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  1. CTMAADawson

    Bot IFF still trash

    Was playing Coop in a DD. I had smoked up and was in reverse. A bot cruiser T-bones, pushes me parallel to it, and then launches torpedoes right into me. I had no time to respond. Got chunked by two. There wasn't even any red bots along that vector. Its not the first time this has happened. Is it possible to give bots an AI overhaul to check torps when a friendly is in their path?
  2. Bought 20 crates. Got the Bajie, 40 days premium, LNY camo for my Loyang and Huanghe, and some expendable camo. Obviously not the lucky haul some folks got with their 20 crates, but I still got the Bajie at a "discount." I already have plenty of premium and I never play the Huanghe so the haul was very "eh." Still would've rather had two new ships over the LNY camo.
  3. CTMAADawson

    Harugumo modules

    I got the Harugumo but no money for the modules. While I'm credit grinding, I'd like to know what would be the best set up. I watched vids from Notser, Flamu, and Carbine Carlito. Flamu build: Main Armament 1, Propulsion 1, AA 1, Propulsion 2, Concealment, and Main battery 3. Carbine build: MA1 1, Damage control 1, AA 1, Propulsion 2, Concealment, and MB3. Notser build: MA 1, Propulsion 1, Aiming 1, Steering 1, Concealment, and MB3. The general consensus seems to be MA1, Concealment, and MB3. I'm wondering about slots two, three, and four.
  4. CTMAADawson

    DDs...DDs everywhere!

    Had a game a few weeks back that was the total opposite. Five BBs and me in my destroyer. Killed their dd and a bb then got blasted. We won cuz they had two musashis who both got citadeled to death.
  5. CTMAADawson

    Old ships you still love.

    Black Swan, Derzki, Clemson, Murmansk, Perth
  6. CTMAADawson

    Blyska buffs?

    I love her but she definitely can't hold up against other T7 and T8 boats. Heres hoping she gets some TLC
  7. CTMAADawson

    Any new coal ships in 2020?

    I mean I'd like to get it now so I can get the snowflake bonus
  8. The snowflakes have given me enough to nab the Thunderer. I want to get it but last year I got the Georgia right before the Smolensk came out. So I'm just wondering if there's going to be a better boat along the way before I spend my coal on something that's lesser. I ask because the only new ships I've heard about are tech tree lines.
  9. CTMAADawson

    MM drunk again

    Torpbeats making a comeback
  10. CTMAADawson

    MM drunk again

    Perhaps because it's Monday morning and Christmas break is over, but my first game in randoms gave me a 4v4 match. They took control of 2 caps but one red went off on his own. Torped him for 50% health and the bbs finished him off. Killed their Fletcher and nailed the Musashi with a torp. The two JBs rammed each other. Fun match, overall though.
  11. CTMAADawson

    Most Unloved Ships

    Chester: Slow speed, slow turn, few guns, and long reload. Being tier two isn't an excuse. The Dresden was a fantastic boat. Wyoming: A taste of American BBs until T7. Sluggish with abysmal dispersion. Nurnberg: Citadelled by anything. All the drawbacks of the Roon with none of the advantages. Hatsuharu: Super slow turrets and reload.
  12. CTMAADawson

    Results of 40 Santa Crates...sigh

    Who do I have to sacrifice to get drops like these?
  13. CTMAADawson

    What Donkey is responsible for this game mode?

    Yeah it sucks if you get stuck against a cv or cruiser in a dd, but those are still not impossible odds to beat. I've won a few matches against both. It's a good way to try out new strategies and counters too. This sort of experience can help in clan battles.
  14. I'm not sure whether to be impressed or disgusted
  15. CTMAADawson

    Got T8s to grind? Hit 1v1 Ranked

    If you have smoke you can kinda dance around them in a dd. No saving you from a cruiser with a hydro/radar tho