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  1. acesover01

    Just a frustration rant

    Thank you to everyone for all the great advice...My dad taught me you dont have to be the smartest in the room just learn from those who are. What i really like is that with the exception of one or two off the wall comments all the advice seems to be gear in the same general direction, that makes it easy to decide whats good advice and crap. so thank you. a little boat humor i found.
  2. acesover01

    PSA: The salt has got to stop in randoms

    Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain. And most fools do. Ben Franklin.
  3. acesover01

    Just a frustration rant

    I feel some of the same frustrations. The one thing I am really getting sick of is i guess its a division? Nothing on the map and all of a sudden from a thick cloud of smoke i get just crushed and like 3 or four different ships are unloading on me. And whats the deal with big ships with huge HP staying the furthest away from the battle? I would think they should be in the mix mixing it up. I know for me when I took the advice of the people here and stopped trying to get to the top and stayed at teir 5 across the board it helped my focus. And whats the deal with me being penalized when an ally runs into me?
  4. acesover01

    Help with Over-Aggressiveness

    So I started to shadow ships and tried to stay headed in the same direction...As Im firing both the ships i was with were gone. and the hid behind and island not offering any assistance while i took fire from a cpl enemy ships. Whats the deal with being more concerned about defending "A" than anything else. I know im super new and dont fully grasp everything but im sure you wont win just defending home base. My next concern is this pink for damaging allies. if they are not paying attention and ram me, why do i get penalized? and who can I be responsible for the actions of other players who are not paying attention and either do a complete 180 back into the direction i just let my torps go or they chase a ship i have been engaged in and cross into my shells. Or this whole smoke and hide tactic and the enemy comes through their smoke and I fire but they were still there and followed the enemy our and got hit. Im not scoring as high as id like so those precious xp are valuable. Im thinking im probably like most mid tier newbies...some [edited], same issues, same cry baby [edited]. im probably just hitting that "wall" and need to grind through it. I take everything I have been given and the info you all have shared and have at least tried to put it to use right away. with that being said any advice or AT A BOys is greatly appreciated. AcesOver
  5. acesover01

    Help with Over-Aggressiveness

    The Title caught my attention...I think Im in the same boat. I find myself trying to follow the general role of the ship im playing but for some reason i always find myself being the only one actually doing that. I get super frustrated when i get dead say 2-3 min in or sooner, and those ships left on my team all have full hp, the other team has dbl the points and no one on my team is even near a cap or engaging. I defiantly dont wanna fall into that routine just to stay alive longer...im super competitive, as the coach of my Sun Devils Herm Edwards says ..."you play the game to win" . I guess im kinda have venting and half wondering how i should proceed. I will try some of the suggestions above but any other ideas to help keep my sanity while developing my skills? Thanks AcesOver
  6. acesover01

    Hey folks. Newb here with a few Qs

    First I wanna say WOW...talk about information overload. very intimidating for relatively new gamer let alone new to WoW but i have found all the content, how to's and just wealth of knowledge helpful. probably would be more helpful if i understood a cpl things better. Just like with any thing if your open, teachable, and willing to put in the work its just a matter of time. I found Warships.today stat page, but im not sure how to use that info to become better. I know when i play PVE im at like 89% win rate but a whole different thing pvp...its bad. like 36% win rate. any direction you could point me, or any help improving those stats and understanding the rest would be huge start. Is it a battle tactic to hug the outlines, start in one direction and at the first sigh of a red dot turn tail and run to home base? I feel a lot of the times im the only one doing his "job" or even engaging the enemy. Am i missing something or do i need to slow it down and not be so aggressive? I have made it to t5 in one class and 3-4 in the rest...Im sure im doing it wrong and I should be keeping all my ships but as I move up i have been selling off the lower ships instead of having to buy new port spots. good? bad? what ever works for me? How do I turn all my hits into citadels, fires, or get more damage done...i get tons of shots on target just cant seem to convert. Torps....grrrrr. not a fan.its amazing how i play a dd and fire through out the match and not get a single kill or sometimes not even a hit. frustrating. LIke i said i have been making my way through the post as well as youtube and I really appreciate everything I have come across. I know its very time consuming and can be a pain in the butt dealing w all us FNG's. Any ideas, help, or suggestions would be awesome. Thank you Acesover
  7. acesover01

    Best place to learn

    I find with the Co-ops are a great place to learn the ropes for a newbie like myself, and when I do switch it up and go random it seems im the only one actually engaging and trying to do my "job" its super frustrating getting taken out rather quickly when all your support is back guarding home or hugging the outlines waiting. Is this a gaming tactic that i have not yet learned? I guess my question is should i keep playing co-op where according to warshipstoday im crushing it for a newbie or suck up the frustration and try to improve my game in the randoms? (btw, pvp score sucks) thanks for any input or opinions...im a sponge and wanna learn. Also a great big thanks for all the great content i have read and watched. Im sure it takes a lot of time and commitment to help all the FNG's and I appreciate it. Acesover
  8. acesover01

    Get gud

    I guess im almost 400 battles, don't know how my stats compare to where I "should be" but I feel like im half blind, cant hear, and and dont read so good when it comes to game play. Reading through some of the tips and advice makes sense and Im gonna try to put some of it to work. Didn't want to be a "lurker" so wanted to say thanks.