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  1. Wolfswetpaws

    Grinding both USN & RN

    All the CV's in my port have their virtues and their quirks. I like all of them. :-)
  2. Wolfswetpaws

    Caption the profile image above you.

    "~~~ Can anybody find me somebunny to love? ~~~"
  3. Wolfswetpaws

    Chat Funnies

  4. Wolfswetpaws

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Surfside 6 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0053540/
  5. Wolfswetpaws

    Quarantine Theater

    "The Enemy Below" (1957)
  6. Well over a hundred replies in five hours. Someone touched a nerve? :-D
  7. Wolfswetpaws

    Caption the profile image above you.

    The 'Masked Bunny', ensuring healthy insurance education is available for all.
  8. Wolfswetpaws

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Duane Ingalls Glasscock https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Laquidara
  9. Wolfswetpaws

    All premium consumable will be free

    The cost of running premium consumables was "optional". A player could forego the expense, or choose to spend the credits for their own personal reasons. It was nice to have options, including frugal ones and competitive "race car expensive" ones. Now, while the logistics will be simplified, the options will also be removed. There is no such thing as a "free lunch". We'll see how this plays out, I figure.
  10. Wolfswetpaws

    Quarantine Theater

    MST3K airing of Gamera
  11. Wolfswetpaws

    Quarantine Theater

    Gamera - nightclub song. ;-)
  12. Wolfswetpaws

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Shaw Brothers
  13. Wolfswetpaws

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Has "Legendary" knowledge of anime'. :-)
  14. Wolfswetpaws

    cruisers opinions

    If it is "just for fun", I like to play the Friant. I like a number of cruisers, including Takao. :-) I do prefer cruisers equipped with torpedo launchers that have good firing arcs, though. :-)