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  1. CTMAADawson

    Is there one ship you hate to play?

    Nurnberg. Squishy and only good for running
  2. CTMAADawson

    Your very first Premium was?

    Got the Campbelltown free as part of the signup package The Perth was the first premium I bought
  3. CTMAADawson

    Dead? Bug off

    Some jackwagon on our team got nuked a few minutes into the game. Instead of leaving or, at the very least, offering a helpful suggestion, he just railed at our "incompetence." Every time someone told him to shove off he'd get smart and brag about how great of a player he was. So what if he had died first? he had doled out 47k damage! Clearly the rest of us were pathetic n00bs. Best part of the match was the end. Were we won and he was near the bottom of the player scores. Seriously, once you die, your teammates should be able to kick you from observing the match. Especially if you're going to be an insufferable arm chair admiral who spends the rest of the match calling your team idiots.
  4. CTMAADawson

    Disco Aigle needs your Tunes ♫

    DJ Blyatman always makes for good tunes to play your ruskie boat to.
  5. CTMAADawson

    Missing the Kronshtadt

    I have about half of the FXP I need for the Kron and I doubt I'll be able to nab it before it goes. I have enough xp on other ships but not the doubloons to convert them. I got the Musashi after the announcement but since then I haven't enjoyed her. Should I be sad I'm missing the Kron or should I not care?
  6. CTMAADawson

    Murmansk is best T5 cruiser

    That's me. Always showing up late to the party to find all the good chip dip eaten and replaced with canned refried beans.
  7. God but they're bloody fun. Nothing like futzing around in it after getting my head knocked around in the T8-T10 matches.
  8. CTMAADawson

    Island camping

    Another Island Camper gets big wins
  9. CTMAADawson

    Island camping

    I see you too have fought along side island campers
  10. CTMAADawson

    Hostility among teammates

    I take solace in the fact that when someone is trashtalking you, it usually means they've been killed already.
  11. CTMAADawson


    Was in my one-torp-rack Cossack.
  12. CTMAADawson

    Island camping

    Idk. Either he had the worst luck in the world and got insta-nuked with citadels or he was afk. Probably the latter
  13. CTMAADawson

    Island camping

    Although at least the guy who yolo rushes might get a couple lucky citadels or disrupt the enemy. So I'd say YOLO rush=bad, camping=worse
  14. CTMAADawson

    Island camping

    Look, I get it. If you're a cruiser with high firing arcs, camp away and burn down those filthy reds. What I don't get is when two or three battleships all huddle behind the same chunk of rock while the rest of their team gets smashed. Last game I had secured a cap and was trying to chase away a Battleship with torps. I knicked him with one and caused flooding. Then I set him on fire. Then he got me. Just outside the cap hiding behind the rocks were at least three of our ships doing nothing. If they had pushed, they could've killed that battleship. Instead, he got away and healed up. I'm not saying blindly rush up the middle unsupported. Just support your teammates. Not to mention you don't get xp if you don't fight.