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  1. JayRow2018

    Twitch drops not working

    I never received my KOTS container from Sunday, April 25 either. Says connected, but never received. All the others have worked fine for me.
  2. I stopped watching his stream because of the salt, but his YouTube videos are great and he is one of the best color commentators during WoWs tournaments.
  3. The Massachusetts can bring in 400,000+ credits if I am able to get about about 90+k damage (maybe a bit more) with just the zulu flag and win. Ranked can earn some coins as a free-to-play player. Been playing that pretty much every battle trying to knock out the weekend token missions.
  4. JayRow2018

    Leander: Her guns hot, her torps swift.

    I like this RN CL line very much as well, but didn't do well in randoms with Fiji. I haven't put Leander back in randoms even after earning that permo camo. I think I'll take her out for a random spin this weekend and see if I have improved.
  5. JayRow2018

    Ranked Sprint = Complete Garbage

    I understand what you mean. Didn't mean to be offensive. After not being able to get out of silver prequals the last two sprints, ranked is just something to play if randoms aren't working for me. Having to start over each sprint in bronze just gets tiring.
  6. JayRow2018

    Ranked Sprint = Complete Garbage

    This is one of the major problems - teammates who aren't interested in winning.
  7. I just have one 19pt Cpt and almost two more. This couldn't come a worse time for those of us finally reaching that lofty 19pt cpt goal. I hope it is delayed as long as possible.
  8. JayRow2018

    The Mathematics of USS Oklahoma

    If RNG is as rancid for this event as it is for the German collection, I shutter to think how much coal I'll have to dish out to finish it. I decided to just let RNG finish my German collection from the daily containers and not turn in duplicates. I am now up to 76 duplicates collected and only need two items to finish it. Sure, I'll get some small amount of credits for the duplicates, so I'll just see how many I can collect and get a small payout. I would hope the duplicate coding is better for when paying with coal than daily containers.
  9. And I just got my first 19pt Cpt a few months ago and have only the 18th point to earn on the other. I like having the option of more skills, but I dread the regrind. Enjoyed earning the extra 120,000 Elite Com XP from ranked sprint. Another grind, just gotta chuckle.
  10. 1995-1999 USMC. Served with MALS-31 ORD, MAG-31, 2 MAW at MCAS Beaufort, SC. IYAOYAS
  11. JayRow2018

    I'm a two container man, how about you?

    Two is all I can muster as well, because of just limited time and standard account. Once I finished graduate school in about 8 months, I hope to run premium time and XP will be easier to get. I have pretty much stopped grinding ships for now as it is so much easier using premium, which can save quite a few camos if I'm grinding a ship where I don't have a permo camo.
  12. JayRow2018


    I'm planning to get the Georgia before the coupon runs out this month, but T9 and T7 are my worst tiers for WR. I agree, I am having to come to terms with this and just enjoy playing my JB. Hopefully, my Georgia WR will be better.
  13. JayRow2018

    For those that still have the Moskva

    I'm just going to keep it. I could really use the credits, but I also bought the upgrades at half-price. It's assurance that I will most definitely have it. Haven't assigned a cpt, was just going to wait until 9.5. Been practicing her in PTS.
  14. JayRow2018


    Ran two co-op matches last night that were all Mikoyan's. It was great fun and the battle was over as soon as spotting occurred. I don't think it was meant to be a great gift as WG assumed most players could play enough to at least acquire her. She is definitely good in co-op. Been running my 17pt cpt in her, so not bad to train the cpt in all these missions.
  15. JayRow2018

    Directive 1 tokens...

    The only events that were more reasonable for token distribution, for me, were the DDs - French and European ones, but even then, the directive token distribution was minimal. I really only care about the perma camos. I don't mind grinding the ships, but a free perma camo is more rewarding to me. I would like to skip the Schors, but I don't see that happening without spending real money. Haven't checked my crates yet, but not expecting much.