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  1. JayRow2018

    Making Femennenly a in-game captain.

    I agree with this forum, make Fem a cpt. The times I have watched her personal streams, she is still working as a WG employee with the questions from chat. Earl Grey I agree with also.
  2. JayRow2018

    Something is wrong with the queue.

    This would be a great idea. If I can see that there are not many ships in my current tier to play, I would just switch so I can get into battle quicker. This would be especially helpful on PTS.
  3. JayRow2018

    Premium Expires While You're Offline?

    I agree with the premium time won from the test server. I wish there was better control of when I could use that time. It is better in a crate than from the previous way when a patch become live. It was dropped into your account for you. Sure, you don't have to open the container, but if the container is sitting on the supply ship, you can't open any other container that isn't a daily win one. I have four containers waiting from 8.9 and 8.10 testing, so I have just decided to wait and claim my awards when I finish my graduate classes in 2 weeks. That way, they I can use them when I can binge grind.
  4. JayRow2018

    Game with 1500 base XP and 0 damage

    Did you happen to save your replay? This would be interesting to watch. I had fun with 2 TIVs CVs trying to sink my Texas when I was the last ship standing. Shot down 69 planes. Can't do that against T6s though. I wish I would have saved that replay, but I honestly did not know replays are kept automatically until just a few months ago.
  5. I agree with earlier posts the most of my experience with truce breaking occurred at the end of the event with rogue Maverick drivers attempting to play solo. I thought this was a great event also. I was concerned that since the ships were T9/T10, I would not be able to afford playing them since I currently do not have a premium account. The enormous amount of potential damage made up for it, especially running the Crocosaur. I enjoyed generating the credits/elite XP. I was able to buy 1 T9, 2 T8s, 1 T7, and upgrade them with the %50 discount this weekend just on funds from playing this event. I wish I had premium time, could have doubled my haul, but in my limited ability to play right now, I am pleased. I agree with others that having the ITL CA event competed against my time to play the seasonal missions. The grinds were not especially difficult compared to others in the past, but players with limited time to play had to choose how best complete the directives. I am glad the base XP grinds could be completed with the Halloween ships.
  6. Ha, I knew that, just checkin to see who would reply first. No really, thanks for the reply and clarification. I didn't realize that I ran out of slots with I bought my last ship lol. I feel like and idiot.
  7. I decided to not put any cpt pts on my BB captains until I played a few battles to get a feel for the ship. Since the truce concept happened, I'm glad I waited. The secondaries did enough damage before, but now I can still use them. I wish WG did not charge the 300 doubloons to purchase the other ships. I'll just have to play the lowest teir ships, my doubloons are too valuable for me to give away on a temporary ship. I'd rather spend them on permo camos.
  8. JayRow2018

    Why I don't break truces (though you might)

    Glad someone posted this topic. I can't speak for everyone, but I would say we all the same collective goal: to collect filth for free stuff (mostly the free camos and coal). It's a shame to survive the onslaught of DDs with Rasputin just to get met at the portal by truce breakers and scavengers. This is a competitive game and we all play because competition is part of the lure, but I find it satisfying to sail to the portal and rush the bot DDs at the end with your red enemies along side. I did not experience the truce concept PTS, but I'm glad it there as most of us benefit more by killing Rasputin and sailing to the portal together. In fact, I put manual secondaries on my BBs just because of this truce concept. Ultimately, us truce supporters just have to be ready to battle those who oppose the truce concept.
  9. Thanks for posting the code!
  10. JayRow2018

    What's with the bots lately?

    Coop was fun for me a few nights ago. I was working the directive from Twitch with base XP from T2-4 ships. I brought out my trusty Tachibana Lima. I was first spotted and the chase ensued with every bot ship chasing after me. I wish I had saved a snapshot of the map. Haven't seen this happen in a while in a DD. Funny thing is they all chased me while firing at everyone else, except the two DDs that were closest to me. Not sure what the rest of my team was doing. The all capped while the bot lemming train followed me around the map. After finally killing the two bot DDs, the BBs were easy kills. It was great fun after some stressful ranked battles.
  11. JayRow2018

    So Sick of the Lies of Match Maker.

    I have only played T8 randoms 18 times in my Baltimore (my only T8 ship) and I think I have only played against CVs twice. It seems that T8-T10 CVs are not played as often when I play, which is mostly 2100-0100 any day of the week. Played T3-T4 German CLs last night and had double CVs every game. I know I will likely not play CVs much after I get to T6. Hard to play Kolberg getting uptiered with double CVs every match. Why have a ship with no AA that has to huddle closely to others trying to avoid focus fire from above with no defense?After two matches, I just free XPed to Karlsurhe to end the misery. I do though, kinda like the CV rework, just don't want to play with no counter option.
  12. JayRow2018

    A Blast from the Past - 5th - 12th

    Really, that was a real mode? That would be an awesome mode to play.
  13. JayRow2018

    A Blast from the Past - 5th - 12th

    Recently this year, I received a gift of premium time and camos, which was a complete surprise to me. The camos were great and helped me continue my BB grinds with the additional XP. The premium time gift was awesome since I currently do not have the money to afford it. From these gifts, I realized that games like this can create a wonderful community of like minded persons through these forums and through streams on twitch. I may not be the best player, but I do enjoy playing and gifts like those mentioned above are wonderful to encourage a player's growth in WoWs. For the one that gave to me, I am very grateful still! My most memorable game so far in my short year playing was in my Texas (bought with Bday money gift) - only ship left against a Furutaka and two Langleys. I do have the Texas AA speced and the Langleys could not touch me. Dev struck the Furutaka (exposed his broadside) and took out one of the Langleys. Captured 2 of 3 caps with the 21 knot Texas and won the match. 69 plane kills and 3 ship kills. My best base XP match yet, over 3,000, and I was completely satisfied. Called it a night on that game. My Bday wish would be some more premium time or a T6-T8 premium ship (any ship is fine), I'd be grateful for either.
  14. JayRow2018

    My regrind - Njorl's Saga - Dead again

    I have enjoyed playing PTS because I can learn to play the T8-T10 ships off my live acct (own 1 T8, researched 3). This makes me really skeptical to play PTS when I have played every month this past year.
  15. JayRow2018

    test server tier 6 ship boxes

    Read the article this morning and I'm excited to get home and log into the game. Just over 2,000 participants, not as many as I expected. It seems like it was a process that took some manual work to complete. No problem though, excited to get home and check it out. I also got the mission for the Guépard last night from a standard French container for completing a mission, so looking forward to getting the base XP to complete that mission.