke?

    1 vs. 1 is my favorite game mode. :-)
  9. Wolfswetpaws

    Who have you seen in game

    Just shared a game with @ZARDOZ_II. I was sunk early and hard by a salvo of torpedoes from a 'bot DD while I was sailing my Cossack (which, apparently, I am out of practice with). ZARDOZ_II did much better with an Aigle. :-)
  10. Which is *why* I enclosed the screen-shot of the notification and the replay. Miracles do happen. :-)
  11. You're welcome. I only learned about how to hover the mouse over that line-item in the credits & earnings screen recently. Glad we could help you out. Yay for "forum teamwork"! :-)
  12. So, @z9_, I'm enclosing the following from a random battle in a Kaga, for purposes of comparison (co-op vs. random earnings).