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  1. DrHolmes52

    Battles being ended before all red ships sunk, co-op

    One of the victory conditions is the enemy teams gets down to zero points. Killing the bots, and not having teammates die makes that happen. It has been like that since before I started.
  2. DrHolmes52

    Next T9/10 Free XP premium ship?

    That thing is an XP piñata for the rebels anyways.
  3. DrHolmes52

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

  4. Might put a stop to that Kleber is op talk after a few CV vs. DD battles.
  5. DrHolmes52


    The same amount of kills is needed now as were needed before. Only now there is 1 extra ship left if it is a complete wipeout. If the game goes longer (teammates die), then there is 1 extra ship to get XP off of if you happen to not be one of the ones that got killed. I would like to see the bottom result brought higher, but I look at it as a net positive. Edit: I would add, now there is one more player going hungry during a wipeout. This is a negative.
  6. DrHolmes52

    I'm bored, AMA

    Where do babies come from?
  7. DrHolmes52

    I'm bored, AMA

    Do you have Prince Albert in a can?
  8. DrHolmes52

    When Hsienyang came to town: a WOWS story.

    As his wows physician, I am thinking an intervention is needed. (More Dasha, less old Chinese gentlemen)
  9. DrHolmes52

    The "boring" emote

    So am I.
  10. DrHolmes52

    What is it with PPL chasing BOT CVs in COOP @ the Start ?

    If I am on a flank, clear out my side, and have the CV run in to me, I will kill it before hunting other ships. Games are typically short, get your XP and credits while you can. If you are in a DD, you've also removed a spotting threat. If they are capping out the base, or I can get to a spot to help your team quickly, I will go to the rest of the ships, and ignore the CV till later.
  11. DrHolmes52

    Wargaming Apparel

    The silk thong is very comfortable. Or so I've heard.
  12. DrHolmes52

    CO-OP BOT CV's oh Where are You ?

    Play a DD. They'll show up in game eventually, and they will find you. Monday I got like 12 planes. Yesterday, like 50 (45 in one game). They tend to show up in bunches in coop. Nothing, nothing, nothing, then done in one or two games.
  13. DrHolmes52

    New challenges required

    Doing that and surviving all 10. In an Emerald.
  14. DrHolmes52

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    This is just what I needed to farm the plane kills mission. Still no spotting
  15. DrHolmes52

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    The only bad part of this is I took the DD out to get the spotting damage. Its pretty bad when I have to carry in a DD, and my best helper is :Tsarnados.