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  1. CTMAADawson

    Alabama + 2 VIII Premium Containers

    I never said anyone would actually get the Musashi or the Missouri. I'm just saying WG would "offer" them. Individual results may vary.
  2. CTMAADawson

    Alabama + 2 VIII Premium Containers

    The only boats that look interesting to me are the Kidd and the Asashio. Everything else I either already have or don't want. So it wouldn't make much sense to spend $90USD on a gamble when I could just buy them outright without a risk. They'd probably draw in a few more suckers customers if they offered retired premiums like the Musashi or Missouri
  3. CTMAADawson

    WG, neptune needs major buff seriously

    You kinda have to treat it like an oversized DD. It's fairly nimble compared to other cruisers. And smoke lets you cap while plinking other boats or torping ones who get to close. You just gotta watch out for radar cruisers and always be ready to run when you're spotted. When fighting other ships you kite and get them to chase you. Make sure you check the MM roster so you know who has radar and avoid them. I actually liked the Edinburgh and the Neptune over the Mino, tbh.
  4. CTMAADawson

    A plea for some lower tier premium releases

    Would definitely buy permacamo for T5s. But not for anything over 600. They're low tier boats that you won't be playing long. The question is how much. The cost should be reflected in the tiers. And it wouldn't make much sense to give a T1 cruiser camo since you won't be playing it for long. T2: 200 T3: 325 T4: 450 T5: 575
  5. CTMAADawson

    When You Get A Ship In A Supercontainer But...

    All I've ever gotten from SC is flags.
  6. CTMAADawson

    Ramming in Savage Battle for Directive

    Nobody's complained about it so far. I think the only who'd have an issue is your teammates whom you have abandoned.
  7. CTMAADawson

    Mission for the Texas

    I get that you're reimbursed through credits but it still feels like a ripoff. Especially since I also had the unique camo. At least the money let me buy two T7 battleships and their modules.
  8. CTMAADawson

    Average tier you play.

    As far as Random goes, T5 (483) is the highest. Followed by T8 (419) and T6 (403). Usually when I "start" grinding a line, I FXP past the first four tiers since they don't count in daily missions. Most of my premium boats are also T5, T6, and T8 boats. My best line boat is the Nicholas. Strangely enough, my best premium boat is the Atlanta. For coop, there's a big shift to T8 and T10, as I use Gearing and my premium T8 destroyers to grind daily mission bxp.
  9. Just from the ones I play: T2: Tachibana L(DD) T3: NA T4: NA T5: Murmansk (CL), Texas (BB) T6: T-61 (DD), Perth (CL), Warspite (BB) T7: Blyskawica (DD), Atlanta (CL), Nelson (BB) T8: Loyang (DD), Enterprise (CV), Massachusetts (BB), Tirpitz (BB) T9: Jean Bart (BB) T10: Salem (CL)
  10. CTMAADawson

    Last second victories

    Damn that CV carried your whole team
  11. CTMAADawson

    Last second victories

    Just finished playing a couple matches with a clan mate grinding battleships. For the most part they were all pretty one sided. Either our team would roll up the reds or the reds would roll us up. Not much excitement. This last match, however, was one of battles you remember. For most of the match, the reds held two caps and were in the lead. Both teams had whittled each other down. There were three battleships and a cruiser on our team and two DDs, a CL, and two BBs on their team. My clanmate somehow managed to roll up both dds and CL before he got nuked. Myself and our cruiser were heading towards B cap. Our other battleship was out of position on the other side of the map. Near B was two Bismarks. I citadeled the first one and the cruiser finished him off. I roughed up the second before he blasted me. This left our cruiser and the red BB in the cap with less than a minute left. The cruiser was a hipper and launched torps. He missed. There was 15 seconds left. He managed to bring his ship around, launch a volley, and sink the BB with just FOUR SECONDS left on the clock. It's that kind of literal last second matches that make me love this game. They're few and far between, but God they're fantastic. Anyone have similar experiences?
  12. Putting it in coop still negatively impacts other users. Training mode or a Lex-account specific scenario battle where you fire at low tier bots like a shooting gallery. You would think. But the Lex account still finds its way into Random matches with surprising frequency.
  13. Just played a game with the dreaded Lexington Museum account on our team. It was a free damage pinata that died in the first few minutes. Having visited the Lexington myself, I can tell you the game station is completely trash for anyone trying to play. You can't zoom in to fire with surface ships. You can't change between shell types and torpedoes. You can't activate abilities like smoke or repair parties. you can't even launch planes from carriers. The controls on half the stations are unresponsive. Even if you could do those things, the people who play it are 10 year olds who don't even know how it works. It's a negative experience for all parties involved. I know WoW is having an event at the Lex later in the year. Perhaps they should give some thought to putting it in a permanent training mode or disabling the stations all together. All it does now is ruin the day of some unfortunate team in Random
  14. CTMAADawson

    Battleships lines: American, French, or Russian?

    Accuracy is another big must for me. I don't mind a slow reload if I know my shells aren't going to have a terrible spread that splash down everywhere but the boat I'm aiming at.
  15. CTMAADawson

    Battleships lines: American, French, or Russian?

    Yeah, You're right. I meant NY Fixed