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  1. JayRow2018


    I'm planning to get the Georgia before the coupon runs out this month, but T9 and T7 are my worst tiers for WR. I agree, I am having to come to terms with this and just enjoy playing my JB. Hopefully, my Georgia WR will be better.
  2. JayRow2018

    For those that still have the Moskva

    I'm just going to keep it. I could really use the credits, but I also bought the upgrades at half-price. It's assurance that I will most definitely have it. Haven't assigned a cpt, was just going to wait until 9.5. Been practicing her in PTS.
  3. JayRow2018


    Ran two co-op matches last night that were all Mikoyan's. It was great fun and the battle was over as soon as spotting occurred. I don't think it was meant to be a great gift as WG assumed most players could play enough to at least acquire her. She is definitely good in co-op. Been running my 17pt cpt in her, so not bad to train the cpt in all these missions.
  4. JayRow2018

    Directive 1 tokens...

    The only events that were more reasonable for token distribution, for me, were the DDs - French and European ones, but even then, the directive token distribution was minimal. I really only care about the perma camos. I don't mind grinding the ships, but a free perma camo is more rewarding to me. I would like to skip the Schors, but I don't see that happening without spending real money. Haven't checked my crates yet, but not expecting much.
  5. JayRow2018

    Conquer the Stars in Master of Orion!

    Thank you Photo for posting this. I never would have known to do this.
  6. JayRow2018

    Clarification for selling Moskva?

    I'd really like to have those credits back, but like others have stated, I'm definitely waiting to the absolute final, final, final word before selling anything back. I already have the Buffalo, Montecuccoli, Hawkins, and Mahan researched and waiting for credits to buy them.
  7. JayRow2018

    Captain Training Approaches

    I left my 16 pt cpt in my Chappy because I really enjoy that ship. I chose to grind the Donsky with a 10 pointer because I knew I would likely play Chappy more often. Now my Donsky cpt is a 14 pointer. Didn't think I'd ever get that 4th point for concealment expert. I moved my other 16 pt cpt from Colorado to NC because of Narai was pulled from rotation. Glad I did because I just can't play the Colorado well and was never working him to 19 pts because I only play Narai on the weekly rotation. I want to just FXP either of my only 16 point captains to 19pts, but I would rather have Alaska instead and use my 1.3 mil FXP for a ship. Oh the decisions!
  8. JayRow2018

    ST, soviet cruisers branch split

    I just bought the Moskva last night, really could have saved the 16.7 mil credits. I can't upgrade her so she'll sit in port because I don't have enough credits, LOL. I should have waited until more information came out and just researched her, but oh well. Since I just freshly ground the Donsky, might as well just keep going.
  9. JayRow2018

    Open Sea - Why?

    I've played this map a handful of times at T8-T10. All in light CLs but once in a BB. 1st time was in Baltimore and was first one destroyed. All the other times I have really enjoyed this map. Can't relax a second unless one tries to sit in the back all match. Can be good fun.
  10. JayRow2018

    Goodbye, Smolensk!

    So has anyone regretted getting the Smolensk? I was going to get Georgia, but since Smolensk is being removed and likely to be a rare ship is it worth getting? We have all seen a fair share Dev struck at 20 plus kilometers. I will definitely play the Georgia more, so is Smolensk more of a novelty for most players?
  11. JayRow2018

    TYVM for the T7 ranked season!!

    One of my most favorite matches I played in T7 rank was me in my Helena vs. Colorado: last two ships. WASD like a rabid dog until he finally burned down. I never went back to save the replay. Was great fun though.
  12. JayRow2018

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Thanks WG, very thoughtful of you. The premium time is greatly appreciated!
  13. JayRow2018


    Hey thanks for sharing!
  14. JayRow2018

    Update 0.9.2 – European Destroyers: Part 1

    Yes, I'm interested in the same info. I was going to FXP Donskoy to ensure I didn't use all my credits and couldn't afford Moskva.
  15. JayRow2018

    Moskva becoming a premium ship

    I wish we had ample notice of when this change will occur. I just finished grinding Dimitri Donskoy last weekend, but if I buy it I will not have enough credits to purchase the Moskva. I really don't get to play but about three nights a week and that's mostly without premium time. I may be able to grind it, but I'm not sure I could earn the credits. Has anyone heard if update 9.4 or later will see this change occur? I had planned to just eat the 300,000 fxp and use my current 21 million credits to buy Moskva. This way, I do not have to buy credits with real cash get something that could be earned totally free.