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  1. DrHolmes52

    #stayhome #playwows

    I'm still working every day. On a folding table in the basement next to the sump. It was a fun 2-hour teleconference I had today.
  2. DrHolmes52

    Full Broadside

  3. DrHolmes52

    296403 xp only 1 co op game played

    This leads to a question. When I played games in my rental Perth (which doesn't have a tech tree) a while back, where did the ship XP go?
  4. DrHolmes52

    The GRIND Was Real - Done! (PVE Thread)

    Yeah, after dropping 9 (yes, NINE) torps in to a New Mexico yesterday for less than 30K damage, I got my permacamo for her and decided that any tokens will go for something else.
  5. Why aren't you listening to someone with a 63% win rate?
  6. A 63% Random player is telling you something in this thread, and you are ignoring it. If we are weighing posts, who should we listen to?
  7. DrHolmes52

    Russian Bias out biasing itself

    What kind of girl scout cookies?
  8. DrHolmes52

    OK, raise your hand if...

    Looks like a scene from Gomer Pyle.
  9. DrHolmes52

    The GRIND Was Real - Done! (PVE Thread)

    GG. Not being a hoarder completionist, I will be satisfied with getting the Visby and permacamo for my port queen fleet.
  10. If this goes through, the new stock torpedoes will be those of the tier IV destroyer. You will have to grind the XP for the current "upgraded" torpedoes.
  11. It sounds like fresh from the factory, the torpedoes will be worse than they are now (for a stock ship).
  12. DrHolmes52

    Russian Bias out biasing itself

    If he got its side, yes. The Kremlin may have less of the fail broadside armor than the lower tiers of the Russian BB line, but its there.
  13. DrHolmes52

    How to use smokeless destroyers in co-op?

    I already have the Visby for that. I don't need two torp pillow spammers.